Friday, February 18, 2011

Mommy Love

Recently we have been noticing something in our household. Baby girl is growing very
attached to her mommy. Now I think this is very flattering and I love it,but it does
have a down side. Baby girl cries inconsolably with daddy, if I step in and take her...
Calm and happy baby. I pass her back to daddy so he can hold her in the exact way I
...screaming baby. Has anyone else experienced this with a two month old? I feel bad
for my husband, but I also feel mad that he doesn't have more patience to deal with
the crying before passing her off to me. It sucks because hubs doesn't get much time
to spend with her and hen when he does she wails! :(
I have been telling hubs to hold her more when she is happy instead of putting her
in her chair or swing when she is happy. He really only holds her when she is crying
and otherwise thinks she doesn't need to be held. I in the other hand love to hold
her happy and sad. I can hold a baby, blog, work on my assignfments for my masters
course, ear, cook, pee...hubs is a one thing at a time guy(I think most men are!)
so he feels if he is holding her he can't do anything else and so he wants to put
her down even to check his email. I love that my baby loves me, but I don't wan her
to only be dependent on me for comfort!

Any advice?

On a positive note our bed time is going great! She goes down after about 15
minutes of rocking and walking at 815 and let night she slept until 2, fed, right
bac k to sleep until 5 to eat, back to sleep until almost 8! It was great! Normally
she stirs around 6 and is fidgety until I get her up at 7, so I loves the peaceful
mornig slumber (although I did keep waking up to check if she was still alive!)
ah...the wordy never ends for a momma!


  1. Oh girl! I hear ya!! My daughter is now 8 months old and she is going through the same thing. She went through it younger too but it is worse now. Are you back to work yet? Honestly I think it is just because we are with them more so we hold them the way they are comfortable. Are you nursing? That's another thing that made her want me. The milk smell soothes them, even if they aren't hungry. Still, it is very frustrating and at times it makes you just want to cry with them! It's just a stage though, and this too shall end!! Maybe her and Daddy need a date night together and let Mommy go do something YOU want to do!!

    And YEAH!!! for sleeping!! That makes a much happier baby and Mommy!!

  2. Hi-- I'm a new follower-- I just had our little girl last week, and I am looking to expand my circle of blog friends to include more people on the mommy side of things, for advice and support and sharing experiences. I love your blog so far and totally relate. We are dealing with the co-sleeping thing right now, too. It made me so nervous at first! (I felt the same way as you about it before the birth). But I am getting used to it now... It is so reassuring to read about how other people went through the same thing!!!

    Anyways, a bit of my history-- I used to have a different blog for my IF and RPL stuff-- But I never told any of my family about what we went through (for various reasons, most importantly that I didn't think it would do any good to let them in on it). So around 20 weeks pg, I shut down that blog and started a pg/baby blog that I could openly share with IRL friends and relatives. So that's why, if you check it out, it might seem weird that there is no IF stuff on there, even though I am still reciprocating comments with friends from this community.

    Anyways-- I look forward to continuing to read your upcoming posts, and maybe you will like mine as well, although I understand if you feel too busy to add new blog friends right now!

  3. Random, but something funky happened to your font and seemed to cut off parts of your sentences too! I'm not sure if it's just me seeing it, but it's even in google reader too.

    My baby used to cry for my husband all the time, but they have bonded during my long runs for marathon training and now I think she even likes him better :)

  4. We had that happen. For us it came down to more daddy daughter time. He needs to figure out his ways of soothing her. I don't think there is a magic bullet. It was pretty much my fault as I was so enthralled I loved doing everything at first. But that gets exhausting. Good luck.

  5. my husband definitely does not have the attention span for our 3 week old that I do! I'll leave her with him on the couch and come back 5 minutes later and he's all into reading the paper and she's just lying there whimpering. It definitely explains mommy love - if she's whimpering, I'm talking to her in a loving voice, trying to soothe her. Of course he also "watches TV with her," which I NEVER do. Are you kidding me? I only get a few weeks at home with her. When she is awake, I'm paying attention to her, not TV!

    This must just be a male/female thing. The good thing is that I always hear men get more interested and involved when the baby gets a bit more interactive. Good luck :-)

  6. Don't remember how I started following you but I love the journey. Try using a shirt that you have worn already. Daddy shoud put it on his chest and hold her against it. when I was nursing we had to do this with daddy-it really worked. Another tip--leave the room/house for a half hour at a time. Daddy needs to connect with his sweet girl. The two of them will figure it out together. This is just a part of the bonding process.
    We have three kids 20, 17, 16 We truly miss those days believe me. Good luck. Darlene

  7. More daddy-daughter time. Im talking about having him with her the majority of the day when he's off. They have to get comfortable with each other, and dad has to find his way of soothing her without you stepping in. We had that problem. Now at 16 weeks, she's comfortable with both of us.