Friday, March 11, 2011


Sleep Regression.

Alexandra was never an amazing sleeper but for the past 6 weeks or so she has been sleeping from 8pm until about 1 or 2, then eats, sleeps again until 4 or 5, eats and then is up between 7 and 8am. Well, for the past 2 nights she has been up every hour past 11pm. She doesn't wake up crying exactly, just fussing, kicking her legs in her swaddle and struggling. It would definitely escalate to crying if I didn't step in. I usually put in her soother (I have a love/hate relationship with that damn thing!) and cross my fingers. She will doze off for another half hour to an hour and then the fussing starts up again and I go and put the soother back in etc, etc, etc. All . night. long.
Needless to say she has been super cranky all day these past couple days, as have I.

Is this the "4 month sleep regression" I have heard about? Although she is only 3 months?

I am starting to freak out because I am having a hard time dealing with the sleep deprivation and then trying to deal with a crying/fussy baby all day!

Will this go away on its own? Anything I can do?

Help moms! help!

She sure is lucky she's cute!



  1. There is nothing quite as draining as a lack of sleep. Everything just seems so much harder/worse than it should be when you're operating on not enough sleep. I hope things get better for you very soon!

  2. Good sleep comes and goes in waves. You'll get back to good sleep and try to sneak in a nap during the day to get by!

  3. Both my girls, about 4-5 months, started to change their sleep pattern. We ended up having to move them out of the room and get the custom to their own beds. Both girls, with in 3-4 nights were sleeping all night. We let both of our girls "cry it out" (I know a lot of people don't agree with it but we never let them cry long without going in to comfort them). After about the 4th night both girls went to bed awake and have slept all night since!!

    Good luck!! Sleep is a MUST for us Mommies!!

  4. Tell me what people tell you. I have the same issue and am SO TIRED

  5. I think sleep habits just vary day to day, month to month. Of course, a change in sleep habits could indicate she's not feeling well (any other issues you're seeing?) or it could indicate nothing. Hopefully with time it gets better. All moms have been there though, believe me!!

    In the meantime, try to squeeze in some extra rest when you can.

    Hang in there!

  6. That sucks! Maybe you could try going back to bedsharing temproarily? Then at least you wouldn't have to get out of bed for all of this! Also, what about the temperature? Has that changed? I hope she is just going through her 3 month growth spurt and will go back to being peaceful in a few days. Fatigue + crying baby is the ABSOLUTE WORST.

  7. Oh LTB. The sleep deprivation is SOOOO hard. I don't think I even remembered how hard it was. But now Isa is waking up more often (I think she is finally, actually teething) and I'm a wreck again. It's so tough. I can't even imagine then dealing with a fussy baby. Isa fussed, but that was not her go-to disposition. Now as she's getting older and is more adamant about what she wants, she's much more exhausting. Just be gentle with yourself. I hope it gets better!

  8. I would also try to some sleep training. Although 3 months might be a bit too early for that but if she's not getting up to eat then I think you could try it. I let my daughter cry and then every 10 minute I would go in and sooth her and after an hour of doing it she went back to sleep. Each time she woke up it was a little faster.

  9. ...I should also add that she's still not a great sleeper but at least she's not getting up every 1-2 hours anymore....except last night she did and I have no idea basically I'm no help but anyway that's my advice.

  10. My daughter was sleeping through the night for a couple months, then when I went back to work she went back to waking up. Some nights worse then others,but I feel like I was up at least once a night for 18 months. Hope yours is shorter.

  11. I am dying too! Let us know if you found out anything that works!