Thursday, June 16, 2011

6 months

Time flies when you are having fun!

Just a quick post to document my baby turning 6 months old! I don't have the energy for a long or interesting post (despite many issues on my mind that I want to discuss with my blog-buds!) since one thing 6 months seems to have brought is sleep troubles.... :(
Alexadra turned 6 months old on Sunday! Holy cow! How did my little new born suddenly become closer to a year than to a fetus in my belly! How did my once tiny 5.5 pound baby become a totally normal sized chubby 15 pound baby! She is so much more interested in toys and fun stuff (like mommy's cell phone and the tv remotes) than ever. Here she is hard at work at her "desk":

She now sits totally unassisted! She did this for the first time on her 6 month birthday and now is a pro! I'm so proud of my little girl and it is soooo cute!

She also found her feet in the past week or so and thinks it is so fun to play with them. She is still not interested in rolling over in either direction. She has done both directions but will not do it consistently. She is pigging out on organic brown rice cereal but is not interested in pureed carrots, peas or sweet potatoes and for some reason she will only eat when my husband feeds her. From me she just closes her lips tight and turns her head away! She knows I've got the good stuff!

She is the love of my life.

Happy half-birthday baby girl!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Simply Irresistable!

Yippee! I got an award! Thank you Carla for giving me the Simply Irresitable Award!

So here are the rules

* Thank the giver: Thank you Carla!! I think you're sweet too!
* List 7 things about me:
1) I have 3 tattoos. One on my lower back, it's big and if I could see it I would definitely regret it. One on my foot, its a pieces symbol and I like it and one on my hip, its an infinity symbol that the hubs and I got when we got married.
2) I am currently doing my Masters in math by online courses. It's tough to find time with the baby! Thank goodness for the new 2 hour naps she has started taking in the mornings!
3) I have been napping for two hours in the mornings. Ooopss... I'm supposed to be working on that Masters course!
4) I love California. I wish I lived in California. I even wanted to call my daughter "Callie" because it reminds me of the happiest most beautiful place on earth. Perfect weather. Beaches. Mountains. Heaven.
5) I want to have 4 kids. I love big families.
6) My dream job is to be a talk show host. Like Oprah or Barbara Walters. I would love to be on the view. I picture myself being like Elisabeth Hasselbeck (minus the strong political opinions). I actually voted "most likely to be a talk show host" at my highschool graduation!
7)In highschool I was also voted "Inseparable buddies" with 3 other girls. We were a fierce foursome! Now, I only talk to one of them. Sad but true :(

My little one is waking up now so I can't think of 15 people to pass this on to! But if you are reading, then of course I think you are sweet! So this award's for you!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not Invited!

We are having a crisis in my family right now. My little brother is getting married in September. I am a bridesmaid and was also asked to be the MC at the wedding. I was totally looking forward to it and my plan was to bring Alexandra to the wedding and reception and then leave around 7 to take her home and put her to bed and then have a babysitter there so I could go back to the wedding for the nighttime party. She will be 8 months old at that time. Since I'm the MC I emailed my bro and his fiance to tell them that I would be gone from about 7 to maybe 8:30 to put the baby to bed so they might want to ask someone else to either be the MC or to step in for me while I'm out. Well, last night my brother called me to tell me they didn't want Alexandra to come to the wedding at all. Not the ceremony. Not the pictures. Not the reception. They want me to get a babysitter for my breastfeeding baby for the entire day/night. Ummmm....NO!

I can't believe my brother is being such an asshole! Actually I think it's for sure the fiance but my bro is obviously on her side. So, basically I said I don't want to be in their wedding and he told me that was my choice and I could wait until August to make the final decision! WTF!
I told him to screw off and hung up!

Am I crazy or is it totally psycho that my baby is not invited to my brother's wedding?

Tell me she wouldn't make the cutest flowergirl????