Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh Canada

One major crappy thing about Canada: winter. it is looooonnnnnggggg and it suuuuuccccckkkks!

One major awesome thing about Canada: HEALTH CARE!!!

Since I started reading blogs I have grown to appreciate the health care we have here in Canada. Every procedure I have had done so far (every ultrasound, all my monitoring appts, HSG ) are all covered by our provincial health insurance. I don't even think twice about scheduling procedures! The only thing that is not covered by the free provincial health program is the drugs, and those are covered 90% by my employer. I was freaking a bit the first time I had to pay $70 out of pocket for one week of injectibles (yes...they cost $700!!!), but now I realize that I have it pretty good compared to a lot of people! Of course, IVF is a whole different story, if I have to go that route it is not covered by either the health care system or my work health insurance. So, if it comes to that we'll really have to start saving our pennies! Fingers crossed we can renovate our kitchen and bathrooms or buy a new car instead of our first child!!!! Go injectibles Go!!


  1. Yep, coverage for infertility is a VERY good thing. I'm so thankful that we found an option that offers coverage. Hoping the injectibles do their job this cycle!

  2. Wow, you are VERY lucky. I have to pay for almost everything out of pocket. :( I hope this cycle of injects is your last. Crossing my fingers for some awesome follies!

  3. You are very lucky! I'm lucky that we have some cycles covered, but it could be much better. I hope the injectables work for you this cycle. Best of luck :-)