Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Feeling like a druggie again!

And so the "shooting up" begins! Yesterday's appt at the RE went surprisingly AWESOME! Apparently all my "stuff" looks good, including blood work (looks day 3ish..) so I was given the ok to start menopur shots again! This time they have cut the amount I inject in half since last time there was some mega over stim. This is good for the bank account as well! Can you believe a week of menopur injections costs $700!!!! Luckily my insurance covers 90% (up to a max of $12 000 we better get this show on the road!!!). Anyways, the shots sting but are not too bad. I go back on Sunday for a monitoring appt and then probably a few times next week and then its time to do the BD!!! Unfortunately timing is looking terrible for the BD! We might be at my parent's house....totally awkward...but maybe it will make it fun to sneak around (like the old days!!!).

Cosmo Update: Just call him Cone Head!

He's fine, was jumping and back to normal pretty much immediately. Although not a fan of the cone! (We only put it on when we leave him alone!)



  1. Great insurance coverage, that's awesome. I hope this round of injectibles does what it's supposed to w/o the overstimulation. Best of luck this cycle!

  2. YAY for cycling, and double YAY for cycling together!!! That must have been such an awesome surprise when the doc gave you the go ahead. And props to you for injecting yourself, i'm such a baby and make hubby give me the trigger! So far clomid has been pretty good to me, a few waves of dizziness here and there. But we'll see what 100mg brings me...start popping those bad boys tonight!

    And SO glad Cosmo is doing well! My pup Beau just wanted to play, and we're like you just got snipped you NEED to chill...hah! I'll post some pics for sure!

  3. Awesome that you got the green light for this cycle!!! C'mooooooon injectables! How many days do you do them? Do they hurt? Do you stick yourself or does your hubs do it?

    We had to BD over Christmas at my folks was actually quite bonding and fun to get bizzy so secretively. :)

  4. Wow, your insurance is awesome! Mine won't cover a thing--not even my progesterone suppositories. It's a pain in the ass. I hope the injects work for you. Good luck!

    (And thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I really appreciate it!)

  5. YAY I'm glad you didn't have to sit this cycle out! I hope this amount works pefectly!!

    Cosmo looks cute!