Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So What Wednesday

So what if...

I now read in bed with a headlamp under the has hijacked the bedroom!

I was soooooo sad when my latest book came to an end (The Help)! I hate ending a great book and I hate starting books. But once I'm into them I love them! I just got Sarah's Key to start reading...anyone read it? Reviews?

I have decided tomorrow is a "stay home and rest and let baby nap on me all day" kind of day. Even though it is supposed to be nice weather, I think we both need a day to chill out. I have gotten myself completely obsessed and wound up about naps and sleep habits that I think I have stressed us both out. So tomorrow we are going to nap every hour and a half for however long (Alexandra tends to only want to nap for 40 of the causes of my stress/concern!) and just play and watch movies in between.

I have not taken ANY naps since Alexandra has been born. Zero. When she naps...I can't sleep! I can never sleep if I'm holding her and if she is down then I am always doing something else that "needs to be done". I think I took more naps (and was much less tired) before she was born.

I haven't been to the gym in 3 weeks. I was on a roll going 3x a week for a few weeks, then I got stressed b/c my hubby couldn't handle a crabby baby at night and we moved her bedtime earlier and blah blah blah. And now I just don't care anymore. The gym's not going anywhere so I'll get back at it eventually.

I have become one of those annoying lonely people that talk to cashiers way too much. Hey...the only other conversation I have from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm is of the ga-ga goo-goo variety!

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  1. I read both "the Help" and "Sarah's Key". Loved them both!

    FYI: Have tissues nearby during Sarah's Key.

  2. I loved both "The Help" and "Sarah's Key." I couldn't put either one down.

    I'm one of those lonely ladies, too, now that I'm home with the baby all day. I'll take whatever conversation I can get while I'm out!

  3. I did a so what Saturday post last weekend :)

    Hope you enjoy your sleepy cuddly day tomorrow. Sounds pretty perfect to me.

    Sarah's Key is good...but depressing.

  4. "The Kitchen House" is a really good book if want one as good as The Help!

    40 minute naps don't sound bad, you shouldn't worry!

  5. Thanks for the bool recommendations-- I just googled The Help and it looks really good. I have to check it out.

    Lonely and tired-- yup, that about sums it up! We really need to implement some paternity leave in this country.

  6. Both of those books are great. You can also try Little Bee by Clive something. Also the writer of Sarah's key has another one that is good.

  7. I don't take naps either....I miss them :( I too can't sleep when Alex sleeps.

    And I throughly enjoy going to work now just to have human conversations and not have to obsess over diapers and bottles all day LOL. I don't blame you for talking to the cashiers! I probably would too if I wasn't working still.

    I hope you had a great day of napping and relaxing with your baby girl :)

  8. I loved The Help too. Haven't read Sarah's Key though! :)

    I need a day to rest too! I have been trying to stay busy but I can't nap when the baby naps either - so I'm exhausted. Maybe tomorrow :)

  9. I love days like that where I just forget about everything and just enjoy my baby. :) Hope you had a great day!