Wednesday, October 20, 2010

32 weeks and 3 days

How Far Along? 32 Weeks and 3 days!!! Oh my!

Maternity Clothes? I hate most maternity clothes. I think it is clear I'm not going to even go there (aside from the few items I currently have). Loving the tights, boots and long sweaters look!

Stretch Marks? No. Still hoping to avoid those! Hoping its genetic(my mom did NOT get them with all 4 kids!)

Sleep? Trying Zantac again to help with the heartburn at night. Slept like a rock last night. Up once a night too pee...not too bad!

Best Moment of the Week? Buying our crib and getting our bedding in the mail!!! Crib, dresser and glider are all being delivered on Sunday! Then we can set up the nursery!

Movement? A ton.

Food Cravings? Oh Henry!!!

Gender? GIRL

What I miss? sleeping without heartburn! and I'm starting to freak about not making "my own" money when I'm on mat leave. Hubs and I don't have joint accounts. We both make good money and we both contribute to our mortgage and bills, but mostly he pays for more stuff than me (as he should since he makes triple me!) so my money is mostly just my money to do what I please with. Well, when I don't have any incoming cash flow I will need to totally depend on (and be accountable to!) my husband. I'm just not comfortable with this. I like taking care of myself! So.... I miss not being worried about money!

What I'm looking forward to? Nursery furniture delivery! And my halloween party next weekend and my shower after that!

Weekly Wisdom: nada

Milestones: 32 weeks seems like a milestone in itself!

Emotions: Feeling great right now! I'm more tired and thus more cranky...sorry hubby! but when I get exercising or get moving I always feel better and more happy. So that's another reason on my list to not be lazy and keep biking and working out.

My OB appt went really well yesterday. Gained 3 pounds in the last 3 weeks, growing well, heartbeat good, blood pressure low...yeah! Back in 2 weeks.

One thing that I did notice though, when they were measuring me the nurse told the doctor I was measuring 30 weeks, but I am 32 weeks. He didnt' mention it at all or make an issue at all and said everything seemed "perfect". So, I guess I am just wondering if it is normal to be measuring a couple of weeks small? Or should I be worried?

anyways, hope you all have a lovely week! The weather here is still gorgeous and 15 degrees celcius! woo hoo for mild temps! Hopefully we don't see snow for another couple of months (or preferably not at all!)



  1. I've heard that each doctor can measure your belly differently - so maybe because everything else is looking good he's not concerned.

    I have avoided stretch marks as well *knocks on wood* and hope to continue to do so!

  2. My doctor says "normal" is plus or minus 2, so you're definitely normal.

    I'm jealous you've avoided stretch marks! I don't have any on my belly but for some reason they've cropped up on my hips, thighs, and bbs!!!

  3. congrats on 32 weeks!! Can't wait to see pics of the nursery!

  4. Yay for 32 weeks!! And I'm so excited to see pics of your nursery all put together, so exciting!

  5. Can't wait to see your nursery pics!

  6. I can't believe you are 32 weeks!!!

    Don't worry about measuring a little off-- I was 2 weeks behind off and on throughout my pregnancy.

    And no stretchmarks? Go you!! I looked like a purple striped zebra by the time it was over. Totally worth it, though. :)

  7. Can't wait to see pics of the nursery too! I'm sure it will be ADORABLE. So glad you're feeling good!