Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Full Term (37 weeks)!

How Far Along? 37 weeks and 3 days! We are officially full term. It's baby time any time now!

Maternity Clothes? The usual. Work pants and jeans are maternity, otherwise no way.

Stretch Marks? No. Hoping I avoided those!

Sleep: My anxiety is getting the best of me I think. I'm really having trouble falling back asleep when I wake up to pee. My mind starts racing and my heart is beating really fast and I can't stop thinking about stuff I need to do, my fears, labour etc. I am definitely feeling like I'm running on adrenaline!

Best Moment of the Week? Lots this week!
Doing our prenatal classes!
Reaching full term status!
Work baby shower!

Tons. It wakes me up, takes my breath away and looks super creepy! Gotta get a video of it soon!

Food Cravings? Nothing new.

Gender? GIRL

What I miss? I kind of miss feeling relaxed but i'm also just super excited!

What I'm looking forward to?My internal exam at my appointment next week. Want to see if i'm dilated at all! I doubt it though. I feel like i'm going to be late...:(
Also excited to go Christmas shopping this weekend! Gotta get most of its done before the little one arrives!

Weekly Wisdom: ?

Milestones: Full Term!

Emotions: Nervous. I'm nervous about so many things. I'm scared firstly about labour, I'm scared about having a baby and losing my freedom, i'm scared about being late and "ruining" christmas by being in the hospital (I know that one is kind of lame but its sort of true! I'm hoping to have the baby and bring her to my parents for the festivities!), i'm nervous about being alone with the baby and being bored, I'm scared i'm going to get PPD. I'm scared something will be wrong with our daughter. I'm scared of breastfeeding/failing at breastfeeding. Oh and I'm super scared about recovering from a vaginal birth....ouch!!! Sooooo many unknowns! I'm also nervous about my relationship with hubs. Will we fight? be too tired to "love" eachother? be supportive of eachother? I'm sure these are all normal fears of new moms but they feel really overwhelming right now!

One other thing...I lost 2 pounds at my appt... wtf? Is this normal at the end of pregnancy? I thought I was supposed to be packing it on big time at the end? I'm not eating more, I can't! I have no room! But I'm not really eating less either. I just hope she's growing. I'm starting to think I'm too small now. Actually, sometimes I feel HUGE and some times I feel too small. It is crazy what these hormones can do to a girl!

Here are a bunch of pics from events of the past few weeks!

Cutest homemade cake ever! My SIL made it for my shower! She even made the booties!

Me and one of my preggo girlfriends! She is 5 months along.

Baby UGGS!

Ugly side view at 37 weeks (right before bed so ignore the gross looking face and clothes!)

Front view at 37 weeks.

I wished you all a happy Thanksgiving last week by mistake so again I'm saying Happy Turkey day to all my US-bloggies! I'm certainly very jealous (of the holiday and the food!)



  1. Oh my gosh, you must be dying...full term!! It sounds to me like all of your worries are completley rational. My mom has always said the worst part of giving birth is the nerves beforehand. You're going to do great.

  2. I am thinking we're going to be late too if left on our own, but due to the big belly measurements we're probably going to induce.

    Congrats on full term! You look beautiful and I can't wait to hear if there's any progress!

    ALL of those fears are going through my mind as well too so don't worry!

  3. Wow...can't believe you are at 37 weeks!! Its just amazing!So glad I have been here through your pregnancy. You are going to be an awesome Mom!

    Love the cake and the pictures!

  4. Congratulations!!

  5. Congrats on full term!! You look great! And I have alot of the same fears. I think it's totally normal because we have no idea what really to expect.

  6. I can't believe that you are full term! Here's hoping that baby girl arrives right on time and that you are able to get everything done before she gets here! Can't wait to "meet" her!

  7. Sooooo exciting! You look awesome as usual.

    Your cake is beyond adorable!

  8. Congrats on full term! You always look so cute in all your pictures. :)

    I'm glad you write out your fears like you do - I feel the same things but push them down a lot. Reading about your fears makes me feel more normal.

  9. You look amazing and that baby looks low!

    Thank you so much for sharing your fears. At 32 weeks, I have the same fears and it makes me feel so much better that they are normal. I'm sure everything will go great for you!