Monday, February 7, 2011

So What Wednesday...

I sometimes pretend the baby was up more at night than she really was just to get pity from my hubs. In my defense...I get no help from him with the babe so I deserve a little pity!

I only bathe my little one when I am in the tub with her. Its hard for me to shower so this is the perfect way for us both to clean up together!

I don't want to have sex. I got the ok from the doc this week and am dreading the weekend when I know hubs will be ready to go. am i totally weird for feeling this way? will it go away?

I compare my baby's "cuteness" to all of my friends babies...of course she is the CUTEST.

Doctor Oz and I have become good friends. I often find myself quoting Oz-isms to my hubby at night after work.

haven't even done a minute of exercise in 2 months. But in my defense.. I just had my post-partum check up yesterday (delayed due to scheduling conflicts). Pregnancy weight is gonzo but I'm definitely skinny-fat and sooofffttt right now!

I eat peanut butter and crackers IN bed at night...gotta stop. At first the excuse was I was breast feeding and thus starving. then I was just bored as I sat in bed cradling her until she fell asleep, well now that she is sleeping very quickly in her bassinet...I have no excuse and I am just gross.

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  1. I'm starting to LOVE so what Wednesdays! I think I'll participate this week!

    I just want you to know that I just read another blog post about a woman who got the A-OK about sex and was like, HELLZ NO! I was like HELLZ NO for about three months. I had a bad tear though. It still kind of hurts but not so bad.

    Also, it's awesome to bath the little one in the bath with you. It's WAY better on your back!

    Love this post! And your new header! She is super cute!

  2. All that sounds totally normal to me. Maybe you should tell your husband that nothing turns you on more than him helping out with the babe (which would probably be true actually). You'll get back to the gym...give yourself a break and enjoy every second of this time!

  3. So What Wednesdays are quickly becoming a favorite part of my week!

  4. You absolutely crack me up and I love your honesty!

  5. Give yourself a break on both the gym and the sex..just cuz you're medically cleared doesn't mean you're ready!

    enjoy your pb crackers :-)

  6. Sometimes I pretend the baby was fussier during the day than she really was so my husband doesn't ask why the dishes still aren't done :)

    I love this post!