Monday, February 28, 2011! Advice Needed!

Hello ladies,
I am getting worried. My little one has not had a poop in 6 days! She is only breastfed so I have heard they can't be constipated. Normally she goes every one or two days! Has anyone experienced this lack of poopiness or know what the problem might be or what I should do? I am going to the pediatrician on Wednesday but if I can't get any advice before then I would be happy!
Thank lovelies!


  1. Per my Dr. after 4 weeks or so of life, some breast-fed babies pass normal, large, soft stools at infrequent intervals (up to 7 days is not abnormal) without pain.

    Mine went 5 days once and her Doc wanted to see her. They had me move her legs in a bicycle motion to get things going & gently massage/rub her belly. Sure enough, that worked.

    Also, a warm bath seems to help mine. I believe it relaxes her.

    Good luck! I'm sure she's great!

  2. Good to know that that can happen! I'd be worried, too. On the other hand, 6 days of no poopy diapers sounds like a nice break, as long as it's normal (and thanks to Melissa, it sounds like it is).

  3. I forget how old she is, but my baby always poops in her jumperoo or exersaucer. It's like the ultimate baby laxative.

    Maybe try some prunes? If you're not doing solids yet, try the warm washcloth on the abdomen trick.

  4. This happened to my friend's baby. I think is was 6 or 7 days as well. This is what she did that worked....but in no way am I a doc or telling you to do this.....I'm just passing this info on: She gave her baby the smallest bit of prune juice, I think only a half an ounce or an ounce, and it worked. Hope she can poopie soon, and hope she's not too uncomfortable!!

  5. They say breastfed babies can go days without pooping. You could also try taking her temperature in the booty. Sometimes the pressure from the thermometer will make them go if they are constipated.

  6. I would be worried too, but your commenters say that it isn't too big of a concern.
    I have heard that moving their legs around helps move everything around through the intestines too. Everyone says fruit juice is a natural laxative at that age, but I've never tried personally.
    Even though you aren't going in til Wednesday, I'd call your pediatrician and ask what their suggestion is...

  7. poor little thing!!! i'm uncomfy if i go a few days without pooping, so i can't imagine how uncomfy she is. hope you find a quick fix babe :o) xoxo.

  8. We just got back from our 2 month appt and I asked becuase Truitt is going 3 days without a poo. Our pedi said at this point they can start holding it for a week or so. Part of the reason why is that they're growing so fast MOST of the breastmilk is absorbed into their body for nutreients and little is left for poop. As long as their belly isn't hard or distended and they're not straining- everything is ok!

  9. You're ok, babe!
    Breastfed babies use up all of our milk so they don't poop as much. Like Samantha says, as long as her tummy isn't hard it's ok. They can go up to 8 days!

  10. OH GIRL...I am the queen of poop after my 2 girls.

    It is very hard for a breastfed baby to get constipated. Is she trying to poop but can't or has she just not gone? Constipation for babies is not diagnosed as "Child has gone ___ number of days without a poop." Constipation is diagnosed for children as "Crying and screaming with BM and BM is hard once she has had a BM." They can cry and grunt, but if the poop is still soft then she is fine.

    I can't remember how old your baby is...isn't she 2 or 3 months? (Sorry I would totally look back into some of your post but I am at work.) Either way...between 2-4 month babies GI tract is getting settled. This is why they are so fussy and gassy during this time.

    I wouldn't worry too much about her unless she is having really hard poopy. If she is still happy and eating then I think she'll do great.

    Hope this helps. I have dealt with constipation in my oldest, who is 3, and she had to be on Miralax. Funny thing is that once she became potty trained, she hasn't needed it! Weird huh? My 8 month old is also starting to have issues so we do prunes every other day which seems to help her.

  11. Melissa's advise sounds like what I've heard my SIL do to my nieces and nephew. I've seen her move my nieces legs like that and I've heard horror stories of them sh*tting all over the Dr after he took their temp via the booty. I would do the warm water tummy massage moving the legs thing.

  12. I exclusively breastfeed my baby and she would go days without pooping. It freaked me out and I called the doctor every time it was longer then the last. She would regularly poop once a week or even went as long as 10 days. And yes every week I would call. They told me that if she was only breastfed, having wet diapers that she was just very efficient. It still freaked me out.

    I would however suggest you call your doctor, cause not all babies are the same and you want to make sure there is not a problem.

    I also recommend you put her in darker onsies and pants and expect a HUGE blowout. Or plan to throw the outfit away.

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