Friday, January 8, 2010


My husband and I sure make a great pair...we are currently both FREAKING out about our impending doom. You would think we are both on our death beds. Today my husband found a cyst on his tailbone and has been googling it ever since is the devil. For me, my problem is itchiness. Horrendous, inexplicable itchiness! We went to Jamaica over the holidays and since we got back my feet and hands and calves and forearms have been outrageously itchy! But I have no rash. I'm really freaking out since it is even starting to wake me up at night! I went to the doctor this week but they did nothing except give me some cream that doesn't help and take some blood. I called my home phone to check for messages from the doctor like 50 times from work today. I'm just waiting for them to call and tell me they found something terrible on my blood work. According to google , aka the devil, itchiness with no rash can be anything from dry skin (this seems way more itchy than normal dry skin!) to liver failure, to thyroid problems to lymphoma. I of course am now convinced I have cancer. Cosmo (the pup) and I are going to go join my husband in bed so we can all pout together. 10pm on a Friday night, pouting on our death'd think we were 80 years old.
:( Hopefully a good sleep will do us both well.


  1. Google is evil! I'm sure everything is fine, hope your weekend is great.

  2. Google is very evil. I had a similar situation when I went to Puerto Rico, but instead, I had eaten something that caused my spleen to enlarge. It was crazy... they figured that it was some bug I picked up. I hope you find some answers. Use lots of lotion (if that helps!) ...
    Take care!