Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Alexandra went 8 days with no poop...then Sunday this week she pooped 3 huge ones in one day. Always keeping me on my toes!

When do babies start rolling from tummy to back? I am seeing some babies in the blog world who are doing it as young as 2 months...not Alexandra. She doesn't love tummy time but she doesn't hate it enough to roll over. When does this normally happen? Are we behind? Or are there just some baby geniuses out there?

Alexandra was sick for the first time on Sunday and it broke my heart. She woke up with a fever and then she threw up all over me and was crying and clingy and sad all day. I just cuddled her all day and she got over it by Monday. thank. the. Lord! It was scary and heart wrenching to watch her be so miserable.

Needless to say we had a bad sleep on Monday night. She slept like a rock from 8:30 until 1am, but I was so worried about her I kept checking her breathing and couldn't wait for her to wake up to eat to make sure she would eat and that she didn't have a temperature. Then she slept from 1am until 4 and that was pretty much the end of sleep for the night. I think it must have been since she basically slept ALL day sunday when she was sick.

Last night we were back to the "usual" sleep routine. 7:30-1am, eat, 1am-4am, eat, 4am -7am, wake up. I can handle that. Last week we had the wake up every hour thing going on. I am not into that AT ALL! Praying it was a phase she is OVER!

Alexandra weighed 11 pounds at her 3 month appointment this week. She has doubled her birth weight! I cannot believe it! And its all my milk....soooo cool.

Well, I'm off to my mommy group but I will post again tomorrow for So What Wednesday!!!


  1. I don't even remember when Isa started rolling over, but it was NOT as young as two months. Don't worry about when other babies do it. She'll do it in her own time. Isa is 9.5 months old and still isn't crawling. We visited friends with a 6 month old and he was STANDING on his legs (with his hands on the floor) and crawling all over the place. Isa won't be there for MONTHS! So don't worry about when things happen. They will when she's ready.

    Sorry to hear Alexandra was sick. I'm glad she's feeling better! (And you're getting more sleep)

  2. My baby did tummy to back at 4 months and back to tummy at about 6.5 months.

    I'm glad to hear that your baby is growing so well!

  3. Alex just started to roll from his tummy to his back last week and he turns 3 months old on Thursday. I'm sure Alexandra will do it soon. No worries. Every baby develops at their own stage.

    Sorry to hear Alexandra was sick on Sunday :( Glad she's feeling better now though.

    Yay for a good 3 month check up too! :)

  4. Hadley rolled on her 3 month birthday probably 15 times over and over gain but she's almost 6 months now and hasn't done it since. I guess she didn't think it was that cool.

    It is terribly worrisome when they are sick, momma's don't get much sleep then and getting up every hour is NOT fun. Just when you think you've got them figured out they change.

  5. My daughter never rolled over. She went straight from sitting to crawling. She HATED her belly. Now, funny enough, when I waker her up in the morning she is on her belly.

  6. It's so sad seeing your baby be sick. It sounds like you did a great job taking care of her, and I'm glad to hear she's feeling much better!

    Also, I don't think most babies roll over at 2 months. That sounds really early to me!

  7. First sickness is the worst. Otherwise sounds like she is going great. There is lots of variation at when kids do things, so don't worry too much unless you are way on the slow end. Or something doesn't feel right to you.

  8. double her birth weight alrready? Wow! good job, Mom :-)

  9. I can imagine that it must be terrifying to have her be sick and not feel like you can help her. I'm so glad she's feeling better!

  10. I'm sorry she was sick. :( But I am very glad to hear that your nighttime routine is back to "normal," whatever the heck that is with a newborn! I feel like we get a nice little routine going and then they switch it up on us.

    As for rolling over, I've learned that it's so difficult to compare them to any other babies. Sure, there are ranges, but as long as she's thriving and hitting milestones, I wouldn't worry about timing. Wren rolled over from her belly to her back at 4 weeks. She did that for about 2 months and then kind of stopped for a month. Now she's 4 months and still hasn't rolled from her back to her belly...close, but not yet. She'll get there, I wouldn't worry one bit!

  11. DO NOT worry about the rolling over thing. My baby rolled over front to back at 3 WEEKS- but is now almost 6 months old and has significant developmental challenges. So it goes to show when they do a skill doesn't necessarily predict their overall development. I hope that makes sense!

  12. If you're calling Truitt a baby genius I appreciate it! I wouldn't worry either and I swear he showed NO signs of getting ready to do it- it just happened.

    Breaks my heart that baby girl was so sick but I am so relieved she's doing better!

  13. Rolling over normally occurs around 4 months so your little one is doing just fine!!

    Dawn in NC