Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Entry

I have been reading blogs for months (ever since I started TTC and became obsessed with everything TTC!) I never really had a clue that this huge blogging world existed until I came across Kate at This Place is Now a Home and from there it all began. I feel kind of weird writing on here, like why on earth would anyone want to read about my nonsense...but I thought i'd give it a go because even if no one reads it I can still have a place to vent. I am starting my second round of injectables in a week or two. I had to take the BCP for 2 months due to cysts that grew in my last injectable cycle. Apparently, I responded VERY well to the injections. Hopefully next cycle they will reduce the dose since I was feeling a ton of side effects as well! I have been really really sad lately, it seems like EVERYONE I know in real life (and those who I stalk on the blogs!) is pregnant. And I mean EVERYONE! Some of my friends are preggers with no. 2 already! I'm also 30 years old and feel like my time is running out! Anyways, that's my first post. I'm here and we'll see how it goes!


  1. Hi, I saw you were a follower of mine so I thought I'd drop by. Welcome to blogging, it has helped me deal with IF, before blogging I was a MESS. It's helped me so much to have the support of others.

    Best of luck with your next cycle!

    Do you have a timeline of your journey so far?

  2. Me too-- just like Al, I've found that being able to vent whenever I want and finding ladies who are in the same boat is such a comfort on this frustrating journey.

    Good luck and I can't wait to read all about you!

  3. Hi, I noticed you started following my blog =). I'm glad you started one, I found it very helpful for me to vent and have other people in the same situation...and the comfort of other IFfers is amazing. We "get it" when other IRL sometimes don't. I look forward to reading about your journey! Good luck!

  4. Hi, I'm a still-not-pregnant blogger, so don't feel completely alone! I know how you feel, though, and it's so hard. I think you'll find a lot of comfort from your blog and the IF community. It has certainly helped me through some pretty crappy days!