Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So What Wednesday

So what if...

I now read in bed with a headlamp under the has hijacked the bedroom!

I was soooooo sad when my latest book came to an end (The Help)! I hate ending a great book and I hate starting books. But once I'm into them I love them! I just got Sarah's Key to start reading...anyone read it? Reviews?

I have decided tomorrow is a "stay home and rest and let baby nap on me all day" kind of day. Even though it is supposed to be nice weather, I think we both need a day to chill out. I have gotten myself completely obsessed and wound up about naps and sleep habits that I think I have stressed us both out. So tomorrow we are going to nap every hour and a half for however long (Alexandra tends to only want to nap for 40 of the causes of my stress/concern!) and just play and watch movies in between.

I have not taken ANY naps since Alexandra has been born. Zero. When she naps...I can't sleep! I can never sleep if I'm holding her and if she is down then I am always doing something else that "needs to be done". I think I took more naps (and was much less tired) before she was born.

I haven't been to the gym in 3 weeks. I was on a roll going 3x a week for a few weeks, then I got stressed b/c my hubby couldn't handle a crabby baby at night and we moved her bedtime earlier and blah blah blah. And now I just don't care anymore. The gym's not going anywhere so I'll get back at it eventually.

I have become one of those annoying lonely people that talk to cashiers way too much. Hey...the only other conversation I have from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm is of the ga-ga goo-goo variety!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So in my recent obsession about sleep habits I have realized that I am not instilling good habits in alexandra by rocking her until she is fast asleep and then putting her down. I have heard its best to put babies down drowsy so they learn to fall asleep on their own and don't freak out if they fall asleep in your arms only to wake up in their crib. I have been way too tired and lazy to even try putting her down at night without rocking her into dreamland, so u decided to give it a try at nap time. So yesterday I swaddled her up, got her drowsy and put her in her crib and stayed there rubbing her tummy until she fell asleep. I was convinced she would nit be able to do it but she did! She only slept for half an hour but hey...its a start! Last night at her 7pm bedtime i was tired from a long day (and my husband had not yet come home from work!) so I decided to rock her to sleep as usual but then 5 min after i layed her down she cried. s I went up and did not pick her up. She was staring up at me but stopped crying. I rubbed her tummy for about 20 minutes and she fell asleep! Woo hoo! another unintentional accomplishment! I know this is just a start but its a step in the right direction! Ultimate goal... put baby in crib drowsy and leave the room and she falls asleep! ha ha! that seems so impossible but we will see. so today I am prooud of my baby! She did great!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So What Wednesday

So what if...

I really want to do sleep training...but I'm too lazy right now.

I turn up the music loud when A is crying/screaming in the car. And I open my window. Gotta do what we gotta do to get home safe!

I never want to take A to sleep anywhere other than home again....her sleep gets totally f'd up no matter where we go!

I go to Indigo and read books and drink coffee but buy nothing. Just need to get out of the house sometimes!

I was on a good roll with going to the gym 3x a week...but I've lost my fire. I just don't care right now. I'm tired. I'm lazy.

I'm burned out doing my masters course...I got my husband to do 2 of the questions for me on my most recent assignment (he has a phd in math so my masters stuff is easy for him!)

I'm really really tired. But too lazy/tired to do sleep

I'm totally disgusted that we got 5-10 cm of snow today! Nice.

I love when people tell me my daughter looks like a mini-me....I'm glad she looks way more like me than my husband!

Thats it for now! I'm tired so I'm going to go stare at the TV while bouncing little A on my hip!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So What Wednesday

so what if....

my baby has never napped in her crib...until today! I honestly never tried getting her to nap in her crib so today I did it and she fell asleep in there for 45 minutes! Unfortunately, I fell asleep about 30 minutes after her, so I only got a 15 minute nap...oh well!

I just realized I am still using Christmas themed hand towels in my bathroom (yes I've changed them but I keep putting back clean Christmas ones!)

I took one gravol pill to help me sleep, and I think it helped my baby sleep...and I liked it. However, I will do the responsible thing and not take it again until I'm not bf'ing. Guess she's gotta learn to sleep with out sleep aids...

I put a lot of the clothes people have bought Alexandra away in the "too small bag" not because they are too small but because I don't think they are cute.

I'm obsessed with Mommy-groups. I love the one I'm in. And I signed up for another one. And I would sign up for a third if I could find one! I don't know what it is but I love the conversation, the forced friendships, the common bond of our babies and no pressure to hang out after the group or call my "mom friends" on the phone. we just reliably meet up every week at the same place and talk about our babies. So fun! (Boy oh idea of fun has changed!!!)

What are you saying SO WHAT to?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Alexandra went 8 days with no poop...then Sunday this week she pooped 3 huge ones in one day. Always keeping me on my toes!

When do babies start rolling from tummy to back? I am seeing some babies in the blog world who are doing it as young as 2 months...not Alexandra. She doesn't love tummy time but she doesn't hate it enough to roll over. When does this normally happen? Are we behind? Or are there just some baby geniuses out there?

Alexandra was sick for the first time on Sunday and it broke my heart. She woke up with a fever and then she threw up all over me and was crying and clingy and sad all day. I just cuddled her all day and she got over it by Monday. thank. the. Lord! It was scary and heart wrenching to watch her be so miserable.

Needless to say we had a bad sleep on Monday night. She slept like a rock from 8:30 until 1am, but I was so worried about her I kept checking her breathing and couldn't wait for her to wake up to eat to make sure she would eat and that she didn't have a temperature. Then she slept from 1am until 4 and that was pretty much the end of sleep for the night. I think it must have been since she basically slept ALL day sunday when she was sick.

Last night we were back to the "usual" sleep routine. 7:30-1am, eat, 1am-4am, eat, 4am -7am, wake up. I can handle that. Last week we had the wake up every hour thing going on. I am not into that AT ALL! Praying it was a phase she is OVER!

Alexandra weighed 11 pounds at her 3 month appointment this week. She has doubled her birth weight! I cannot believe it! And its all my milk....soooo cool.

Well, I'm off to my mommy group but I will post again tomorrow for So What Wednesday!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Sleep Regression.

Alexandra was never an amazing sleeper but for the past 6 weeks or so she has been sleeping from 8pm until about 1 or 2, then eats, sleeps again until 4 or 5, eats and then is up between 7 and 8am. Well, for the past 2 nights she has been up every hour past 11pm. She doesn't wake up crying exactly, just fussing, kicking her legs in her swaddle and struggling. It would definitely escalate to crying if I didn't step in. I usually put in her soother (I have a love/hate relationship with that damn thing!) and cross my fingers. She will doze off for another half hour to an hour and then the fussing starts up again and I go and put the soother back in etc, etc, etc. All . night. long.
Needless to say she has been super cranky all day these past couple days, as have I.

Is this the "4 month sleep regression" I have heard about? Although she is only 3 months?

I am starting to freak out because I am having a hard time dealing with the sleep deprivation and then trying to deal with a crying/fussy baby all day!

Will this go away on its own? Anything I can do?

Help moms! help!

She sure is lucky she's cute!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So What Wednesday

So what if...

I eat the same breakfast every. single. day. Peanut butter on english muffin, a big juicy orange and coffee.

My worst fear is that Alexandra will have a peanut allergy! (ok...not the worst fear, but a biggie!)

I am turning 32 tomorrow...and hate the thought of my eggs maturing...already fretting over ttc#2. I want to TTC again soon, but want to give A by 100% attention, and energy and want to keep nursing so we will likely not try until she is almost a year old. I want to be fair to her, even though I can just smell my eggs rotting!

My afternoons have sucked for the past three weekdays since Oprah has had her stupid camping with her friend episodes on....seen them, and they are boring.

My baby is a Bugger and pooped in her car seat just as we were heading to the pediatrician because she wouldnt poop!!! Hey, atleast we got poop! And we have had 3 more poops since then so hopefully her 1 week poop-hiatus will not repeat itself!

What are you saying So What too?

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