Tuesday, September 7, 2010

26 Weeker!

How Far Along? 26 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Now that I'm back to work I'm wearing my new maternity pants and realizing I will definitely need more shirts! The t-shirts I've been wearing all summer that now chronically creep up are not going to cut it here!

Stretch Marks? No. Still hoping to avoid those! But I have a random spider vein on my thigh now. Hate it.

Sleep? Sucky this weekend! Had a bout of Restless leg syndrome that kept me up to 5am on Saturday night- I think I may have identified the culprit: Zantac (heartburn prescription from OB since Maalox gave me diarreah!!). Will be avoiding that now but that leaves me with uncontrollably painful gross heartburn at night. Woke up a zillion times sunday night with stomach acid mini-barfs. Gross gross gross! Trying to sleep being more propped up with pillows now. Not too comfy. Last night I caved and took a sleeping pill to get myself to sleep so I could function at work today.

Best Moment of the Week? Seeing people oooh and ahhh over my pregnant belly at work. But now it's been a week of that and I'm over it and sick of making small talk with people who would otherwise not even talk to me! oh well!

Movement? Alot. And now I can feel it when I'm walking around and doing stuff and not just focusing on it sitting still. I love to watch my tummy make alien movements! My sisters saw/felt it this weekend too which was awesome!

Food Cravings? Not really.

Gender? We'll get another look and hopefully confirm that she is in fact a girl soon!

What I miss? Sleeping in. Not working. hmmm....but nothing pregnancy related!

What I'm looking forward to? Passing Glucose test next week (Yes...I plan on passing! I am not good at "dieting" and would HATE the diabetes diet!) and my OB appt on Monday!

Weekly Wisdom: I'm pretty brain dead this week...blaming lack of sleep!

Milestones: I had to take out my belly button ring. It started ripping out and really hurting. I am contemplating getting a "maternity ring" for it but I have to order it online and getting stuff shipped to Canada sucks. Duty, taxes, fees...ugh. I don't want it to grow in though!

Emotions: I'm edgy. Irritable. Tired? I'm not being the "nicest" to my hubs which I feel bad about and will make more of an effort to be nicer! Husbands are just the easiest ones to take it out on (whatever "it" is!) Sometimes I can't even figure out what i'm pissed at. Can I blame it on hormones? Or maybe I'm really just a bitch. :( Poor hubs.

Here are a bunch of week 26 belly pics, clothed belly, bare belly and Cosmo loving the little belly shelf to rest his head on! ha ha!

Have a great week everyone!



  1. Aww the picture with Cosmo is too cute! You look great!

  2. Good lord you are so cute!!!!!!

    Sorry abt the acid reflux mayhem, that sounds truly hideous. I hope it chills out sooooon. xo

  3. You look awesome!! The last picture - you can't tell you're pregnant!

    I know what you mean about making small talk with people you'd rather not talk to - I'm tired of it too - I try my best to give one word answers and look busy so they move on.

  4. You look soooo wonderful!
    I hope you get better sleep soon, being tired and pregnant at work just sucks.... especially when people wanna have those small talks, I so don't miss that!

  5. You look great, girl! Happy 26 weeks :-D

  6. As always, YOU LOOK GREAT!

    Has baby kicked Cosmo yet?!

  7. You are too stinkin cute. I love the doggy head rest. So adorable!!!

  8. You could not look any cuter!!!!! Just precious...

  9. You look so great -- Congratulations on 26 weeks!! I hope you pass your GD test with flying colors!!!

  10. You look amazing! Many pregnant women would be envious of that lil belly!

  11. Love the pics!! Your tummy is beyond cute! I have my 24 week appt and diabetes test on Monday too, fingers crossed we both pass!!