Monday, January 25, 2010

Ready to GET BUSY!!!

This cycle has been a ROLLER COASTER since the beginning! At first I didn't even think I was going to be able to start the cycle since my period was all messed up, then my follies were sooooo slow, thought I was going to be cancelled! Plus, me and hubby were FIGHTING ....made for a miserable few weeks! But i'm happy to report that my follies are growing and i'm going to trigger either tonight or tomorrow (just waiting for blood work to come back) and hubby and I are back in love....! So I am ready to get it on ASAP! I had baby fever all weekend. My best friend and her adorable one year old came to visit me and that always makes me baby crazy! I think her and her husband are even going to start trying for a second soon. I also found out another one of my good friends who is not even married (just living with her b.f. ) is "NOT NOT TRYING" she's trying. Not that I'm old fashioned but I still feel like marriage comes before kids so I was not expecting this from her! Now I feel like i'm in a competition to "beat her" to it! ha ha! Sad, but true! Even hubby has started to feel the burn of baby fever! He was out this weekend with the guys and he came home and told me it was "kind of annoying" because pretty much everyone's wife was pregnant! He mentioned that he wasn't drinking b/c we are TTC and they all (being jerky guys) were telling him it didn't matter and that they got pregnant when they were drunk or when their wives were drunk and not even trying. I think they just wanted to convince my hubs to drink but instead it made him feel bad that we are having trouble. This is the first time he has ever mentioned being disturbed by our IF or feeling pressure to get this baby show on the road. I feel sad that he felt this but kind of glad that he got a reality check and is more on the same page as me. That's all that's new with me, just waiting to hear from the RE to find out when its trigger time!!!
:) LTB


  1. Glad you and the hubby aren't fighting any more.

    Good luck with the IUI, I hope the bloodwork all looks beautiful!

  2. YAY for triggering, we'll only be a day or two apart during our tww!! And I hate when I know other people are trying, or when they're going to start trying. I'd rather just not know and have to deal with the announcement after the fact!!! Instead I'm thinking, is yet another person going to get preggers before I do, I put enough pressure on myself already, ugh!!! I know its sooo stupid, but baby fever makes us I have an excuse, right?!?!

  3. Yay for triggering and for not fighting! I hope the b/w looks good. Let us know!

  4. Awe that sucks about your hubbys friends, what jerky guys. But I can see how it would make you feel better that you saw how it was affecting him and he was more on the same page. Glad you aren't fighting anymore!