Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hello Stranger!

I have dropped off the face of the earth. Apparently blogging with a new born and Christmas is proving too much for me! I'm reading though (mostly while breastfeeding!) And I miss you guys!

So....Alexandra is 15 days old now. I love her more than I thought possible to love ANYONE! My fears of not loving her like every other mother describes evaporated the instant I heard her first cry and kissed her cheek. She is a precious, beautiful angel and my heart melts when I look at her.

I was VERY emotional for the first week (ok...i'm still really emotional) after she was born. I cried EVERYDAY. But they were tears of overwhelming love. Seriously, I was so overwhelmed with emotion and the only way I knew to deal was to cry! And of course, i have already started crying about her growing up too fast! I haven't been feeling sad or depressed at all which was another one of my fears so that is good. But that being said, it has been a super busy time with lots of visitors and fun times. Reality will set in come January when everyone is back to work adn its just me and A at home alone.

We have already been out a bunch of times. Walks to the coffee shop, grocery store, and even to a friend's birthday party when she was 5 days old. She does great in the stroller, car seat and loved the party (ie. she slept the entire time! )

The one thing I'm struggling with is a bit of resentment of the hubs. He sleeps 8 hours straight everynight. I sleep in 2 hour stretches. I am exhausted and I sometimes want to kill him when my alarm goes off to feed her at 3am and I look over to see him snoring like a bear. ..... errrr.
He is off work now until next week so part of me is pissed that he gets to sleep and he doesn't even have to get up for work. But really, there is no point in him getting up since i'm the one with the boobs. Speaking of boobs...woah...I've got BOOBS! And lots of milk, like running down my stomach and soaking through 2 shirts! crazy!

Also, had a few battles with hubs over his soccer games, parties for work, and his "need" to workout . All of these make me pissed since I'm at home, in pain (episiotomy...OUCH!) , and not allowed to work out or do anything for 6 weeks. I don't want to leave my baby girl either and i just don't get how he can even want to do all of those things rather than spend every free second with Alexandra. I think a mother's love is deeper than the fathers right at the beginning. But I see him getting more attached and being "better" with her everyday. His love is growing.

Anyways, little A is beckoning so I must got and whip out a boob for her! I will post the birth story and more photos later!

Miss you all and hope you are having a great holiday!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

She's here!!!

At 1130 last night my water broke. By midnight contractions started and STRONG and 4 min apart. By 5 am, 10cm and time to push . 15 min of pushing And there was princess Alexandra! Perfect tiny little girl! 5 pounds 8 ounces! Will update more details with pics soon! Right now I'm exhausted but I mmommyheaven!!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Wall

I've hit it. Mentally and physically I have hit the wall. I am hardly sleeping, running on pure adrenaline and just powering through my last week of work and the countdown to my dday (which is on Sunday!)

I am totally checked out of work, but at the same time trying to care enough to train my replacement. My students are keeping me happy becuase they are being super sweet and sad about me leaving! :) In hind sight I wish I had taken a week off before my due date. Although, I'm pretty positive I will be stuck waiting for atleast an extra week past my due date!

I have my final paper for my masters course due on Saturday at midnight. I'm also scrambling to get that done, with limited focus and motivation!

Christmas shopping...trying to get it ALL DONE! If this baby arrives I'm sure the last place I will want to be is in a mall right before xmas! I think i'm almost 100% done now.

Workouts...I quit this week. I was doing sooooooo well my entire pregnancy and keeping up pretty good workouts. Then on Saturday I even did a Body Pump class and walked 6 km home and felt great. Took Sunday off, then Monday (after only 4 hours of anxiety ridden sleep) I decided to just take it easy and not force myself to work out this week. First it was a plan to rest until Wednesday then get back into it until the baby comes. Well, that didn't happen (Christmas shopping did instead!!!) and now I feel lazy and gross and disappointed in myself but at the same time I think I need to listen to my body and rest before the baby makes its arrival. I hate that I have this exercise addictive personality that fills me with so much guilt! ugh! I suck at cutting myself any slack. So, I may be done with the gym until 6weeks (or longer) post-baby. Kind of freeing and relieving to say that. I'll just enjoy the nightly walks with the pups and the hubs.
One other reason I'm thinking its best to lay off the workouts is that I have been gettting a ton of painful contractions where my tummy gets rock hard, mis-shapen and crushes my lungs. I seriously have to breathe through these things! And I have noticed they get bad when I move alot (exercise) or lift heavy stuff. So, as much as I want labour to come, I want to avoid painful "false labour" contractions!!!

I just feel like I have hit a wall and I can't think about any one thing at a time because I have too much to think about!

And I'm tired. Really tired.

I hope that the baby waits until maybe Tuesday or Wednesday so I can get some rest this weekend! But then I again...I hope she doesn't wait too long!!!

Also, my friend from work who was due the same day as me had her baby yesterday. I'm jealous. And my infertile brain reared its ugly head and I felt a stab to my heart. Her baby was healthy and perfect, and I got a sudden sinking feeling in my gut that something will still go wrong with mine and I will be left alone in the infertile hole again! It really never ends I guess.

Anyways, thanks for listening to my rant! Clearly, I have lots to do and shouldn't be wasting time on the internet! But I love you guys too much, and I need a place to vent!

Have a happy Thursday!


Monday, December 6, 2010

39 weeks

How Far Along? 39 weeks....6 days till due date. I'm due on Sunday! OMFG!

Maternity Clothes? Everything is just majorly uncomfortable since about Friday now. My belly is really tight and hard and irritated by anything touching it.

Stretch Marks? No. I beat this nasty beast!

Sleep: Too many pee breaks are making me tired! Woke up this morning at 4:30am...couldn't fall back asleep. Finally got up at 6 and walked the dog, in the snowy yucky weather. He was not pleased, but I was bored and had to do something productive!

Best Moment of the Week? I can't think of anything super wonderful that happened this week! Sad I know!

Less. Painful jabs and tummy tightening.

Food Cravings? nope

Gender? GIRL

What I miss? My stomach not being in pain. It keeps tightening and it actually takes my breath away. Feels like my lungs are tightening up. Not sure if these are Braxton Hicks contractions or real contractions or something totally different. But they hurt.

What I'm looking forward to? Mat leave starts in 4 days! And birth of the baby! eek!

Weekly Wisdom: D-day seems so far away and then it creeps right up on you! I'm so scared!

Milestones: ?

Emotions: I'm scared. I'm scared of change. I'm scared of my life changing and having no "me" time. I'm scared I won't want to be around my baby 100% of the time like all of the other moms I read about! What if I can't handle being a mom! What if I don't get that amazing love feeling all new moms talk about? I feel so guilty admitting this but it's true.

Hope you all have a great week. And wish me luck making it through my last week of work (hoping this babe doesn't decide to come out early...I must work the rest of the week!)


Thursday, December 2, 2010

38.5 week belly pics

I am getting a bit sentimental that these are going to be one of the last belly pics I take! Crazy!

We are noticing the shape of the belly looks more 'down', hangin' low!

Side view (ignore the messy room floor!)

Another one of the super low belly!

Hope you all have a good weekend!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

38 weeks

How Far Along? 38 weeks and 3 days! I guess this kid is coming any time now (or super late...which is what I'm expecting!)

Maternity Clothes? The usual. Work pants and jeans are maternity, otherwise no way.

Stretch Marks? No. I beat this nasty beast!

Sleep: Too many pee breaks are making me tired!

Best Moment of the Week? Got my first internal exam. Did not hurt. I was nervous it was going to KILL but it was no big deal at all! Apparently my cervix is short and I'm a fingertip dilated (whatever that means?!) Doc said this is good, but I could also stay this way for weeks.

And we installed the car seat! So now I drive a baby-mobile!

Less. And it freaks me out sometimes. Doc said she is just outta room. I've been using the doppler again though when I get nervous! Or just poking her so she gives me a little wiggle!

Food Cravings? Smoked meat sandwiches....weird!

Gender? GIRL

What I miss? Nothing! I feel great and I'm just excited to get my baby in my arms!

What I'm looking forward to? Only one more Monday left until maternity leave begins! woo hoo! I'm looking forward to being done work (and hopefully having a baby in my arms within days of finishing!)

Weekly Wisdom: Pregnant and shopping in ridiculously busy malls is a PAIN! People are so rude and pushy and I hate shopping! Might do the rest of my Christmas shopping online!

Milestones: We are in my baby's "birth month" now!

Emotions: Today I'm feel really calm and cool. I'm not feeling like I'm ready to give birth, I don't feel "pregnant" enough or exhausted enough yet! I feel like I might be pregnant forever! ha ha! I'm just trying to go with the flow and not get too anxious or excited any time soon!

So, that's me at 38 weeks. Next week is a boring doctor appt (no internal check or anything) and then the following week when I'll be 40 weeks and 2 days we will "sweep my membranes" to help labour along.

I'll post some pics when hubs and I take some tonight! But basically, I look the same as last week. I think belly growth is maxing out!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Full Term (37 weeks)!

How Far Along? 37 weeks and 3 days! We are officially full term. It's baby time any time now!

Maternity Clothes? The usual. Work pants and jeans are maternity, otherwise no way.

Stretch Marks? No. Hoping I avoided those!

Sleep: My anxiety is getting the best of me I think. I'm really having trouble falling back asleep when I wake up to pee. My mind starts racing and my heart is beating really fast and I can't stop thinking about stuff I need to do, my fears, labour etc. I am definitely feeling like I'm running on adrenaline!

Best Moment of the Week? Lots this week!
Doing our prenatal classes!
Reaching full term status!
Work baby shower!

Tons. It wakes me up, takes my breath away and looks super creepy! Gotta get a video of it soon!

Food Cravings? Nothing new.

Gender? GIRL

What I miss? I kind of miss feeling relaxed but i'm also just super excited!

What I'm looking forward to?My internal exam at my appointment next week. Want to see if i'm dilated at all! I doubt it though. I feel like i'm going to be late...:(
Also excited to go Christmas shopping this weekend! Gotta get most of its done before the little one arrives!

Weekly Wisdom: ?

Milestones: Full Term!

Emotions: Nervous. I'm nervous about so many things. I'm scared firstly about labour, I'm scared about having a baby and losing my freedom, i'm scared about being late and "ruining" christmas by being in the hospital (I know that one is kind of lame but its sort of true! I'm hoping to have the baby and bring her to my parents for the festivities!), i'm nervous about being alone with the baby and being bored, I'm scared i'm going to get PPD. I'm scared something will be wrong with our daughter. I'm scared of breastfeeding/failing at breastfeeding. Oh and I'm super scared about recovering from a vaginal birth....ouch!!! Sooooo many unknowns! I'm also nervous about my relationship with hubs. Will we fight? be too tired to "love" eachother? be supportive of eachother? I'm sure these are all normal fears of new moms but they feel really overwhelming right now!

One other thing...I lost 2 pounds at my appt... wtf? Is this normal at the end of pregnancy? I thought I was supposed to be packing it on big time at the end? I'm not eating more, I can't! I have no room! But I'm not really eating less either. I just hope she's growing. I'm starting to think I'm too small now. Actually, sometimes I feel HUGE and some times I feel too small. It is crazy what these hormones can do to a girl!

Here are a bunch of pics from events of the past few weeks!

Cutest homemade cake ever! My SIL made it for my shower! She even made the booties!

Me and one of my preggo girlfriends! She is 5 months along.

Baby UGGS!

Ugly side view at 37 weeks (right before bed so ignore the gross looking face and clothes!)

Front view at 37 weeks.

I wished you all a happy Thanksgiving last week by mistake so again I'm saying Happy Turkey day to all my US-bloggies! I'm certainly very jealous (of the holiday and the food!)


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

36 weeks

How Far Along? 36 weeks and 2 days! OMG, we have 5 days (yes...DAYS!) until full term and 3.5 weeks until due date!

Maternity Clothes? The usual. Work pants and jeans are maternity, otherwise no way.

Stretch Marks? No. Still hoping to avoid those!

Sleep? WOW. Just realized that my problem with sleep may have been (for the past 2 YEARS!) that our bedroom was toooooo bright! We got new curtains in our bedroom to make it DARK and I have been sleeping like a baby (except for the 2 pee breaks in the night.) since Saturday. I love darkness. We are going to get blackout curtains for the baby's room too...darkness really really helps with sleeping for me so maybe it will help keep our daughter asleep too? maybe just wishful thinking but we'll give it a try!

Best Moment of the Week? My maternity photo session on Sunday! It was so fun and the pictures turned out great! We did them at the lady's studio in her house. I did some alone, some with Cosmo, some with hubs and Cosmo, some with just hubs. We did a few outfits, most were belly baring...and we did a few topless and a few full on nudies! eek! The nude ones are very tasteful and only side views. She sent us a link with all of our photos but you can't save any of them so I have none to post right now but when we go back for our baby shoot we will get a cd with all of the photos so i'll post then! I love them!

Another great moment was that we got the mattress for the crib so I got to put the bedding on it and it looks so cute!

Movement? Little girl is getting her feet (or something) lodged in between my ribs and it hurts!
Also my belly is always contorting in weird ways and I love it!

Food Cravings? Nothing new.

Gender? GIRL

What I miss? I'm not missing a thing. Just super excited!

What I'm looking forward to?Appointment today (and then weekly appts from now on!!!) and our pre-natal classes this weekend! We should have done these a while ago so i'm relieved that we are finally going to get our butts in gear and learn something!

Weekly Wisdom: ?

Milestones: Photos done!

Emotions: All over the freakin' place! mostly anxiety and excitement! But I'm still really moody and can totally snap from being super nice to super bitchy in a matter of minutes (usually I revert back to super nice again quickly thank goodness!)

Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful week! I think my American friends have a long weekend coming up! Jealous! Enjoy the turkey fest!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

35 weeks!!!!!

How Far Along? 35 weeks! OMG, we have 2 weeks until full term and 5 weeks until due date!

Maternity Clothes? The usual. Work pants and jeans are maternity, otherwise no way.

Stretch Marks? No. Still hoping to avoid those!

Sleep? I'm really anxious. I'm waking up a lot thinking about all of the stuff we need to do/get before baby! I wake up with my heart pumping and feeling like I need to clean the baseboards in the baby's room....at 4:30 in the morning! I guess this is nesting??

Best Moment of the Week? My shower on Saturday! It was so great to go home and get spoiled by my family and friends! I got lots of cute baby clothes...its actually ridiculus how much stuff is out there for girls! And we got lots of stuff we need too, like the monitor and the tub and the changing pad and the car seat and lots more! It was a lot of fun and I love my family so much for throwing me the great shower! And my sister in law made the most amazing cake...I don't have a pic of it now but when I get one I will upload it asap! It looks professional and amazing!!!

Sharp stabs out my sides sometimes hurting and catch me off guard. Lots of night time movement and hiccups still! The hiccups are actually very distracting and irritating! But I'll take it!

Food Cravings? Nothing new.

Gender? GIRL

What I miss? Nothing now at all. I'm at a place where i'm so freakin' excited to meet my daughter (wow...i'm going to have a daughter!!! SOON!!!)

What I'm looking forward to?My maternity photo session this weekend! And then our pre-natal classes next weekend- although i'm starting to panic and wish we did those much sooner!

Weekly Wisdom: 40 weeks seems like a really long ways away when you find out you are preggers...then suddenly its HERE! Time flies! (but at the same time there have been times when it drags and drags...especially in the scary first trimester!)

Milestones: Actually had a baby shower! It's real!

Emotions: All over the freakin' place! mostly anxiety and excitement!

Here are some pics from the last week:

Me and the hubs at my shower:

Ignore the gross clothes and ugly hair!

Frontal view!

Hope you all have a good week!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

34 weeks-Updated with photos

How Far Along? 34 weeks!

Maternity Clothes? Nothing new. Husband "suggested" I get a couple new t-shirts as most of mine give a little tummy peep show! eek!

Stretch Marks? No. Still hoping to avoid those!

Sleep? Sleep is actually going great this week (well..now that the bed-bug thing is officially OVER!) I was freaking exhausted and miserable until Saturday but since then I have slept like a baby (wait...not sure if that means I am sleeping well or not! ) I wake up a lot but when I am asleep, its pretty solid. I actually called in sick to work today since I wanted a day to myself to sleep in, get my flu shot, and work on my project for my master's course. We have Parent - Teacher interviews on Thursday night until 9pm so I think I need to rest up for that and I deserve a break!

Best Moment of the Week? Sister and SIL seeing some wonky belly movements on Saturday at our Halloween party (that was super fun too!) and getting our crib, dresser and glider delivered (now we just have to set it up...ugh...can't things just come pre-assembled!)

Movement? A lot of hiccups, and jabbing out my side. My babe stretches out her feet and sometimes they get lodged in a not-so-comfy place in my ribs! But I love it!

Food Cravings? Chinese food craving was big all week, so we ordered it for our halloween party and it was Yummy! However, this was not a pregnancy craving...just a craving for chinese food (hubs had it too!)

Gender? GIRL

What I miss? Not being so emotional. I cry MOST days! I can't control my anger, irritability, and stress sometimes! I am actually starting to get scared shitless about the impending birth of my baby girl! I don't know how to be a mom! I feel guilty that at this moment my excitement is about equal as my fear! Sometimes, I have to admit that I even think "oh shit...what have I gotten myself into?" I guess you are never really ready! But when I get these feelings I remind myself how grateful I should be by asking myself "how would you feel if you were NOT pregnant now!" and when I think of that I know I would be sooooooo sad and frustrated and I know that I am in a WAY better place!

What I'm looking forward to? My shower this Saturday! But I do have one shower ettiquette thing I want to say: why don't people buy off the registry? Why do they think they "know better" ? Do I really need 500 onesies that are all "super cute" ? No.... I need my baby monitor, my nursing pillow, the bottles and soothers that are ON MY REGISTRY! Duh!
It's just frustrating to see that only 3 things are bought off my registry and I know that was by my mom and sisters. I know I shouldn't be picky and should be grateful (which I am!) but come on people...we told you where to buy my gifts...it actually makes your life easier to just pick something off the registry!!! Oh well.

Weekly Wisdom: Third trimester hormones make you an emotional nightmare!

Milestones: We can now say we are due "next month"!

Emotions: see above. All over the freakin' place!

I have some pics from Halloween that I will post later (I left my camera at work)! They are pretty funny!

Hope you all have a good week!


Updated: Here are some Halloween pics!

Me and my kind of gross/weird costume...it was baby arms and legs sticking out of the stomach and the one hand is holding a trick or treat bag with a chocolate bar in it. Kind of weird I know, but I was short on time and ideas!

My brother and his fiance dressed as me and Hubs in 6 months from now! Notice the pit stains my bro painted on! So funny! And that is my hubs as batman!

One more of my bro and fiance.

It was a fun night!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

BAD week...

OMG....this week has sucked big time. Not pregnancy wise- that is going fine. Just life wise.
Hubs and I had a shitty weekend, lots of bickering and nothing "fun" for just the two of us to do (family weddings out of town don't count as "fun" anymore since we have been to a zillion!). Ok, the week is looking good on Monday, we are nice to each other and have plans to go out to dinner on Tuesday together. Then, on Monday our neighbour found a bed bug (or got bit or something). Toronto is on FREAK OUT MODE over bed bugs these days....everyone is paranoid! So, we freaked that we might have bed bugs! Tore apart our whole bed room. Got contacted by our property manager that a pest control guy would be coming in on Wednesday to inspect/treat for bed bugs. I'm relieved that someone is coming but the prep is HORRIBLE! We had to wash and dry EVERYTHING in our entire condo that can be laundered. Clothes, towels, sheets, pillows, blankets....let me tell you ...that is A LOT of stuff! We had to wash and the bag and seal it all by Wednesday morning. Stuff that can't be "washed" needed to be tossed in the dryer for 20 minutes on high heat and then bagged and sealed. Anything we didn't have time to get to had to be bagged and sealed and then immediately washed after the treatment. So, we spent all night monday and tuesday doing laundry...we have 50 huge sealed garbage bags on our kitchen table, counter and bath tub now. We only washed 30 of those bags and the rest remain to be washed. We also cleaned out our bedside tables and since my husband is hyper paranoid we through them away as well. We also through away our pillows.
So, yesterday the bed bug guy came and found NO SIGN of any bugs or eggs. But just to be safe he treated anyways. This is a big relief, but I also kind of feel like we did all this for nothing!

Another huge pain in the ass is that our pup cosmo was not allowed in the house as he treated so we had to send him to a doggie day care for the day and pregnant ladies can't sleep in the pesticide house for 24 hours. So, I had to get a hotel alone last night. Hubs had to stay with the dog, and to top it all off he had to leave for Calgary for a work trip today at 5am!

Our good week...turned to the worst/busiest/ most annoying week ever! Last night I had to scavenge through a bunch of bags to try to find something to wear to work today (to bring to the hotel with me last night).Annoying! And now today after work and the gym I will head home to tackle the 30 more bags of laundry....alone. Kill me now!

Hubs comes home on Friday night really late and then we are hosting a halloween party on saturday...should be fun but busy and at this point I wish we weren't having the party at all so we could just relax!

Anyways, that's my bitching for the day. On the bright side...thank goodness this happened now and not 7 weeks from now when the baby is here!

Cheers to no bed bugs!!!!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

33 Weeks

How Far Along? 33 weeks!

Maternity Clothes? Tights, boots and long shirts/sweaters. Way cooler than maternity clothes (or atleast the lame ones I find at the TWO maternity stores here...pathetic!)

Stretch Marks? No. Still hoping to avoid those! Hoping its genetic(my mom did NOT get them with all 4 kids!)

Sleep? No heartburn at night in a week and a half....Zantac is a life saver. Plus I sleep pretty much sitting up, and don't eat at night. This all sucks, but let me tell you...the heartburn sucks more!

Best Moment of the Week? Putting together our stroller! We have the Uppababy Vista and we fully assembled it on Saturday. I got a lump in my throat when I saw it all ready for baby! This is really happening...i'm excited but soooooo scared!

Movement? A ton of hiccups. Which actually get annoying and make me feel like I have hiccups! Poor little baby. I hate hiccups! Lots of rolling and jabbing me in the ribs etc.

Food Cravings? Oh Henry!!! Thank goodness there's less than a week left until all of the halloween candy stops being for sale!

Gender? GIRL

What I miss? Nothing right now!

What I'm looking forward to? Nursery furniture delivery! We had to postpone it from last Sunday (boooo....) but it is now coming on Saturday! woo hoo! I'm also excited to find a cute halloween costume for my party this week! Any ideas?

Weekly Wisdom: Pregnancy is no reason not to dance up a storm at a wedding! I had a ton of fun dancing (in heels!!!) at the wedding we went to this weekend! I just stayed out of the "mosh pit" and had so much fun. Almost forgot I was preggo!

Milestones: Started the countdown to due date in DAYS....only 47 days to go!

Emotions: Feeling pretty good. But hubs and I have been fighting a lot...I think we are both anxious and short tempered these days (not sure what his excuse is..but i'm 33 weeks pregnant!! Ha ha!)

Here are some progress pics from the past few weeks:

31 weeks (getting ready for work)

32 weeks (hope you don't mind the undies!)

33 weeks at a wedding

Wedding again...

Me and the hubs at the wedding

So that's me at week 33!



Wednesday, October 20, 2010

32 weeks and 3 days

How Far Along? 32 Weeks and 3 days!!! Oh my!

Maternity Clothes? I hate most maternity clothes. I think it is clear I'm not going to even go there (aside from the few items I currently have). Loving the tights, boots and long sweaters look!

Stretch Marks? No. Still hoping to avoid those! Hoping its genetic(my mom did NOT get them with all 4 kids!)

Sleep? Trying Zantac again to help with the heartburn at night. Slept like a rock last night. Up once a night too pee...not too bad!

Best Moment of the Week? Buying our crib and getting our bedding in the mail!!! Crib, dresser and glider are all being delivered on Sunday! Then we can set up the nursery!

Movement? A ton.

Food Cravings? Oh Henry!!!

Gender? GIRL

What I miss? sleeping without heartburn! and I'm starting to freak about not making "my own" money when I'm on mat leave. Hubs and I don't have joint accounts. We both make good money and we both contribute to our mortgage and bills, but mostly he pays for more stuff than me (as he should since he makes triple me!) so my money is mostly just my money to do what I please with. Well, when I don't have any incoming cash flow I will need to totally depend on (and be accountable to!) my husband. I'm just not comfortable with this. I like taking care of myself! So.... I miss not being worried about money!

What I'm looking forward to? Nursery furniture delivery! And my halloween party next weekend and my shower after that!

Weekly Wisdom: nada

Milestones: 32 weeks seems like a milestone in itself!

Emotions: Feeling great right now! I'm more tired and thus more cranky...sorry hubby! but when I get exercising or get moving I always feel better and more happy. So that's another reason on my list to not be lazy and keep biking and working out.

My OB appt went really well yesterday. Gained 3 pounds in the last 3 weeks, growing well, heartbeat good, blood pressure low...yeah! Back in 2 weeks.

One thing that I did notice though, when they were measuring me the nurse told the doctor I was measuring 30 weeks, but I am 32 weeks. He didnt' mention it at all or make an issue at all and said everything seemed "perfect". So, I guess I am just wondering if it is normal to be measuring a couple of weeks small? Or should I be worried?

anyways, hope you all have a lovely week! The weather here is still gorgeous and 15 degrees celcius! woo hoo for mild temps! Hopefully we don't see snow for another couple of months (or preferably not at all!)


Friday, October 15, 2010


Hello, hello bloggies! So happy that today is Friday....so sad that I have to supervise a school dance from 8-12am tonight. Fun, fun, fun! But what I really want to "complain" about is that I'm getting slow. At 31 weeks and 5 days I'm fading. Not faded out, but fading. I'm finding my bike ride to work more tiring. Hard to get my breath. This week I have had to stop on part of a hill and walk it for a few minutes. Not a big deal, but I'm feeling this now. Going up the stairs, I get winded. Need a break before continuing on! It's weird though b/c I can still kick ass on a 40min cardio session at the gym...I take a lot of breaks but still getting it in! I can't believe that I'm 5 weeks and 2 days away from being full term...I guess I'm lucky that I'm only fading out now.

Another development, or more of a development is the major discharge I've been having the past couple of weeks! Lots of people have talked about discharge, I never noticed it until about 32 weeks. Now I feel like i'm gushing all of the time! I've even charged to the bathroom a few times, worried that its blood! Crazy!

And finally...colostrum. sooooo freaky weird! If I squeeze my boob (don't ask me why i'm squeezing my boobs...?) clear/yellow fluid comes out. It is sometimes crusted on there like dried snot when I take off my bra. Gross. But cool.

So, ya....that's me at 31 weeks 5 day!

Have a good weekend!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

31 Weeks

How Far Along? 31 Weeks!!! Only 6 weeks to full term...WTF!!!!

Maternity Clothes? Some. Some regular stretchy stuff. Regular shirts are definitely getting too short!

Stretch Marks? No. Still hoping to avoid those! Hoping its genetic(my mom did NOT get them with all 4 kids!)

Sleep? No eating before bed seems to help the heartburn. I screwed up and ate Tostitos before bed last night...had a TERRIBLE sleep with lots of heartburn!

Best Moment of the Week? Thanksgiving dinners with the families! My sisters feeling the baby's feet sticking out of my side!

Movement? Awesome and lots. Sometimes the kicks take my breath away or make me very uncomfortable for a few moments. I think I'm getting braxton hicks too. I suddenly get VERY tight and sore, but it goes away.

Food Cravings? nothing really.

Gender? GIRL

What I miss? sleeping without heartburn!

What I'm looking forward to? Getting our nursery furniture soon! And setting up and decorating!

Weekly Wisdom: ?.

Milestones: ?

Emotions: Feeling good right now! But I am definitely tiring quicker and feeling less enthusiastic about doing "stuff" (ie. cleaning...walking the dog...)

Totally boring post and I promise to get pics soon! I've been super lazy! Sorry friends!

Yeah for a 4 day week!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

30 weeks!!! OMG!

How Far Along? 30 weeks and 2 days!!! Woah....it is the final countdown! Hopefully I will never have to count past the 30's (40 exactly is ok...but 41...no thanks! Come on out by then baby girl!)

Maternity Clothes? Some. Some regular stretchy stuff.

Stretch Marks? No. Still hoping to avoid those! Hoping its genetic(my mom did NOT get them with all 4 kids!)

Sleep? No eating before bed seems to help the heartburn. I'm waking up with a really sore low back most days!

Best Moment of the Week? hitting 30 weeks! ordering the bedding! (now we just need the crib to put the bedding in!)

Movement? Crazy awesome movement! Had a freak out on Saturday...hubs has 2 friends who announced they were 3 months pregnant (without even "trying") and then in my random retarded jealousy and fear struck and I started panicking that I couldn't feel the baby move anymore and that they were all going to have perfect babies and i was going to have a still born. I over-reacted. She gave me a good kick session Saturday night! Phew! I hate that I am still so utterly jealous when I hear of people in real life being pregnant...I am still not confident in this pregnancy even though I'm so far along! oh...and i'm jealous of people who are pregnant with number 2...i may never get that chance. Geez...why am i'm worried about #2 when I don't even have #1 in my arms yet! I get so sad and frustrated at myself!

Food Cravings? Chocolate is soooo good, yet soooo bad (for my heartburn!!!)

Gender? GIRL

What I miss? sleeping without heartburn!

What I'm looking forward to? Thanksgiving weekend this week! Yeah! I'm excited to show my sisters some of the baby's crazy movements and to just be with my family! I'm also getting excited to buy our crib and get the nursery fully set up!

Weekly Wisdom: Not much.

Milestones: 30 weeks!

Emotions: Feeling good right now! But I can still get pretty irritated pretty quick!

Will get hubs to take some belly pics and put them up later!

Ciao for now!

Monday, October 4, 2010


I pulled the trigger! I ordered our baby bedding online! I can't wait to get it in the mail(hoping i don't have to pay a shit load of duty on it since its from a US store!). We painted the nursery (ok, i did nothing...hubs did it all!) a pale yellow this weekend and it looks awesome! So today I ordered this 9 piece bedding set (not sure what all is included or what all I will actually use):

We are obviously having a bumblebee theme and I think its so cute! I didn't want anything too girly in case we are blessed with a second child and its a boy! All about re-using!

What do you guys think?

I'll give an official pic of our nursery when we get the crib and put the bedding in it!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

29 weeker

How Far Along? 29 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Some. Some regular stretchy stuff.

Stretch Marks? No. Still hoping to avoid those! But I have a random spider vein on my thigh now. Hate it.

Sleep? No eating before bed seems to help the heartburn. Lots of tossing and turning (which is a challenge with this belly) but not waking up more than once to pee!

Best Moment of the Week? Lots of goodies this week! Nursery painting has begun! Registering! OB appt and ultrasound where I saw that our little GIRL (100% girl confirmed) was doing perfectly! Confirmationg that I passed the Glucose test...however I am anemic and need to take iron (still wondering why I had to ASK about this and no one bothered to call or was planning on telling me!). And non-pregnancy related...getting 93% on my first assignment for my masters degree in math!

Movement? Crazy awesome movement! Feeling/seeing the baby move is definitely the best/coolest part of being pregnant! Definitely felling little arms/elbows/feet...feels like random hard bulges in my tummy!

Food Cravings? Lovin' that the halloween candy is out already! Oh Henry!

Gender? Got 100% confirmation that its a girl!

What I miss? Not much right now!

What I'm looking forward to? Finishing the nursery decorating! And hitting the 30 week mark in 6 days!

Weekly Wisdom: Being sick when you are pregnant is WAY worse than just being sick. I have had a cold for the past few days and it has made sleeping hard, and being awake painful! I'm feeling really run down and totally crappy. I haven't been to the gym in a week and I hate when I get off schedule like that b/c I always find it soooo hard to get back on track again. Oh well...I am trying to rest and not push myself in hopes this cold will clear up soon!

Milestones: Registry is pretty big. And I think we have names....Either Alyssa (nickname/short form Aly) or Alexandra (nickname/short form Ali)...clearly I really like the name Ali! Preferences? Alyssa or Alexandra? Oh...and Samantha is on the list too (but after those two!)

Emotions: Just tired and sickish. Starting to feel anxious about having a little one depend on me...FOREVER! eek!

Well, I'm off to my favorite spot these days....the couch. Gotta watch the Dexter episode I missed on Sunday!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Registered!

Yesterday was a major milestone and I can't believe that this is so REAL now! I made a baby registry! I went with my mom (is this weird that I didn't go with my husband? ) Husband and my dad were at the house painting the nursery (and the bathrooms and the master bedroom!). Since hubs isn't really a fan of shopping, let alone wandering through a baby store with no clue what to do, I decided to go with my mom who obviously knows what stuff we need. Here are some highlights of what I registered for:

highchair (nice wooden one)
breast feeding pillow
car seat
diaper bag (i'm getting the JJ Cole System bag)
a swing thing that rocks the baby
diaper genie
play mat with a mobile thing you can put over it
first aid kit with cute little nail file and nail clippers !
change pad to go on the dresser
Baby on Board! Sign!!!
Baby monitors
bath tub thing
swaddle blankets

Going to add: a kangaroo carrier thing, breast pump, snow suit, bedding

We already have or are buying ourselves: stoller,crib, dresser/change table, room decorations, bjorn

Anything else you suggest we get? I had no idea what I need and was very overwhelmed in that store!

Definitely a fun milestone though!

29 week update coming soon!

Monday, September 20, 2010

28 weeks! Single digits to Full Term!

How Far Along? 28 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Had to give back all of the maternity clothes my friend gave me...she's 10 weeks preg! I'm sporting lots of tights and non-maternity A-line shirts. Current dilema: i'm normally obsessed with lululemon casual pants but my current ones don't fit...i don't want to pay $100 to get a new pair in a HUGE size that (hopefully) won't fit me after the baby! I don't know where to find similar and affordable casual lounge pants that are suitable for a preggo! Any suggestions?

Stretch Marks? No. Still hoping to avoid those! But I have a random spider vein on my thigh now. Hate it.

Sleep? Too many middle of the night mini-bile-barfs are making me crazy. This heartburn is HORRID! I think I will just have to stop eating past 6pm...but them i'm sure I'll wake up with a grumbling tummy in the middle of the night! I think this might be a lose-lose situation at this point!

Best Moment of the Week? Buying paint for the nursery! And NOT getting a call from my OB after my glucose test! Yeah for no diabetes! And.....we bought our stroller! The uppababy vista! Love it! Actually my generous MIL bought it for us!

Movement? Crazy awesome movement! Feeling/seeing the baby move is definitely the best/coolest part of being pregnant!

Food Cravings? Not really.

Gender? Ultrasound next week will hopefully confirm its a girl! I'm really nervous they were wrong the first time and I will be in for a shock at delivery!

What I miss? Sleeping through the night! I think that's gone for a long long long time!

What I'm looking forward to? Ultrasound next Monday to check on placenta and hopefully re-check the gender! And going to register/shop at Babies R Us this weekend with my mom!

Weekly Wisdom: ?

Milestones: Making it to the single-digit-week countdown to full term! 9 weeks to go!

Emotions: I'm cranky when I'm tired. I was super snappy at hubs Friday night. I just can't help it and I don't know what I want from him. Pretty much he is just screwed! Saturday he bought me beautiful flowers and that combined with a good night sleep I was much happier and more pleasant to be around on Saturday.

Here are a few pics of the belly from a wedding we went to on Saturday. It's getting BIG!

Hope you all have a great week! So happy its already Wednesday! I can't wait until the weekend so we can get painting the baby room!!!!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Ups and Downs...

Hey everyone! This week has had a lot of ups and downs for me. First the downer stuff:

I fell off my bike. My bike tire got stuck in a subway track and hit my head on the pavement (got a lovely goose egg!), really bruised my hip and hurt my wrist. Thank the lord that baby is fine! I didn't land on my tummy at all but of course I was still freaking out. I went home and immediately doppler-ed and felt for kicks. Luckily h/b and movement has been excellent. I am now thinking it is time to retire the bicycle. But I'm having a REALLY hard time with that. It is my only mode of transportation around the city, including to work! I mean, I could take the bus or subway...but it is not direct or convenient at all! I could walk to work but it will take a LOOOONGG time and if Iwant to go to the gym after work that will be like an extra hour of walking to get there and home! We have a car but driving in the city sucks. There is no parking at my work, if you are lucky you can get a spot on the street and pay. So driving is a really crappy option too. Ugh....

I had to do my Gestational Diabetes test today and I friggin' hated it! That orange crap left me wanting to puke my brains out. I managed to hold it in for the hour and then had a spontaneous mini-barf of whatever was left of that orange crap.

I started my first course of my Master's of Math degree that I am doing part-time online. It had me a bit overwhelmed this past week.

I hate getting up early. Work(ie. highschool ) starts WAY too early!!!!

I have a new pregnancy symptom: I permanetely feel like I have to poo. Pressure on the butt, BIG TIME! Baby must be pressing there. It sucks.

Gross new/but kind of cool pregnancy symptom: My nipples are leaking fluid ( a really little bit)! I noticed they looked like there was dried snot (yuck!) on them a few days ago, I picked it off and then squeezed a bit and a drop of clear fluid came out! OB said this was good...seems weird to me!

The UPS:

I'm 27 weeks!

Welcome to 3rd trimester!

I book an u/s for 2 weeks to see if my placenta moved and also hopefully get another peak at gender to reassure us it is a girl before we buy too much stuff!

We bought a new leather couch and chair and book shelf! All part of getting ready for baby!

Mother-in-law is going to buy our STROLLER! Holy generous! We have decided on the Uppababy Vista!

My shower is booked for Nov 6th!

Maternity photos will be the week of Nov 13th! Can't wait for these! And we are getting a package where we get a newborn session as well! Woo hoo!

Ok, gotta run! Lots of love to all the bloggies! Some of the blogs I read have AMAZING things happening! Sassy Infertile Lady got her adopted baby boy yesterday! So beautiful! Steph from Baby Blakely is on the verge of giving birth! And Egg saw 2 beautiful babies on her 3D u/s!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

26 Weeker!

How Far Along? 26 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Now that I'm back to work I'm wearing my new maternity pants and realizing I will definitely need more shirts! The t-shirts I've been wearing all summer that now chronically creep up are not going to cut it here!

Stretch Marks? No. Still hoping to avoid those! But I have a random spider vein on my thigh now. Hate it.

Sleep? Sucky this weekend! Had a bout of Restless leg syndrome that kept me up to 5am on Saturday night- I think I may have identified the culprit: Zantac (heartburn prescription from OB since Maalox gave me diarreah!!). Will be avoiding that now but that leaves me with uncontrollably painful gross heartburn at night. Woke up a zillion times sunday night with stomach acid mini-barfs. Gross gross gross! Trying to sleep being more propped up with pillows now. Not too comfy. Last night I caved and took a sleeping pill to get myself to sleep so I could function at work today.

Best Moment of the Week? Seeing people oooh and ahhh over my pregnant belly at work. But now it's been a week of that and I'm over it and sick of making small talk with people who would otherwise not even talk to me! oh well!

Movement? Alot. And now I can feel it when I'm walking around and doing stuff and not just focusing on it sitting still. I love to watch my tummy make alien movements! My sisters saw/felt it this weekend too which was awesome!

Food Cravings? Not really.

Gender? We'll get another look and hopefully confirm that she is in fact a girl soon!

What I miss? Sleeping in. Not working. hmmm....but nothing pregnancy related!

What I'm looking forward to? Passing Glucose test next week (Yes...I plan on passing! I am not good at "dieting" and would HATE the diabetes diet!) and my OB appt on Monday!

Weekly Wisdom: I'm pretty brain dead this week...blaming lack of sleep!

Milestones: I had to take out my belly button ring. It started ripping out and really hurting. I am contemplating getting a "maternity ring" for it but I have to order it online and getting stuff shipped to Canada sucks. Duty, taxes, fees...ugh. I don't want it to grow in though!

Emotions: I'm edgy. Irritable. Tired? I'm not being the "nicest" to my hubs which I feel bad about and will make more of an effort to be nicer! Husbands are just the easiest ones to take it out on (whatever "it" is!) Sometimes I can't even figure out what i'm pissed at. Can I blame it on hormones? Or maybe I'm really just a bitch. :( Poor hubs.

Here are a bunch of week 26 belly pics, clothed belly, bare belly and Cosmo loving the little belly shelf to rest his head on! ha ha!

Have a great week everyone!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to Work

I'm back at it. Teaching. Full days. Ugh. This week I am teaching an easy "Get Ready" math course for 4 kids at my school (full real school starts next week). I have been dreading going back to work for the whole summer. But I have to say I am impressed with myself so far. This week is a good warm up for next week's chaos. But, I'm not too tired, I've still been getting to the gym after work, and I feel good! I was worried that waking up early would kill me and I would hate being here. But I really love the kids, and math, and my colleagues! Plus there is the added bonus of having everyone comment on my baby bump! I actually totally LOVE it (for now!) The students are so cute and nice! Actually i think everyone is nicer to pregnant people. Which is great for me NOW but pissed the hell out of me when I was TTC! Being pregnant really doesn't warrant "special niceness"! We should be nice to EVERYONE (except assholes!) regardless of their bun-in-the-oven status. Actually, we should be NICER to infertiles who are TTC! It sucks and they are the ones that need the love!!! This is something that truly does tick me off big time and I don't want to forget about it now that I'm on the "other side".

It's weird though, even though I'm pregnant now, I still get annoyed/anxious/jealous whenever I hear about other people being pregnant! I keep thinking something is going to go wrong with my pregnancy and I'll be stuck with nothing and they will have their cute baby! Or, it just sends me flashbacks of not being pregnant and hearing about new pregnancies. And I just hate hearing about people who get preggo after like 2 months of "trying". I know I shouldn't be jealous since it is a "bad" trait but I can't help it! I wish I could be the only one that I know IRL who is pregnant, until the birth of my baby and then whoever the heck else wants to get pregnant can have their turn!

Anyone else have these feelings? or am I just an asshole?

Also, wondering if anyone has heard from BasicGirl in a while? She hasn't posted in forever and I loved following her pregnancy since she cycled right around the same time as me! If anyone has an update on her I would love to know! And BasicGirl...if you are reading this...post something! Miss you!

Hope you all have a great week (Thursday already!!!) I'll post a 25 week update (a few days late...ooops!) later!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

24 weeks! Viability!!!

How Far Along? 24 weeks

Maternity Clothes? No new purchases but now that the weather is getting relatively cooler I might need to get another pair of jeans because I only have one pair and I won't be able to wear cute summer dresses much longer.

Stretch Marks? No.

Sleep? No problems. I'm scared for next week though when I return to work. I think I might be very sleepy! I have been on a horrible schedule of going to sleep around 2am and waking up around 11am! It'll be tough to switch to 7am wake ups!

Best Moment of the Week? Viability day! Had a non-eventful OB appt yesterday. It was great to be told I was growing perfect, 4 pound weight gain (good since I gained nothing between 16 and 20 weeks), great b.p. and scheduled my next appt for 3 weeks for my glucose test (ugh).
And registering for prenatal classes at my hospital! We have to start them a bit earlier than I hoped since they have one session from Sept 22-Oct27 and another from Nov 10-Dec 15 (which will be too late for us!) Oh well! The classes are 6:30-8:30 on Wed evenings.

Movement? Lots! I can feel it and see it! And the other morning I woke up and had a really weird shaped belly. I felt around and there was one circle area that was totally sticking out and harder. It was definitely a head or a butt sticking out! Very cool!

Food Cravings? Not really.

Gender? We'll get another look and hopefully confirm that she is in fact a girl in about 6 weeks!

What I miss? Nothing. Except being in early July and still having a ton of my summer left! It is coming to an end too fast!!!

What I'm looking forward to? If I have to go back to work....I'm looking forward to seeing my students who didn't know I was pregnant and will be excited to see my belly!

Weekly Wisdom: Baby gear is freakin' expensive!!!! Figure we will spend around $4000-$5000 on crib, stroller, car seat, change table, glider! That's nuts! Oh and hubs thought we could just buy a stoller off Craigslist like this:

No joke. He got a rude awakening!!!
Milestones: V-day!

Emotions: Pretty good. Just feeling sad and a bit "homesick". Now that we are having a baby I wish we lived closer to my family. I know we are only an hour away but its just not the same as being able to just stop in for a chat or for dinner at any time!
Here are my 24 week pics. Notice my cutie Cosmo inspecting my belly in the last one! Ha ha! I love him!

Hope you all have a wonderful day! And if you have a chance go over and wish EGG a HUGE congrats on her TWINS!!!! Both her and A+B had some great luck with Dr. Awesome!!! Congrats guys!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Old Friends, New Life

I'm feeling kind of sad, weird, homesick this weekend. I live about an hour and a bit away from my hometown (where my parents live). I really love living in the BIG city but I really crave living in the same town as my parents and siblings. I feel like a big suck but I want to cry everytime I leave. I went there on Friday to spend the day with my mom and then go to dinner with some old friends (my very best friends from elementary school, through high school and university). I am still pretty close with one of my 3 best friends, she has a baby and I feel totally comfortable hanging out with her whenever I'm in town. The other two felt really weird to be around. One of them lives in Montreal and was married, cheated on her hubby, moved in with "new guy" and now is divorced. She was at the dinner party with "new guy". Now, I'm not one to judge...(maybe that's a bit of a lie actually...) but all I can think when I look at her is "cheater!" . I just get bad vibes being around her. I feel like we can't do any reminiscing about old times because the ex-hubs was always around in the old days (they were HS sweethearts.) so its like I have NOTHING to talk about with her. And she wasn't at all interested in my pregnancy. Not that I need people swooning over me, but she didn't even ask how I was feeling or about symptoms or anything. Weird for a "best friend". I didn't know what to talk about with her, can I ask about her budding relationship with "new guy"? their marriage/kids plans? is her divorce final? everything seems taboo and she doesn't really open up about her "new life" at all. It made me sad. I have new friends now in my new life, and I have wonderful things happening. But it is tough to make friendships now like those that built over my childhood. We did everything together! we were crazy, we cried, we laughed, we totally grew up together and knew everything about each other. Now we are total strangers and I don't know how to make that bond with new girls that I meet now as an adult! I will never want to talk on the phone for hours with a new girlfriend like I did with my HS friends. I will likely never sit and watch tv for hours eating chips with new girlfriends. I will never break rules and sneak out and laugh until I pee my pants with my new girlfriends. We just don't have the time to build the bonds as adults that we did when we were kids. It makes me sad. I miss that honest, real, easy friendship I knew so well as a "young" person. I don't really know where this post is going or what its really about but I'm feeling sad. I think I miss being a kid sometimes. Living with my mommy. Playing with my friends. Life changes and sometimes it makes me sentimental. :(

On that note, I think I'll go call my mom :)


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

23 Week Update

How Far Along? 23 weeks

Maternity Clothes? I went on a shopping spree today! I got 2 great pairs of under-the-belly black work pants (I hate the belly panel!). I got one pair of the Heidi Klum brand ones that are a skinny fit (and they were only $40!) and the second pair is just Thyme maternity brand, with more of a bootcut/flare . Both are perfect for going back to work in a week and a half! eeek! I also bought 3 new shirts at a non-maternity store. But they are longer fitting shirts so they won't ride up, because I am frequently dealing with the bare-belly peeking out from under my t-shirts these days! I don't think it's too appropriate for work! I'm really happy with my purchases! I'm going to give hubs a fashion show and get him to take some pics and I'll post them! I haven't worn anything but work out clothes and comfy clothes all summer since I'm off!

Stretch Marks? No.

Sleep? No troubles sleeping unless I get a heartburn attack!

Best Moment of the Week? Buying cute maternity stuff was fun! It was also great coming back from Miami (even though it cleared up and because beautiful for the 2nd half of our week) and picking up Cosmo from my parents! I missed my little guy!

Movement? Lots! But I get nervous when I don't feel it for a while. Mostly I don't notice it unless I'm sitting still. If I'm moving around I don't notice movement at all.

Food Cravings? Wood-oven thin crust pizza from the Italian restos in Sobe! Yummmm!

Gender? Girl! But I've had several people ask me when my "son" is due! Apparently I'm carrying like its a boy??? Not sure what to think of this wives tale? Anyone believe this stuff? I'm nervous that now I'm all set on girl and then its going to turn out to be a boy! Afterall the tech wasn't 10000% sure it was a girl! Maybe the wee-wee was hiding???

What I miss? Not having heartburn (or diarrhea...for more details see yesterday's post...but beware of TMI!)

What I'm looking forward to? V-DAY!!! Viability that is! And my 24 week appt next Tuesday!

Weekly Wisdom: Maalox causes diarrhea. Heartburn sucks, but diarrhea sucks too. And also that maternity clothes aren't ALL ugly!

Milestones: No biggies this week.

Emotions: Pretty good. My freak outs have been minimal (except for in Miami when it was raining and I was going nuts!) Starting to get the nesting instinct. And its scaring me. I don't want to get ahead of myself! When did anyone else start planning/buying/decorating for baby? Or when do you plan to? I don't want to get all ready and excited and then have something go wrong!

A few Q's for anyone who may have thought about this stuff:

  • What stroller do you like? I'm debating between uppababy vista and Orbit G2. Are these more expensive ones worth it or does Graco do the trick?

  • Thoughts on Baby Bjorn?

  • Dutallier Gliders? Worth the big bucks or just get a cheaper one? Any recommendations?

And here are some 22.5 week belly pics from when we were in Miami last week. Ignore my stupid looking facial expressions and post-ocean hair!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Heartburn or Diarrhea...you choose.

At my last OB appointment I mentioned that I have been having terrible heartburn and tums basically suck shit. So he told me to take Maalox and feel free to just chug it when needed because its safe. So, I've been chugging Maalox as needed (probably 2-3 times a day, about 2 tbsps each time). For the past few weeks I've been having diarrhea EVERY single day. Not like explosive liquid crampy diarrhea but every poo I take is wet. I know this is so gross and I apologize for tmi! This is bothersome in itself but now my butt is also so irritated that it is itchy and burning and I hate wiping because it hurts! I was getting concerned about what the hell this diarrhea is from, and then it hit me. I got the diarrhea right when I started taking Maalox! Soooo.... I consulted Dr. Google and he confirmed that diarrhea is very common with Maalox (and all other oral liquid antacids). In an effort to find an alternative, I asked a pharmasist today and he basically told me I was out of luck. He said I had to choose the lesser of two evils. Heartburn or Diarrhea? Which would you choose? This sucks!!! I'm going to for sure ask my OB at my appt in a week and hopefully he'll have more options for me! For now, I think I'm going to try to avoid the Maalox as much as possible. I am sick of being held hostage by my bowels! I even had a huge embarrasing moment last week(beware of even more TMI!) I was hit by a bout of uncontrollable diarrhea while on a hike with hubby...It was either in my pants (picture Charlotte in SATC movie) or drop it in the woods while him and Cosmo stood on the look out for passer-bys! Had to wipe with my undies and leave them in the woods...It doesn't get worse than this! So, wish me luck with my heartburn tonight. Any natural suggestions from anyone?

23 week update tomorrow!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pouting in Miami

I'm sad and disappointed. We got to South Beach last night and today we have not seen a second of sunlight. It is pouring rain and the forecast calls for rain all week. We have no car. We are bored. I want to go home. I'm such a beach/sun person that this really ruins my trip. Plus, we thought there was a gym here (somewhere good to atleast kill a couple hours) but apparently that was false advertising and there is a private gym that you can't go to. WTF? why would they advertise that on the condo listing? Assholes.

So this is my pouting post. Please cross your fingers for a bit of sun for me, otherwise this is going to be a LOOOONG week!


Monday, August 2, 2010

21 weeks! More than half way there!

How Far Along? 21 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Still not wearing any but I have missed wearing jeans for the past few months and the ones my friend gave me are a bit too long. So, I took the plunge and bought a pair at Thyme Maternity with my mom this weekend. The problem is I'm one of the very few women who don't like those stupid bands that come up over the belly. I like my pants to just sit below the belly. Since I am obviously a weird one with this preference, there really isn't a lot of choice for pants. There was only one below belly style and so I got them. I'm a bit unsure about them still and might head to H & M and Old Navy this week and see what they've got (and hopefully cheaper)!

Stretch Marks? No.

Sleep? No troubles!

Best Moment of the Week? Feeling more and more real kicks and flip flops from our little baby girl! Also, my mom felt the kicks with her hand on my tummy this weekend! Soooo exciting to have someone else acknowledge that they are REAL! Hubs was away this weekend so he is a little miffed that my mom got to cop the first feel! ha ha! His turn will come this week I hope!
Oh, and another cool thing is my belly button is inching out. It used to be a mega-innie but it is becoming more shallow and almost flat with my belly! I LOVE it! I really want a pregnancy-induced outie!!!

Movement? Yup. See above!

Food Cravings? Nah. I'm finding that I get really full really fast and so my eyes are bigger than my stomach these days. I actually have been disappointed that I have had to skip dessert or bread at a couple of meals out this week due to being STUFFED!

Gender? Girl!

What I miss? Nothing. I love this stage of preg.

What I'm looking forward to? Hubby feeling the kicks! Belly getting BIGGER! Trip to South Beach Miami this weekend! We rented a condo on the beach (on Collins Ave I think...) for a week starting this coming Saturday!

Weekly Wisdom: ? Malox is AMAZING! My doc recommended it for the heartburn I've been having and it has worked wonders this week!!!

Milestones: Over half way done this pregnancy!

Emotions: Feeling good this week. I had a bout of lonliness on Friday when hubby left for the weekend and I had nothing to do all day and night....I suddenly got very anxious! But I called a friend and hung out for the whole day and was cheered up really quick! Then I headed to my parents for the rest of the weekend. It was great.

I have no pics for this week but I'm sure the bump is about the same as last week!

Kind of a boring post but I just want to keep a record of my weekly progress, to both share with you all and to keep as a memory for myself!


Monday, July 26, 2010

20 weeks and the BIG ultrasound

So today I had my 20 week big scan. It took FOREVER! Like over an hour. I had a medical student doing it and she was really stressing me out b/c she was contorting her face all over the place! Now I realize she was just concentrating really hard! Then the real tech came in and made me much more comfortable! Everything looked great, measured great, baby was very active! I can't believe I'm not feeling more movement than I am! The only "concern" was that I have a low lying placenta but it is not even THAT low so she said it will probably fully move out of the way and I won't need a c-section. In fact she said she would bet her RRSP'S that I won't need a c-section due to the placenta. But, on the upside, I get an extra u/s at about 30 weeks to double check it! woo hoo!

And without further ado.....It looks like we are having a GIRL!!!! I gotta say...I knew it! ha ha!

Anyways, I had a great week/weekend since it was my littlest sister's wedding. We had a lot of fun and I was definitely showing so it was exciting to see a lot of old family friends and relatives who I don't see often and didn't know I was pregnant. I had a great weekend but I'm exhausted now!

In terms of weight gain: phew...i gained zero from my 16 week appt and the doc didn't seemed concerned! I was worried I would see another 10 pound gain like I did during the first trimester!

In terms of belly growth: it's big now. Fully out. Belly button is starting to push out and I am going to have to take out my belly ring soon for sure! A lot of my old t-shirts are getting too short!

In terms of symptoms: heart burn. Big time. This week I woke up choking on my own bile. DISGUSTING and painful! I got the ok from the doc today to take liquid gaviscon or malox. I'm going to buy some today for sure! Nothing else really except when I sit for a long time I feel really cramped in my abdomen area.

What I miss: NOTHING!!!!

I'm off to finish reading my current fave book: The girl with the dragon tattoo

It starts a bit slow but I highly reccommend it !

And I leave you with a few pics from my beautiful sister's wedding!!

Here is a pic of my brother's girlfriend, me, my sister and another bridesmaid and my other sister...the bride!

Here is a pic of me, my mom and dad and my other sister.

Here is a pic of me and my 3 siblings!

And this is a pic of me and my hubs before the wedding.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

19 week Update

How Far Along? 19 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Still not wearing any. Summer is a great time to just wear loose dresses and tights with long shirts! It's working for me!

Stretch Marks? No.

Sleep? Debating getting the Snoogle...is it worth it? Or can a couple pillows do the same trick?

Best Moment of the Week? The totally nice comments I got from 2 strangers this past week! One guy saw me heading to the gym as he was heading to his office and he said "Don't you get a 9 month free pass not to work out since you're pregnant!" He was joking around and being totally nice. It really caught me off guard though! Then my second comment came from a personal trainer at my gym who told me she just noticed I was pregnant and that I looked "great" and to "keep it up". That was nice too!

Movement? I'm 90% sure that I can feel the baby. I often second guess myself that it is just gas but i'm pretty sure it's baby!

Food Cravings? Just hating chicken. But, I really never love chicken anyways.

Gender? Only 6 days to go!

What I miss? Nothing except less heartburn. It is getting me every evening!

What I'm looking forward to? Anatomy scan in 6 days and my sister's wedding this coming weekend!

Weekly Wisdom: ? nothin'

Milestones: Strangers noticing my pregnancy!

Emotions: I've been more calm this week. No major blow ups or break downs! Just feeling good!

Here are 2 pics of me a week ago at 18 weeks:

Have a great week everyone!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Stranger Comments

I got my first pregnancy "stranger" comments! In fact, I got 2 of them this week! I didn't really know how to respond. Was I mad? Did I think that meant I looked "fat"? Were they serious? And then I realized...Yippee! I love this! I am officially pregnant and the whole world can see!
I can handle the comments...but note to strangers: Look but don't touch!!!

Now, I just need to go with the positive flow and stop obsessing about the fact that my 20 week ultrasound is in 9 days and I'm scared something is going to be wrong. I pray my little one is PERFECT!!!

:) Have a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

18 weeks

How Far Along? 18 weeks

Maternity Clothes? My good friend just gave me a HUGE bag of maternity clothes! She had a baby a year and a half ago and she is about the same size as me so hopefully they will fit! I got a few pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of work pants, cords, 3 skirts, a jean dress, and about 15 shirts/sweaters! Amazing! So I doubt I will be doing much maternity shopping!!!

Stretch Marks? No.

Sleep? Pillow between the legs is helping keep me comfy!

Best Moment of the Week? I wore my new bikini to a pool this week and a girl I barely know came and told me how "great" I look and she even said my belly was "so pretty"! I loved the flattery and the acknowledgment that I am really pregnant and it is obvious to more than just me!

Movement? I had some stomach problems on Sunday afternoon but then Sunday night I felt some "twitches" in my tummy. Not sure if it was gas or babes? I felt something today too, but again, I'm so gassy lately that it really is hard to tell the difference!

Food Cravings? Nothing in particular.

Gender? We find out in 13 days! I think girl. My friend who gave me the clothes thinks boy, due to the way that I'm "carrying". I'm not really sure what that means but whatever! We both have a 50/50 chance of being right!!!

What I miss? Nothing. I love this phase of pregnancy!

What I'm looking forward to? Anatomy scan in 2 weeks!

Weekly Wisdom: Don't eat too much at once. Heartburn is a bitch.

Milestones: Seeing a ton of people who I haven't seen since pregnancy at a wedding on the weekend. It was cool to be acknowledged and talk openly about the babe!

Emotions: I'm still all over the place. Way more emotional than usual! I blow up and then calm down really quickly. I feel bad for hubby who gets the brunt of it! I'm also starting to get really anxious about the anatomy scan. I'm nervous somehting is going to be wrong or the babe won't be growing properly. I'm trying to just overpower this anxiety with the excitement of finding out the sex!

That's my quicky update! Nothing else too exciting over here! I just made homemade canneloni and tomatoe sauce and now I'm heading to the gym so that I can eat a ton of my pasta tonight without feeling too guilty!!! (oh...but not toooo much...heartburn...can't forget that!)


Sunday, July 11, 2010


In particular....dog haters. I hate them. I am completely blown away how people can HATE and think a tiny 5 pound chihuahua is DISGUSTING! WTF!

Story behind this rant:

We went to a wedding last night with my husband's mother, his sister and his sister's husband. It turned into a brutal night of drama (as I should have expected considering his family is full of drama ALL of the time!) Most of it came from BIL, who may I remind you is the one who told me his wife was a fat cow when she was pregnant and I was lucky I wasn't the one who had to sleep with her! He's a total arrogant ass.

So, last weekend BIL and SIL went to Montreal and left there 2 month old baby as MIL's for the weekend. Since MIL owns a hair salon and Saturday is a super busy day hubs and I decided that to be nice we would offer to go there and babysit all day Saturday so she didn't have to cancel her clients. We proposed this idea weeks before they were leaving and everyone agreed, and we were really excited to spend time with our nephew!

Then comes last Friday night. MIL calls and tells us she isn't going to work anymore b/c all of her appts cancelled (ya right!), but of course still expects us to come for a visit. Fine. I'm annoyed b/c she always changes plans on us and now we are forced to drive and hour there at 8am and spend the WHOLE day (not fun in my opionion!). But whatever. We go. I joke that she doesn't trust us with the baby...not really taking it too seriously. So we spend the whole day with bossy MIL, handicapped cranky FIL and our nephew (and of course our puppy Cosmo...)

Fast forward to last night...SIL comes us to me and tells me that the reason that MIL didn't go to work is because she and BIL didn't trust that I would keep my dog off of their baby! Then BIL has a "talk" with my hubs. He tells my husband that he doesn't want our dog in the same house as his kid, and that hubby's parents and sister hate the dog and don't want him around but are scared to tell us. He said that he doesn't want Cosmo's (the dog) fur in the vicinity of his baby's breathing. And he asked why I thought it was ok to bring our dog to other people's houses. He pretty much expected my husband to agree with him and say that Cosmo will never be around again. But my husband made me proud. He told BIL that we would never let Cosmo maul his baby but if he doesn't want Cosmo around then he will likely see less of us. We work all week and on the weekends we are not going to leave Cosmo home alone whenever we go out of town for the entire day! (All of my inlaws live an hour away). I was so pissed off. He is so lame. I hate people that hate dogs (ok, not really ...but you get my point). And in our defence, we only bring our dog to our family's houses and if we ever want to bring him any where else we ALWAYS ask...but that rarely happens anyways. He doesn't understand that having a dog is a responsibility and we have adopted Cosmo into our family and I LOVE him with all of my heart! At the moment we have NO kids and Cosmo is our baby! I can't believe how much of a dick he is. So, who knows what will happen now. Obviously more drama will ensue...as per usual with BIL!

Anyways, if you made it this far and love dogs...tell me about your pups! I love them more than I love my in laws for sure!

Love you Cosmo! xoxo

Monday, July 5, 2010

17 weeks and a few belly pics!

How Far Along? 17 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Nope. But I bought a new bikini (with a bigger bra size!) to wear to the beach on Sunday. I thought I would be self conscious but now that my "bump" is more "bumpish" and harder so it doesn't look flabby I felt great in my bikini!

Stretch Marks? No.

Sleep? Usually yes. Last night woke up at 4am starving! I tried to ignore it and fall back asleep but I wasn't very successful. Finally fell asleep for a few more hours.

Best Moment of the Week? My tummy "popped". I officially look pregnant. And I love it.

Movement? Can't wait for this to start!

Food Cravings? Nope. Just hating chicken and steak.

Gender? We find out in 20 days! I think girl. We'll see!

What I miss? Nothing. I love this phase of pregnancy!

What I'm looking forward to? Anatomy scan in 3 weeks!

Weekly Wisdom: Don't go to bed hungry!

Milestones: Sporting the bump in the bikini!

Emotions: I'm still all over the place. Way more emotional than usual!

And now here are a few progress pics. But as a disclaimer I don't think they actually do the "bump" justice! I need to pull my pants down a bit lower and do some front shots I think!

7 weeks

12 weeks (a bit more bloat) and sorry...I don't have a clue how to rotate this picture.

13 weeks

15 weeks

17 weeks

Have a great day!
:) LTB