Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Those two lines...

I saw them last week (Mon December 5th to be exact) and they are a beautiful sight . I'm pregnant!!! I did an injectible cycle followed by IUI. It was so much easier this time than in the past. I only had to take injects for one the past I had to inject (on much higher doses) for over 2 weeks! I only had one day of monitoring and I had one follicle ready to go! So, hubs and I went in the next two mornings and did back to back iui. Then the two week wait went by so much faster than in the past...obviously because I was chasing around my little monkey and enjoying her rather than simply focusing on the "am I pregnant or not" worries! We took a pregnancy test two days before the beta, it was positive. OMG! But we thought it could still be the HCG from the trigger shot so I tested again the next day...more positive! Then beta 1 gave us a nice number of 231. Beta 2 (48 hours later) gave us more than doubling at 631! OMG! Ultrasound to detect heart beat is scheduled for December 23rd. I'm so over the moon happy, so over the moon TIRED, and so over the moon scared that we won't see what we want on the 23rd. But all in all, I feel so much less pressure than in past infertility treatment cycles since I am so thrilled that I already have my angel who I love more than life. I'm hoping and praying that all goes well and this little baby keeps growing in my belly. This is love. xo

Monday, December 12, 2011

Party Pics

Woah!!! All these presents are for ME!!!!

Mommy! I love this teddy bear!!!

MMMMM... presents AND cake!!!

Now that my belly is full I'm ready to relax in my new rocking chair!

I think I like birthdays!

One Year...

It's been one year of laughs, tears, sleepless nights, cuddles, diapers, lots of crying and an abundance of LOVE. One year ago today my heart exploded. I fell in love beyond what I imagined I was capable. Happy Birthday to my precious princess. This year has been the best of my life. THE BEST.

At one year Alexandra:
-crawls all over, climbs up on everything (stairs, furniture, boxes...) and has taken one or two nervous steps.
-is just not quite confident to walk, I think she could but she's scared, and she's good at crawling so why bother!
-finally will eat off a spoon, but still prefers finger foods
-is extremely picky eater and basically eats the same thing everyday despite my efforts
-drinks whole milk like its no big deal (one question...did anyone else's kids poo get more runny when you made the switch from formula to milk? Also the colour is much lighter than her formula poo....?)
-has 7 teeth and the 8th on the way
-says mama....mostly when she's whining
-babbles all the time. She is LOUD!
-loves books. All books. They taste good...oh and the flaps on the peekaboo books are so fun to rip off! ha ha! She loves turning the pages and pointing at stuff in the books and listening to us read them. My little literary buff.
-sleeps great at night 8pm-7am
-takes 2 naps. one around 9:30 for about an hour and one around 2:15 for about 1 to 1.5 hours. All sleeping is in the crib.
-HATES the car. Screaming battles in the car are always guaranteed.
-HATES the stroller. I'm lucky if I get 10 minutes of peace when I attempt to walk with her in the stroller. My left bicep is huge. Carrying her is getting very difficult as she is definitely atleast 20 pounds now!
-will hopefully (fingers crossed that all goes well and i'm not jinxing anything by putting this out there....) be a BIG SISTER in August 2012!!!!

What a wonderful year it has been!!!

xoxo LTB