Friday, March 19, 2010

Alive and Well...

Cosmo is BACK IN BUSINESS! He stayed in hospital for a day on IV but came out just as hyper and adorable and happy as ever. Such a relief to have my fur-baby back. It was a terrible stress to see him suffering and think about him alone at the animal hospital! And the bill was huge but well worth it when I consider what might have happened if I did not bring him in! I love my little guy!

I am feeling pretty good today, my ultrasound today showed that I have 4 follies at 11mm on my left ovary and 3 follies at 11 mm on my right ovary. Considering my right tube is probably busted, that gives me 4 good follies that will hopefully keep growing until my ultrasound on Monday. Meds are staying the same from now until then. I am thinking we will probably be triggering on Tuesday and inseminating on Wed and Thurs. Kind of scary! I am already dreading the 2ww....I hate the progesterone side effects! I get soooo bloated and TIRED! I'm also dreading Monday in general. Monday I have to go back to work after 2 glorious weeks off for March break. It really sucks. It especially sucks b/c I have to start the day super early with an appt with the vag cam before work! Then I have "math clinic" (I teach math) after school until 5:30. Long and busy day. Ugh. I am going to treasure these last 2 days of sleeping in BIG TIME! Getting up in the morning is what I hate the most about working, actually it might be the only thing I hate about working! I actually like my job most of the time.
So here's me on March break:

And here's me on Monday morning:

Cheers to a good weekend!


  1. You look beautiful in your new dress! Have a nice time realaxing and sleeping in these next two days!!

  2. You guys are so cute! And you loog gorgeous in that dress!