Sunday, January 17, 2010

Slow and Steady

It has been 4 days of injections and I went to my monitoring appt today and my follies were very small. :(
Last time when I took double the meds they were HUGE at this point...but I know that they grew too fast last time and caused my over stim. cycle. Anyways, since we all want to see BIG FAT FOLLIES I was a little worried and sad that they weren't very sizeable yet. But the doc told me to increase my drugs to 2 viles of Menopur a day (this is what they started me on last time) and go back for another US on Tuesday morning. So far no side effects from the injections. Feeling fine.
Boring weekend actually, we are looking to renovate our kitchen so we've been scoping out Ikea and a bunch of kitchen showrooms and granite stores to get ideas and prices.
Weekend Highlight: Gerard Butler in The Ugly Truth...totally cute funny movie...totally hot guy.
Sorry so boooorrrriiiinnnnggg!


  1. Mmm yes Gerard Butler is yummy!
    Sorry things are moving slowly but hopefully the increased dosage will help things move along. Hoping that Tuesday's appt goes very well and your follies looks good!

  2. Sorry the follies aren't so big yet, but you still have time and it's great your doc is monitoring you so closely so you can adjust accordingly. Hope those follies continue to GROW!

  3. Yes, Gerard Butler is very yummy!

    I hope that when you go back Tuesday you have some nice big juicy follies! Fingers crossed for you!

  4. Aw, man. I hate when monitoring appts are wah, wah, wah-ish. But, those follies WILL be BIG & STRONG! Good news that your doc is on top of the monitoring and that you have zippo side effects. I know those follies will grow so one of them can release your golden eggie!!!

  5. Ohhhh, I LOVE Gerard Butler. I still haven't seen that movie but it looks really cute.

    I hope those follies grow lots before your next appointment. I look forward to reading the update. :)

  6. Totally LOVE Gerard Butler, have you seen P.S. I love you (such a sad movie) but he's so frickin cute in that!

    And sorry about your follies but sounds like your RE is on the ball and will get you where you need to be! Hoping tomorrow goes well and your follies are picking up the pace!!!