Monday, August 2, 2010

21 weeks! More than half way there!

How Far Along? 21 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Still not wearing any but I have missed wearing jeans for the past few months and the ones my friend gave me are a bit too long. So, I took the plunge and bought a pair at Thyme Maternity with my mom this weekend. The problem is I'm one of the very few women who don't like those stupid bands that come up over the belly. I like my pants to just sit below the belly. Since I am obviously a weird one with this preference, there really isn't a lot of choice for pants. There was only one below belly style and so I got them. I'm a bit unsure about them still and might head to H & M and Old Navy this week and see what they've got (and hopefully cheaper)!

Stretch Marks? No.

Sleep? No troubles!

Best Moment of the Week? Feeling more and more real kicks and flip flops from our little baby girl! Also, my mom felt the kicks with her hand on my tummy this weekend! Soooo exciting to have someone else acknowledge that they are REAL! Hubs was away this weekend so he is a little miffed that my mom got to cop the first feel! ha ha! His turn will come this week I hope!
Oh, and another cool thing is my belly button is inching out. It used to be a mega-innie but it is becoming more shallow and almost flat with my belly! I LOVE it! I really want a pregnancy-induced outie!!!

Movement? Yup. See above!

Food Cravings? Nah. I'm finding that I get really full really fast and so my eyes are bigger than my stomach these days. I actually have been disappointed that I have had to skip dessert or bread at a couple of meals out this week due to being STUFFED!

Gender? Girl!

What I miss? Nothing. I love this stage of preg.

What I'm looking forward to? Hubby feeling the kicks! Belly getting BIGGER! Trip to South Beach Miami this weekend! We rented a condo on the beach (on Collins Ave I think...) for a week starting this coming Saturday!

Weekly Wisdom: ? Malox is AMAZING! My doc recommended it for the heartburn I've been having and it has worked wonders this week!!!

Milestones: Over half way done this pregnancy!

Emotions: Feeling good this week. I had a bout of lonliness on Friday when hubby left for the weekend and I had nothing to do all day and night....I suddenly got very anxious! But I called a friend and hung out for the whole day and was cheered up really quick! Then I headed to my parents for the rest of the weekend. It was great.

I have no pics for this week but I'm sure the bump is about the same as last week!

Kind of a boring post but I just want to keep a record of my weekly progress, to both share with you all and to keep as a memory for myself!



  1. im with you on the pants front, when i was pregnant i could not stand maternity pants to cover my whole belly i needed the panel below my belly.

  2. I found really cute maternity jeans at Gap. If you don't have a Gap maternity (I have 5 Gaps near me and only ONE that sells maternity) you can order them online. I really liked the long and lean kind because they look like regular jeans. And online you can pick the size and the band style that you want...under the belly/elastic waist/no big blue band, low band, or high band. So since you like the no band you might want to look at their website. And Yay for being over half way there!! Have you guys decided on a name?

  3. and is where I got all my underbelly pants from. The two I have that are the panels I roll them down. I hate them with a passion as well. Right now, some are a little uncomfortable since I think I'm carrying a little low, but I refuse to do the panels!

  4. Oh my gosh I cannot believe you're over half way there!! Eek! I just found out that Forever 21 now sells a few maternity items as well.

    I have a feeling I'm going to be an under the belly pants wearer as well.

  5. Yay on more than halfway! That's a huge milestone :)

    Your trip to South Beach sounds so much fun! Hope you have a great time and share pictures :)

  6. Nice! More than halfway! Have a great time this weekend!

  7. Crazy you're over the halfway hump!! Time is a flying for you girl! Have so much fun on vacay, that sounds so nice right now. And super exciting on all the movement. I can't wait until hubby can feel a kick or two, even though I'm still not sure if what I'm feeling is really baby but hopefully soon I'll be sure!!

  8. Glad you are enjoying this phase, it is awesome! I think around this point my belly button started inching out also but now at 28 weeks its still the same... so yours might not pop out either...lets wait and see =)

  9. I HATED pants that came up over my belly. YUCK It felt terrible.