Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So What Wednesday

I have come across a very funny series on the blog Life After I "Dew". I am going to participate in So What Wednesdays! Woo hoo!

So what if...

I am obsessed with my baby's poo. Need to look at it every time...even if hubs is doing the change.

I sometimes hide dust/crumbs under the fridge.

I cried when my baby went to size 1 diapers this week.

I slept with my baby IN my bed for 7 weeks.

I like to eat the chocolate chips out of cookies, and toss the cookie part. Its just not the same to eat plain chocolate chips from a bag.

I think Ricky Martin is super hot..too bad he's gay...and i'm married...

I hate to close the bathroom door, even in public washrooms...i'm a freak. and i will close it if there are other people in there.

I cry everytime we leave my parent's house.

That's it for now! but I will have to start recording my "confessions" for next week!

Have a great Wednesday. It is a snow day here in Toronto which means me and baby A are stuck in the house.

Time to back cookies (so I can eat the chips out of them....just kidding! I will eat all of my homemade cookies!)



  1. I love random facts (and Ricky Martin!). I'm ashamed to admit that I just ate not one, not two, but five handfulls of chocolate chips straight out of the bag. It was ugly Have a great snow day.

  2. love these. I never close the bathroom door at home unless we have company

    I love the cookie part of chocolate chip cookies, sometimes I make them w/o the chocolate chips.

  3. Hi! I am Tracy, your newest follower :) Just wanted to say Hi! Your little one is so sweet! And I agree...Ricky Martin is hot ;)

  4. Love the "So what Wednesdays." Maybe Ill join in next week! :) I kind of have a thing for "Doogie Houser"the guy from how I met your mother.Im blanking on his real name. But he's gay, and I have a thing for him. ha!

  5. OMG I just emailed my BFF a pic of Ricky Martin YESTERDAY with the caption, when did he get so hott?!

  6. I have an obsession with checking my baby's diaper too. How gross is that?! :)