Thursday, October 28, 2010

BAD week...

OMG....this week has sucked big time. Not pregnancy wise- that is going fine. Just life wise.
Hubs and I had a shitty weekend, lots of bickering and nothing "fun" for just the two of us to do (family weddings out of town don't count as "fun" anymore since we have been to a zillion!). Ok, the week is looking good on Monday, we are nice to each other and have plans to go out to dinner on Tuesday together. Then, on Monday our neighbour found a bed bug (or got bit or something). Toronto is on FREAK OUT MODE over bed bugs these days....everyone is paranoid! So, we freaked that we might have bed bugs! Tore apart our whole bed room. Got contacted by our property manager that a pest control guy would be coming in on Wednesday to inspect/treat for bed bugs. I'm relieved that someone is coming but the prep is HORRIBLE! We had to wash and dry EVERYTHING in our entire condo that can be laundered. Clothes, towels, sheets, pillows, blankets....let me tell you ...that is A LOT of stuff! We had to wash and the bag and seal it all by Wednesday morning. Stuff that can't be "washed" needed to be tossed in the dryer for 20 minutes on high heat and then bagged and sealed. Anything we didn't have time to get to had to be bagged and sealed and then immediately washed after the treatment. So, we spent all night monday and tuesday doing laundry...we have 50 huge sealed garbage bags on our kitchen table, counter and bath tub now. We only washed 30 of those bags and the rest remain to be washed. We also cleaned out our bedside tables and since my husband is hyper paranoid we through them away as well. We also through away our pillows.
So, yesterday the bed bug guy came and found NO SIGN of any bugs or eggs. But just to be safe he treated anyways. This is a big relief, but I also kind of feel like we did all this for nothing!

Another huge pain in the ass is that our pup cosmo was not allowed in the house as he treated so we had to send him to a doggie day care for the day and pregnant ladies can't sleep in the pesticide house for 24 hours. So, I had to get a hotel alone last night. Hubs had to stay with the dog, and to top it all off he had to leave for Calgary for a work trip today at 5am!

Our good week...turned to the worst/busiest/ most annoying week ever! Last night I had to scavenge through a bunch of bags to try to find something to wear to work today (to bring to the hotel with me last night).Annoying! And now today after work and the gym I will head home to tackle the 30 more bags of laundry....alone. Kill me now!

Hubs comes home on Friday night really late and then we are hosting a halloween party on saturday...should be fun but busy and at this point I wish we weren't having the party at all so we could just relax!

Anyways, that's my bitching for the day. On the bright side...thank goodness this happened now and not 7 weeks from now when the baby is here!

Cheers to no bed bugs!!!!



  1. OMG, this sounds like a nightmare. you poor thing!!!! don't kill yourself putting everything away tonight. take your time, and is there someone who can help you??? xoxo.

  2. Oh no. That is brutal. Really brutal. Toronto is nuts about bed bugs right now so in the end you are really lucky. But seriously crummy week. Hope your party goes great and you can just sit and do nothing but cuddle with Hubby on Sunday.

  3. Bed bugs are horrible around where I live too in the states. It's like the number one topic on the news, my girlfriend is even dressing up as a bed bug for halloween! lol. Cheers to no bugs for you!

  4. YIKES! UGh, that sounds awful. I'm so sorry you had to deal with that. But seriously, so good it happened now before baby girl is here!

  5. Ugh, the WORST! I hope you have time to relax and enjoy your Halloween party.