Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So What Wednesday

So What If....

I'm super jealous that Shannon got to have a night (SLEEEEEPPP!) to herself this weekend! I am TIRED! PAINFULLY TIRED! Alexandra is crying ALOT during the day and in my tired state I am going INSANE.

I wished for a few minutes this morning that I had to go back to work. It was a hell of a lot easier than dealing with a crying baby all day.

I cut my 10 week old baby's nails for the first time today. I was too scared! But after she scratched her nose I realized it was time!

I watch the View, Oprah and Young and the Restless pretty religiously these days. That's more TV in one day than I used to watch in a week!

I officially hate my in-laws. Like, wouldn't care if I never ever saw them again. They are so difficult and always full of drama that I can't handle anymore! (remember...I'm TIRED!!!)

I pretty much only blog on So What Wednesdays...I suck. I'm tired. My baby is crying. What can I say! I am reading though!

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  1. I know what you mean about the relentless crying and how it can wear you down!

    I'm with you on in-laws, except sub in my parents. My in-laws are easy, my parents are drama in a bottle. Ugh!

  2. We are almost the same person!!! I get SOOOOO frustrated when I hear of friend's baby's sleeping. RAWR!

    Not sure if you read my blog the other day when I mentioned how I said (out loud) that it would be easier to work than listen to the crying all day.

    Annnnd I cut T's nails for the first time last week. Until then I had just been filing them. I was a nervous wreck but it was a whole lot faster than filing!

  3. AH I am so sorry you aren't getting any sleep! Is something wrong with her? Does she have reflux? It took us forever to figure out that our baby had reflux. Once she got on meds she felt a lot better. Hope you get some sleep soon...can hubby take off a day for you to have a complete "Me Day"? Once Mommy is happy...everyone will be!!

    Sorry to hear about the in-laws! I couldn't imagine not having my in-laws support!! Hope things start to turn up!!

  4. I love your Wednesday blogs! So what if that's all you have time for! Love to hear from you when you do post :)

  5. it took me forever to cut Alex's nails too but he scratched his face a few times pretty good (one he has a scar from already) so I forced my husband to do it the first time. I've done it twice myself since then. I still haven't braved toe nails yet though.

    I also watch more TV than I ever have before. Most of the time it's just background noise and something to look at from time to time but I throughly enjoy Regis & Kelly, The Price Is Right and Teen Mom 2 hehe :)

  6. I certainly remember those exhausingly tired first few months with baby. and I know people say it and you probably want to slap them, but I promise, it does get better.
    I know baby is your priority, but make sure you take time to take care of YOU too! It is much much harder to be a good momma when you're exhausted, cranky, and impatient. Hang in there!

  7. I love me some View. Check out the link below...I'm such a dork. :) I wish I could say the camera added 10 pounds, but back then what you see was the reality.

  8. I think parenting can be as difficult as some aspects of IF. At least, with parenting you get wonderful moments too. Don't be too hard on yourself. It's a tough job, that never ends... :)