Monday, June 6, 2011

Simply Irresistable!

Yippee! I got an award! Thank you Carla for giving me the Simply Irresitable Award!

So here are the rules

* Thank the giver: Thank you Carla!! I think you're sweet too!
* List 7 things about me:
1) I have 3 tattoos. One on my lower back, it's big and if I could see it I would definitely regret it. One on my foot, its a pieces symbol and I like it and one on my hip, its an infinity symbol that the hubs and I got when we got married.
2) I am currently doing my Masters in math by online courses. It's tough to find time with the baby! Thank goodness for the new 2 hour naps she has started taking in the mornings!
3) I have been napping for two hours in the mornings. Ooopss... I'm supposed to be working on that Masters course!
4) I love California. I wish I lived in California. I even wanted to call my daughter "Callie" because it reminds me of the happiest most beautiful place on earth. Perfect weather. Beaches. Mountains. Heaven.
5) I want to have 4 kids. I love big families.
6) My dream job is to be a talk show host. Like Oprah or Barbara Walters. I would love to be on the view. I picture myself being like Elisabeth Hasselbeck (minus the strong political opinions). I actually voted "most likely to be a talk show host" at my highschool graduation!
7)In highschool I was also voted "Inseparable buddies" with 3 other girls. We were a fierce foursome! Now, I only talk to one of them. Sad but true :(

My little one is waking up now so I can't think of 15 people to pass this on to! But if you are reading, then of course I think you are sweet! So this award's for you!



  1. You're welcome! :) The friend thing is totally my issue too. And that's too funny about the talk show host thing :)

  2. I have two tattoos and I also enjoy taking naps when the baby does. :)

  3. I'd love to have a big family too but I am pretty sure Jason wants to stop at 2. I'm hoping to maybe push him to three. haha!