Friday, March 26, 2010

And so it begins....

The dreaded 2ww. I'm here. I'm waiting. But this month instead of being anxious and annoyed and convincing myself i'm not preg so not to get hopeful, I have decided to pretend for 2 weeks that I am pregnant. I am going to enjoy it. I am talking to hubs about names and about twins and sex preference and all that fun stuff. I'm talking about what kind of new car we will get when we have this baby, I'm letting hubs spoil me, because afterall...i'm pregnant.
I just decided that I have this 2 week window where the bliss of ignorance can allow me to be happy. Whether I waste this two weeks fretting and being anxious and not letting myself get hopeful or excited and hopeful and "pregnant" , the result of my beta will be the same. Remember, there is no such thing as jinxing it! I might as well enjoy the time where I have not been proven not-pregnant. So far, I like being pregnant.

I started the progesterone suppositories today. Well, pregnant or not...those suck. And today I woke up with an itchy red blotcy rash on my inner thighs, chest and stomach....? For now I guess I will chop that one up to being pregnant (see its fun being pregnant! Now I don't even need to google "red itchy rash on inner thighs and chest" and find out I really have HIV or Lupus or Lymphoma !)

Ahhhhh.....its a good day. I'm feeling betterish from my "flu" (side effects? ) and I'm back at work after being off 2 days. Work is so much better when you only do it 2 days a week!


P.S. Glad you all liked the Masturbatorium!!! I died laughing when hubs came out with the pictures! He's a goof!


  1. Enjoy being PUPO!!! You are much braver than I - I choose denial because I am so terrified of the disappointment.

    And the suppositories SUCK!! I started mine today too..yuck.

  2. I'm so glad you are going with the PUPO approach. I wish I could have your positive attitude! My goal is to try it next cycle. :)

    I *hate* the suppositories. They are so yucky. I hope these next two weeks fly by and the rash disappears soon.

  3. Love it, enjoy being preggo the next couple of weeks!! And I hope in two weeks you find out you were right all along and can continue being preggo for 9 more months!!!

  4. Congratulations on your pregnancy ;)

    I love the attitude girl!! Also glad your husband is being nice to you. Milk it for all its worth!

  5. Let your husband spoil you-- fingers crossed that this is is!!

  6. are PUPO!!! I love new 2WW approach!

  7. Hope this 2ww goes quickly for you! And hope it ends with a BFP!
    I'll be starting in about 2 weeks, or whenever my period starts. And we're trying Follistim this cycle. Fingers crossed for both of us!

  8. I think it is absolutely fantastic the approach you are taking! We are doing these procedures in hopes of getting pregnant. We would be dissapointed either way if we were not. So why not believe the good while we can!!
    Congratulations on your pregnancy! :O)

  9. This was cute and funny! I like your approach and might use it next time =). Enjoy being PUPO and let us know all of your pregnancy symptoms like the rash ;).

  10. I am SO excited for you and I am crossing my fingers and toes for you.

    But hmmmm, email me or come visit my blog re: the prog suppositories. There are things they don't tell you and it gets really uncomfortable after about a week.

    It's a bit TMI. And gross. So I shall tell you privately. But they DO work even though they are super costly. And they only do the inside of yor body some good. Just be prepared for some gross and uncomfortable repercussions...TMI.