Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I have been MIA for a week with really no excuse. I started my Menopur shots on Thursday and since they doubled my dose from last time I was a bit nervous that I wasn't going in for a monitoring ultrasound until Tuesday (day 8) and normally I go on day 7. I was afraid of overstimulation. Well, i spent the weekend worrying for NOTHING...or atleast about the WRONG THING! I went on Tuesday morning and I had NOTHING HAPPENING. WTF!? How could I hyperstim on this dose a few months ago and now I have NOTHING going on?!! The doc upped my dose of injects and i go back friday to see if we are making progress or if i'm cancelled. Iam pissed. I am pissed b/c I am soon going to be running out of insurance money to pay for my drugs and they are freakin' expensive and I am scared to even think about how my hubby will react when we want to keep doing treatments adn we are no longer covered. Money is always such a touchy subject for him, its annoying b/c he makes lots of it and I make a decent salary as a teacher but he doesn't want to spend anything! So tight! ANNOYING! So, needless to say I'm nervous for Friday's appt. I'm not very hopeful b/c I just dont' FEEL like there is anything going on down there. I just hate not understanding what the hell is going on with my body!

On another shitty note, my puppy got poisoned by a ton of chocolate today! He is at the emergency vet overnight right now. We had a huge bag (500g) of Mini Eggs and he ate half of it! His stomach was soooooo big and bloated and he started acting weird and then I found the bag! In case you don't have a dog...chocolate is serious poison to dogs. Especially 5 pound adorable chihuahuas! so I had to rush him to the vet and they made him puke and fed him charcoal or something to absorb the poison and he has to stay on IV and for observation tonight. And get cost over $850!!!!! I haven't even told my hubs yet but what the heck was I supposed to do! Obviously I was going to pay it and help my baby! Hubs didn't come to the vet with me b/c he had to go to bed since he works tomorrow and i'm off for march break. So now, IUI might be out for this cycle if hubby gets ultra cheapo on me over this vet bill!

When it rains it pours!....(however, the weather here is delightful this week! )


  1. Ugh. I am so sorry!! I hope that friday's appt goes great and that ur little baby will feel better soon!

  2. Oh, LTB, that is so frustrating. I'm hoping beyond hope that upping the dose does the trick and you have lots of action at the next appt. Do you mind me asking, what dose are you on? I think my RE has me on 112.5iu/nightly. He said that was a low dose b/c he doesn't want to hyperstim me....I have no idea.

    I'm so sorry about your dogger. My husband is VERY tight with money too. But, he has pleasantly surprised me with being open to treatments, whatever the cost. I'm hoping your hubs is the same way--and he'll surprise you. The only thing worse than bust cycles and break cycles is not trying at all. ((hugs))

  3. I'm so sorry, LTB. :( I hope that you have some awesome follies ready at Friday's appointment so you don't have to cancel this cycle. And your poor puppy! I know how bad chocolate can be for dogs, and I hope he gets to feeling better soon.

    I'll be sending positive thoughts your way that things start looking up soon. (((hugs)))

  4. I hope your cycle doesn't get cancelled. Sending good thoughts your way!!

  5. Oh, how frustrating! I am praying for those little follies to grow!!

  6. I'm sorry, that is so so frustrating. I'm hoping they kick it into gear by your appt, and that you're cycle doesn't get canceled. Oh, and your poor puppy...I hated when we had to leave Bella at the vet when she had her surgery, it was just awful. I'm sure they took super good care of him though, and hopefully he's feeling much better! (((HUGS)))

  7. Hoping you've got some beautiful follies going on at your appointment tomorrow.

    Your poor puppy! I hope he's doing much better today.

  8. That freakin sucks.. My first IVF I overstimmed like crazy..and then my second IVF I only had 2 friggin follicles. It didnt make sense to me either.

    I think that I was just more sensitive to the meds the first time since my body had never had those meds before and the 2nd time my body was used to the meds so I didnt respond as well.

    I hope your cycle turns around and it all works out for you!! Hang in there!

  9. I'm so sorry about your puppy! Thank God he is ok and in the vet's care. I know that's a lot of money, I had a sick cat a few years ago and paid like $600 to save his life and F hated him but I had to do it. He'll get over it. I hope your follies look good at your next appt and the IUI is a go. And I hope your hubby is on board money wise. That's so frustrating, the money part, so not fair we have to pay for all of this!!!