Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The best days...

Here are some of my fav places and things...

Jamaica...with Twilight

Super fun night before my wedding with my sisters and my them soooo much!
(I'm the 2nd from the right)

Halloween!!! Last year's costume...Pebbles and Bam Bam!!

My girls....friends for life (me, E, A and S...friends since grade 6!)

2nd trip to the sunset!

The day I got my baby...he's just so cute and makes me smile everyday!

This pic is too small but it is my other baby that now lives with my mom...Odie!

Another Jamaica plug....and my love (just like Basic Girl!) Edward Cullen!

March 8, 2008....Happiest day EVER!

Bachelorette party (getting a little crazy!) My sisters had the best night planned for me!

These are the things I think about when i'm feeling BLAH about all of the other bullsh*#! that clutters my mind!

On the TTC front:

Popped my first progesterone suppository this morning....gross. Feeling ok though so far!

:) LTB


  1. Looooove these pics. And OMG, I NEED that Edward Cullen shirt!!! You look beautiful on your wedding day, these all look like such amazing times!

    Oh, and I'm going in the Friday for progesterone, and the following Friday for beta!! Hope you're having fun during your bd fest, this IS going to be our month!!!

  2. These are great pics! Where did you stay in Jamaica? And I love that Edward shirt. I need to get one before the next movie comes out. :)

    GL with those suppositories. I HATE them. They are so gross, but I know they are worth using.

  3. You little cutie pie! Your wedding day pics are sooooo gourgeous!

    I love all the good stuff that cheers you up. YEAH! Way to keep the positive energy up, up, UP! Love it.

  4. Love the pics!! jamaica looks amazing! So jealous, I've never been. And the wedding pics are stunning!!