Monday, January 25, 2010


It's done! I just triggered (in the bathroom at work...weird!) What does this mean?
Don't call me tonight, tomorrow night, Thursday night, Saturday night or Monday night! There will be too much baby dancing going on! Woo hoo!
Now i'm just hoping I don't get all pukey and nauseus like last time I triggered (hoping that was the flu and not the ovidrel)!
Next Monday is my progesterone blood work and the following Monday is the beta. Wish me luck!


  1. Best of luck and enjoy the fun w/ your hubby :-)

  2. Good luck! Enjoy your BD time. :)

  3. Good luck!!
    And, you are very brave to give yourself the trigger at work. I'm impressed!
    Have fun with your hubby :)
    My progesterone is Monday and beta the following Monday, so we're cycle buddies!

  4. You are a rockstar for triggering at work! Go YOU!

    Now enjoy the B&D-palooza!!

  5. Totally impressed you can a) trigger yourself and b) do it at work!?!? You are a total rockstar!! Have fun getting busy this week!!!