Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So What Wednesday

So what if...

I eat the same breakfast every. single. day. Peanut butter on english muffin, a big juicy orange and coffee.

My worst fear is that Alexandra will have a peanut allergy! (ok...not the worst fear, but a biggie!)

I am turning 32 tomorrow...and hate the thought of my eggs maturing...already fretting over ttc#2. I want to TTC again soon, but want to give A by 100% attention, and energy and want to keep nursing so we will likely not try until she is almost a year old. I want to be fair to her, even though I can just smell my eggs rotting!

My afternoons have sucked for the past three weekdays since Oprah has had her stupid camping with her friend episodes on....seen them, and they are boring.

My baby is a Bugger and pooped in her car seat just as we were heading to the pediatrician because she wouldnt poop!!! Hey, atleast we got poop! And we have had 3 more poops since then so hopefully her 1 week poop-hiatus will not repeat itself!

What are you saying So What too?

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  1. Woohoo for poop!

    I lent a woman at the doctor's office today some baby wipes, but I secretly thought she must be a pretty crappy mom (literally, haha) to leave the house with 2 kids in diapers and no wipes. I might forget to put on real shoes when I leave the house, but I always have wipes.

    I am only 27 and I already worry about being able to have another baby, even though we had no problem with the first!

    I have a crush on Daniel Tosh (the comedian) :P

  2. Truitt had a poop after holding in for 3 days and it was CRAZY gross and messy so I cannot even imagine Alexandras!!!

    Happy almost birthday :D

  3. haha, so funny she exploded as soon as you got her in the car. Also stinks! :-)

  4. I hear ya on with the egg situation. Mine are frying as we speak and there isn't a thing we can do about it! :)

    So funny about the poop situation in the car. It's like they have radar or something!

  5. LOL, Ah! a blow-out! Those are never fun.

    And your breakfast sounds yummy! I would eat that everyday too.

  6. Happy birthday tomorrow!! I turn 30 in September. Ugh

  7. Too funny about the poop! Guess she figured out what was going on!

    Yeah, the camping episodes are SO dumb! Fingers crossed for better Oprah next week!

  8. Too funny about the poop! :) And I hear you on the eggs frying. I know I'm only 24 (don't throw stones) but with my elevated FSH my eggs are years ahead of me. :( Boo!