Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cosmo is Infertile

My poor little guy (chihuahua Cosmo) has been permanently made infertile. Neutered. Poor little guy, I felt like a terrible mom dropping him off at the vet today! I hope he is not too sore when we pick him up tonight!

As for me, I am most likely being made officially infertile for yet another month. BCP. Awaiting my appt tomorrow to confirm but that is what I'm expecting. I don't know what has gotten into me lately, normally I love my job and look forward to coming to work but lately I have been BORED stiff! I am a high school math teacher so I'm not really allowed to just sit back and slack...although I do that at all possible opportunities! Bring on the tests, quizzes and quiet seat work! Its not that I have anything better to do while at work but I just have no patience to deal with all of the dumb questions that get asked of me! I don't know why I'm so bitchy and lazy but I can't seem to snap out of it! Maybe if the weather wasn't -15 degrees celcius every morning when I get up to go to work I would be more excited to go! I really hate winter. A LOT. Well, this was a pretty boring post but I will update tomorrow with the official word on the BCP and sitting out another month.
:) LTB


  1. Sorry about the BCP this month...those are SO not fun words to hear when you're trying to get preggers!!! Ugh. And hope Cosmo's procedure goes well, luckily its much easier for guy than girl pups. My little guy was running and playing like nothing had happened!

  2. Def let us know about the BCP's, I'm hoping you don't have to sit out.
    Poor Cosmo! I felt so bad when we did that to Milo. My hubby picked him up and he was miserable at the vet's, he was crying and whining and whimpering...I called to see how he was and I started crying! But when I got home from work he was already better. I think he just wanted to be home. He had to wear a cone on his head for a week (maybe more) though! Does Cosmo?

  3. I def know what you mean. When we took our dog to get spade, I was so sad for her. She was sick the entire way home, throwing up...making me feel even more guilty. Take care!