Wednesday, September 29, 2010

29 weeker

How Far Along? 29 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Some. Some regular stretchy stuff.

Stretch Marks? No. Still hoping to avoid those! But I have a random spider vein on my thigh now. Hate it.

Sleep? No eating before bed seems to help the heartburn. Lots of tossing and turning (which is a challenge with this belly) but not waking up more than once to pee!

Best Moment of the Week? Lots of goodies this week! Nursery painting has begun! Registering! OB appt and ultrasound where I saw that our little GIRL (100% girl confirmed) was doing perfectly! Confirmationg that I passed the Glucose test...however I am anemic and need to take iron (still wondering why I had to ASK about this and no one bothered to call or was planning on telling me!). And non-pregnancy related...getting 93% on my first assignment for my masters degree in math!

Movement? Crazy awesome movement! Feeling/seeing the baby move is definitely the best/coolest part of being pregnant! Definitely felling little arms/elbows/feet...feels like random hard bulges in my tummy!

Food Cravings? Lovin' that the halloween candy is out already! Oh Henry!

Gender? Got 100% confirmation that its a girl!

What I miss? Not much right now!

What I'm looking forward to? Finishing the nursery decorating! And hitting the 30 week mark in 6 days!

Weekly Wisdom: Being sick when you are pregnant is WAY worse than just being sick. I have had a cold for the past few days and it has made sleeping hard, and being awake painful! I'm feeling really run down and totally crappy. I haven't been to the gym in a week and I hate when I get off schedule like that b/c I always find it soooo hard to get back on track again. Oh well...I am trying to rest and not push myself in hopes this cold will clear up soon!

Milestones: Registry is pretty big. And I think we have names....Either Alyssa (nickname/short form Aly) or Alexandra (nickname/short form Ali)...clearly I really like the name Ali! Preferences? Alyssa or Alexandra? Oh...and Samantha is on the list too (but after those two!)

Emotions: Just tired and sickish. Starting to feel anxious about having a little one depend on me...FOREVER! eek!

Well, I'm off to my favorite spot these days....the couch. Gotta watch the Dexter episode I missed on Sunday!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Registered!

Yesterday was a major milestone and I can't believe that this is so REAL now! I made a baby registry! I went with my mom (is this weird that I didn't go with my husband? ) Husband and my dad were at the house painting the nursery (and the bathrooms and the master bedroom!). Since hubs isn't really a fan of shopping, let alone wandering through a baby store with no clue what to do, I decided to go with my mom who obviously knows what stuff we need. Here are some highlights of what I registered for:

highchair (nice wooden one)
breast feeding pillow
car seat
diaper bag (i'm getting the JJ Cole System bag)
a swing thing that rocks the baby
diaper genie
play mat with a mobile thing you can put over it
first aid kit with cute little nail file and nail clippers !
change pad to go on the dresser
Baby on Board! Sign!!!
Baby monitors
bath tub thing
swaddle blankets

Going to add: a kangaroo carrier thing, breast pump, snow suit, bedding

We already have or are buying ourselves: stoller,crib, dresser/change table, room decorations, bjorn

Anything else you suggest we get? I had no idea what I need and was very overwhelmed in that store!

Definitely a fun milestone though!

29 week update coming soon!

Monday, September 20, 2010

28 weeks! Single digits to Full Term!

How Far Along? 28 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Had to give back all of the maternity clothes my friend gave me...she's 10 weeks preg! I'm sporting lots of tights and non-maternity A-line shirts. Current dilema: i'm normally obsessed with lululemon casual pants but my current ones don't fit...i don't want to pay $100 to get a new pair in a HUGE size that (hopefully) won't fit me after the baby! I don't know where to find similar and affordable casual lounge pants that are suitable for a preggo! Any suggestions?

Stretch Marks? No. Still hoping to avoid those! But I have a random spider vein on my thigh now. Hate it.

Sleep? Too many middle of the night mini-bile-barfs are making me crazy. This heartburn is HORRID! I think I will just have to stop eating past 6pm...but them i'm sure I'll wake up with a grumbling tummy in the middle of the night! I think this might be a lose-lose situation at this point!

Best Moment of the Week? Buying paint for the nursery! And NOT getting a call from my OB after my glucose test! Yeah for no diabetes! And.....we bought our stroller! The uppababy vista! Love it! Actually my generous MIL bought it for us!

Movement? Crazy awesome movement! Feeling/seeing the baby move is definitely the best/coolest part of being pregnant!

Food Cravings? Not really.

Gender? Ultrasound next week will hopefully confirm its a girl! I'm really nervous they were wrong the first time and I will be in for a shock at delivery!

What I miss? Sleeping through the night! I think that's gone for a long long long time!

What I'm looking forward to? Ultrasound next Monday to check on placenta and hopefully re-check the gender! And going to register/shop at Babies R Us this weekend with my mom!

Weekly Wisdom: ?

Milestones: Making it to the single-digit-week countdown to full term! 9 weeks to go!

Emotions: I'm cranky when I'm tired. I was super snappy at hubs Friday night. I just can't help it and I don't know what I want from him. Pretty much he is just screwed! Saturday he bought me beautiful flowers and that combined with a good night sleep I was much happier and more pleasant to be around on Saturday.

Here are a few pics of the belly from a wedding we went to on Saturday. It's getting BIG!

Hope you all have a great week! So happy its already Wednesday! I can't wait until the weekend so we can get painting the baby room!!!!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Ups and Downs...

Hey everyone! This week has had a lot of ups and downs for me. First the downer stuff:

I fell off my bike. My bike tire got stuck in a subway track and hit my head on the pavement (got a lovely goose egg!), really bruised my hip and hurt my wrist. Thank the lord that baby is fine! I didn't land on my tummy at all but of course I was still freaking out. I went home and immediately doppler-ed and felt for kicks. Luckily h/b and movement has been excellent. I am now thinking it is time to retire the bicycle. But I'm having a REALLY hard time with that. It is my only mode of transportation around the city, including to work! I mean, I could take the bus or subway...but it is not direct or convenient at all! I could walk to work but it will take a LOOOONGG time and if Iwant to go to the gym after work that will be like an extra hour of walking to get there and home! We have a car but driving in the city sucks. There is no parking at my work, if you are lucky you can get a spot on the street and pay. So driving is a really crappy option too. Ugh....

I had to do my Gestational Diabetes test today and I friggin' hated it! That orange crap left me wanting to puke my brains out. I managed to hold it in for the hour and then had a spontaneous mini-barf of whatever was left of that orange crap.

I started my first course of my Master's of Math degree that I am doing part-time online. It had me a bit overwhelmed this past week.

I hate getting up early. Work(ie. highschool ) starts WAY too early!!!!

I have a new pregnancy symptom: I permanetely feel like I have to poo. Pressure on the butt, BIG TIME! Baby must be pressing there. It sucks.

Gross new/but kind of cool pregnancy symptom: My nipples are leaking fluid ( a really little bit)! I noticed they looked like there was dried snot (yuck!) on them a few days ago, I picked it off and then squeezed a bit and a drop of clear fluid came out! OB said this was good...seems weird to me!

The UPS:

I'm 27 weeks!

Welcome to 3rd trimester!

I book an u/s for 2 weeks to see if my placenta moved and also hopefully get another peak at gender to reassure us it is a girl before we buy too much stuff!

We bought a new leather couch and chair and book shelf! All part of getting ready for baby!

Mother-in-law is going to buy our STROLLER! Holy generous! We have decided on the Uppababy Vista!

My shower is booked for Nov 6th!

Maternity photos will be the week of Nov 13th! Can't wait for these! And we are getting a package where we get a newborn session as well! Woo hoo!

Ok, gotta run! Lots of love to all the bloggies! Some of the blogs I read have AMAZING things happening! Sassy Infertile Lady got her adopted baby boy yesterday! So beautiful! Steph from Baby Blakely is on the verge of giving birth! And Egg saw 2 beautiful babies on her 3D u/s!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

26 Weeker!

How Far Along? 26 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Now that I'm back to work I'm wearing my new maternity pants and realizing I will definitely need more shirts! The t-shirts I've been wearing all summer that now chronically creep up are not going to cut it here!

Stretch Marks? No. Still hoping to avoid those! But I have a random spider vein on my thigh now. Hate it.

Sleep? Sucky this weekend! Had a bout of Restless leg syndrome that kept me up to 5am on Saturday night- I think I may have identified the culprit: Zantac (heartburn prescription from OB since Maalox gave me diarreah!!). Will be avoiding that now but that leaves me with uncontrollably painful gross heartburn at night. Woke up a zillion times sunday night with stomach acid mini-barfs. Gross gross gross! Trying to sleep being more propped up with pillows now. Not too comfy. Last night I caved and took a sleeping pill to get myself to sleep so I could function at work today.

Best Moment of the Week? Seeing people oooh and ahhh over my pregnant belly at work. But now it's been a week of that and I'm over it and sick of making small talk with people who would otherwise not even talk to me! oh well!

Movement? Alot. And now I can feel it when I'm walking around and doing stuff and not just focusing on it sitting still. I love to watch my tummy make alien movements! My sisters saw/felt it this weekend too which was awesome!

Food Cravings? Not really.

Gender? We'll get another look and hopefully confirm that she is in fact a girl soon!

What I miss? Sleeping in. Not working. hmmm....but nothing pregnancy related!

What I'm looking forward to? Passing Glucose test next week (Yes...I plan on passing! I am not good at "dieting" and would HATE the diabetes diet!) and my OB appt on Monday!

Weekly Wisdom: I'm pretty brain dead this week...blaming lack of sleep!

Milestones: I had to take out my belly button ring. It started ripping out and really hurting. I am contemplating getting a "maternity ring" for it but I have to order it online and getting stuff shipped to Canada sucks. Duty, taxes, fees...ugh. I don't want it to grow in though!

Emotions: I'm edgy. Irritable. Tired? I'm not being the "nicest" to my hubs which I feel bad about and will make more of an effort to be nicer! Husbands are just the easiest ones to take it out on (whatever "it" is!) Sometimes I can't even figure out what i'm pissed at. Can I blame it on hormones? Or maybe I'm really just a bitch. :( Poor hubs.

Here are a bunch of week 26 belly pics, clothed belly, bare belly and Cosmo loving the little belly shelf to rest his head on! ha ha!

Have a great week everyone!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to Work

I'm back at it. Teaching. Full days. Ugh. This week I am teaching an easy "Get Ready" math course for 4 kids at my school (full real school starts next week). I have been dreading going back to work for the whole summer. But I have to say I am impressed with myself so far. This week is a good warm up for next week's chaos. But, I'm not too tired, I've still been getting to the gym after work, and I feel good! I was worried that waking up early would kill me and I would hate being here. But I really love the kids, and math, and my colleagues! Plus there is the added bonus of having everyone comment on my baby bump! I actually totally LOVE it (for now!) The students are so cute and nice! Actually i think everyone is nicer to pregnant people. Which is great for me NOW but pissed the hell out of me when I was TTC! Being pregnant really doesn't warrant "special niceness"! We should be nice to EVERYONE (except assholes!) regardless of their bun-in-the-oven status. Actually, we should be NICER to infertiles who are TTC! It sucks and they are the ones that need the love!!! This is something that truly does tick me off big time and I don't want to forget about it now that I'm on the "other side".

It's weird though, even though I'm pregnant now, I still get annoyed/anxious/jealous whenever I hear about other people being pregnant! I keep thinking something is going to go wrong with my pregnancy and I'll be stuck with nothing and they will have their cute baby! Or, it just sends me flashbacks of not being pregnant and hearing about new pregnancies. And I just hate hearing about people who get preggo after like 2 months of "trying". I know I shouldn't be jealous since it is a "bad" trait but I can't help it! I wish I could be the only one that I know IRL who is pregnant, until the birth of my baby and then whoever the heck else wants to get pregnant can have their turn!

Anyone else have these feelings? or am I just an asshole?

Also, wondering if anyone has heard from BasicGirl in a while? She hasn't posted in forever and I loved following her pregnancy since she cycled right around the same time as me! If anyone has an update on her I would love to know! And BasicGirl...if you are reading something! Miss you!

Hope you all have a great week (Thursday already!!!) I'll post a 25 week update (a few days late...ooops!) later!