Monday, September 13, 2010

Ups and Downs...

Hey everyone! This week has had a lot of ups and downs for me. First the downer stuff:

I fell off my bike. My bike tire got stuck in a subway track and hit my head on the pavement (got a lovely goose egg!), really bruised my hip and hurt my wrist. Thank the lord that baby is fine! I didn't land on my tummy at all but of course I was still freaking out. I went home and immediately doppler-ed and felt for kicks. Luckily h/b and movement has been excellent. I am now thinking it is time to retire the bicycle. But I'm having a REALLY hard time with that. It is my only mode of transportation around the city, including to work! I mean, I could take the bus or subway...but it is not direct or convenient at all! I could walk to work but it will take a LOOOONGG time and if Iwant to go to the gym after work that will be like an extra hour of walking to get there and home! We have a car but driving in the city sucks. There is no parking at my work, if you are lucky you can get a spot on the street and pay. So driving is a really crappy option too. Ugh....

I had to do my Gestational Diabetes test today and I friggin' hated it! That orange crap left me wanting to puke my brains out. I managed to hold it in for the hour and then had a spontaneous mini-barf of whatever was left of that orange crap.

I started my first course of my Master's of Math degree that I am doing part-time online. It had me a bit overwhelmed this past week.

I hate getting up early. Work(ie. highschool ) starts WAY too early!!!!

I have a new pregnancy symptom: I permanetely feel like I have to poo. Pressure on the butt, BIG TIME! Baby must be pressing there. It sucks.

Gross new/but kind of cool pregnancy symptom: My nipples are leaking fluid ( a really little bit)! I noticed they looked like there was dried snot (yuck!) on them a few days ago, I picked it off and then squeezed a bit and a drop of clear fluid came out! OB said this was good...seems weird to me!

The UPS:

I'm 27 weeks!

Welcome to 3rd trimester!

I book an u/s for 2 weeks to see if my placenta moved and also hopefully get another peak at gender to reassure us it is a girl before we buy too much stuff!

We bought a new leather couch and chair and book shelf! All part of getting ready for baby!

Mother-in-law is going to buy our STROLLER! Holy generous! We have decided on the Uppababy Vista!

My shower is booked for Nov 6th!

Maternity photos will be the week of Nov 13th! Can't wait for these! And we are getting a package where we get a newborn session as well! Woo hoo!

Ok, gotta run! Lots of love to all the bloggies! Some of the blogs I read have AMAZING things happening! Sassy Infertile Lady got her adopted baby boy yesterday! So beautiful! Steph from Baby Blakely is on the verge of giving birth! And Egg saw 2 beautiful babies on her 3D u/s!



  1. Can you believe how quickly things are going now?

    My boobs started leaking clear beads of fluid yesterday too! I guess we're getting closer!

    Glad to hear you and baby are ok after the fall. Be careful!!

  2. Glad you guys are ok!

    Yeah, the butt pressure is no joke! Wait until you feel it from front to back - that's even worse! I'm also leaking colostrum and am in some breast pads that I find are itchy.

    That orange drink is horrible. It was hard to even keep that stiff down...

  3. Fantastic news - on the ups. So sorry to hear you fell off your bike though, glad you & baby are OK.

  4. How scary! I am glad that you and the baby are doing ok. 27 weeks, wow!!! You are on the homestretch!

  5. So scary about the bike accident! Be careful mama! I hope you can find a better way to get to work - can hubs drive you just for the 3rd tri? And speaking of...congrats on the third trimester! Whoo hoo! That is crazy about your boobs, but really cool!

  6. Wow - congrats on 3rd trimester!

    The bike accident sounds very scary - I am glad you're okay and I hope you find another way to get to work!

  7. Wow 3rd trimester...SO awesome!! And so sorry about the bike accident, ouch! Hopefully you can figure out something for these last few months. And I'm totally getting the Uppa stroller too..what color are you thinking? I'm getting the green one! And my shower is the day after yours and I booked my maternity shoot too!! SOOO much fun stuff to look forward to, YAY!

  8. Having to retire the bike sounds like no fun. But falling sounds worse. Congrats on reaching the 3rd trimester!!

  9. Ohhhh dude, that bike accident = not cool. Pobre you! Man, can you splurge on cabs to/from work for your 3T or can hubs give you a ride or can you carpool? Ugh, sorry my friend.

    Thank you so much for the shout-out. I loved seeing that Easter Egg (haha) at the end of your post. So sweet. :)

  10. That sucks about the bike accident and your commute! But I'm so happy to hear about the shower and stroller and maternity pics! Exciting stuff.