Monday, January 11, 2010

TTC and BCP???

So, I had a mini-break down yesterday. I was put on BCP for the past 2 months due to some leftover follicles/cysts from my overstimulated cycle in November. Ok, that sucks but fine. However, during both of my months on BCP I had breakthrough bleeding while still taking the pills. This month I had it during the 3rd week of the pills, and then when I was done the pills and supposed to be getting my period I didn't bleed! So now today I was expecting to be on day 3, going for US and blood and gearing up for more injections, but instead I'm probably being put on another month of BCP! WTF!? I'm not getting any younger (in fact I'm having a REALLY hard time dealing with being 30...I hate it. I feel like time is running out for so many of my goals -mainly to have a BIG family!).

Also had a "wonderful" time (NOT!) at my MIL's house yesterday, SIL is pregnant and all anyone can do there is criticize her for getting too mean! and atleast she can get pregnant! Also, everyone is asking when i'm going to get pregnant and talking about how "cute" i'll look with my "little basketball belly". I just smile and nod and then end up taking it out on my poor hubby later. I've tried telling them that we're just letting SIL enjoy her pregnancy before we even try...but they don't seem to fully get it. All around bad weekend.

But on a good note, the itching seems to be going away (but I don't want to jinx it!)

But to cheer myself up I have been looking at my pics from my trip to Italy this summer. I LOVE Italy...the culture, the beach, the water, the food, it is the BEST!


  1. We went to Italy over the summer, it is my favorite place on EARTH!!!! Love those pics.

    I am So, SO, SOOOO sorry you may have to be off another month. There is nothing I hate more than sitting out. UGH! I hope you won't have to. Fingers crossed.

    And we are peas in a pod with the blah feeling about being 30. I wanted 4 kids. Why in the heck did I wait until this age to discover my issues? I still want a big fam, but we are really behind sked and I would at least like to get preggo with ONE!

    Good luck to you my friend, I'll be following along. :)

  2. I love the pics!

    I'm sorry about this cycle and possibly having to sit it out w/ BCP's again. I hope that doesn't end up happening.

    GIRL I can relate to your MIL...and SIL for that matter. I have to deal with shitty comments from my MIL (and she knows we're IF and is still a bitch about it). But my SIL has had 2 kids and is only 5 ft and had a 10 lb baby and has weight to lose still. My MIL tris to get her to go on diets and is so rude and always talks about her weight. UGH!!! I don't get it. I just keep telling myself if I have a son I will never been a bitch to his wife.