Wednesday, March 24, 2010

7+90 000 000+1.2+1=?

7 mature eggs, 90 000 000 motile sperm, 1.2cm of fluffy endometrium lining and one iui.....oh the possibilities!

Even though this cycle (which we still have one more iui for tomorrow morning) looks completely wonderful and hopeful I'm still scared....

Worst case scenario 1 : LTB becomes the next Octomom
Worst case scenario 2: BFN

Not sure which one is worse or scarier! I'm praying for one perfect singleton or perfect twins...that's it!

Everything went so well today! Hubs had an excellent sample and the procedure didn't hurt at all! I took the day off because i'm feeling so sick and pukey so it was good not to have to rush and to just come home and relax with Cosmo. We cuddled all morning and just went to the park for a little play time. It is soooo beautiful here in Toronto today! However, the cold is apparently going to return on Friday when it is going to be at freezing again. Ugh.

I thought I was feeling a bit better this morning but apparently not. My head is in a fog and I feel really gross. I'm hoping its the hormones that are making me sick because otherwise my mind always goes into hyperchondriac-mode and I start thinking in extremes. I honestly make myself sicker worrying about what is making me sick! I swear I have beat cancer 10 or 20 times already in my life. My doctor must think i'm a nut case. oh well....i guess I am.
Anyways, wish me luck tomorrow that things go as well as they did today!



  1. Yay for great numbers! Good luck with this and tomorrow's IUI and for best possible sceneraio = 1 or 2 babies =)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Wow, great numbers!! i think you have a great shot - hoping for one (or two) beautiful baby!! GL!!

  3. Yay that's awesome! I hope you end up with one or 2 perfect babies in there!!!

  4. My fingers, toes and eyes are crossed for you!!!

  5. Sounds like everything with the IUI went great!!
    Can't wait for the BFP!!

  6. I am so hopeful for you that all those numbers add up to one or two sweet babes. All things are very very positive and hope you get good news in a few weeks! Good luck with the second IUI!

  7. Tons and tons of awesomeness from chi-town. Hang in there! I just know one (at least, but not too many!) will stick!!!

  8. Those numbers are simply amazing. I hope they add up to one (or two) very healthy babies. Everything is crossed for you!

  9. totally amazing...I'm so pulling for you this cycle!! So hoping for one, or two of those eggies to stick!!! Good luck and will be thinking of you! C'mon BFP!!