Monday, February 22, 2010

Yeah for another award! Thanks to Lisa at Our Fertility Adventure!


The rules of this award are to write 10 things that make my day and pass it on to 10 other bloggies!

Ten Things that Make my Day!

1. Sunshine... I love the sun, love it, love it, love it!!! I have lived in Californina twice and if my family was there I would be a So-Cal girl FOR SURE! Everyone and everything looks better with a tan!

2. My morning greeting from Cosmo! Lots of licks and mega tail wags!

3. My night time cuddles with Cosmo before we put him to bed! He nuzzles into my tummy and it is soooo cute!

4. Peanut Butter (and lots and lots of it!)...I have eaten it for breakfast EVERYDAY for the past 5 years!

5. Long Sunday walks with hubby. We always find different neat things to see in our own city!

6. Evening chats with my mom on the phone (its like clock-work and when she doesn't call I get sad or think something is wrong!)

7. Getting a great back massage from hubby (with no post-massage expectations....if you know what I mean!!)

8. Long power walks with my best friend (not sure what I like more: the walks or the gossip!)

9. Late start days at work! Love the extra sleep ins! We get these 9:15am starts every few weeks!

10. Watching each new episode of Dexter with hubs and obsessing over what will happen next! We have to wait until Sept for next season to start....booooo!

So that's my list of not so exciting things that make me happy! I love being happy so I should try to schedule a day where ALL of these happen together! Its possible and would make for a SUPERB day!

And now here's my list of deserving bloggies (sorry if you have already received this award, I know its been goin' around!)

1. Such a Good Egg

2. Basic Girl

3. Mission Motherhood

4. Mission Gidgelet

5. A plus B, waiting for C

6. From IF to When

7. I did, I do, I will!

8. Fertility Chick

9. The sassy Inferlite lady

10. Steps to Baby
Of course I think all of my bloggie girls are wonderful but these are my 10 for today! Love ya's!


  1. Love your list!!!! I to love the sun :D

  2. Thank you for the nomination! :) I also love peanut butter. It's such a comfort food for me. I eat PB&Js (light on the jelly) almost every day for lunch.

  3. Congrats!! And thank for my award, I already did a post on it before but I love being nominated again =)

    I think its cute that you have long Sunday walks with your hubby!

  4. Hey I just wanted to say that no your comment didn't irk me at all! =) Promise =)

    And I love peanut butter and the sun too, ahhhhh wish I were laying out right now.

  5. Awww, thanks LTB!! You're the best! And hubby and I LOOOVE Dexter, i'm beyond obsessed...almost as obsessed as I am about Lost. But we started late and have been watching DVD's and I haven't watched the most recent season yet, which i heard was unbelievable!!! And cuddles from puppies are the best too!!!

  6. Aw, thank you!!! I love your list. Long walks with the hubby are the best! We like to walk around our neighborhood and find our dream homes :)