Thursday, February 4, 2010


Yippee! Surprise call from the counter top people! They fixed the counter top and brought it to install today! Luckily I had time to come home and let them in at lunch to do the work! I know they finished the counter and sink and still need to come back to do the back splash. I'm excited/nervous to go home and see how they did! Then we will arrange for them to come back hopefully tomorrow to do the backsplash (they are probably anxious to finish it since we haven't paid yet)! Very relieved to get the counter on and excited to get my kitchen back in order. I have surprisingly not thought about my upcoming beta much at all. I'm not really nervous or excited. I kind of feel resigned to the fact that its going to be negative and thinking more about "next steps" and scheduling an appt with the actual doctor to discuss this. Also thinking about possibly re-trying the agonizing HSG and maybe scheduling the laproscopy my gyne was keen to do in the fall.

I have BIG plans for the weekend....

Supervising the highschool formal! These events are always so awkward! I teach at an all girls school so it is so weird to see them interact (ie. MAKE OUT!) with boys!

Definitely doesn't help me feel any younger.........have I mentioned before....I hate being 30!

(maybe 31 will be better ...only one month to go....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)



  1. Yay for the counter top being installed, glad their surprise call was a good one!
    Have fun at the makeout fest =)

  2. So glad they're installing the countertops now..I know it sucks to be w/o a kitchen for a while!

    I hope you get a great surprise with a + beta.

    And you'll have to tell us all about how the dance is, you have to see some hilarious stuff.

  3. Yay about your kitchen! Have fun at the dance...should be comical. ;)

  4. Great news! Have fun at the formal - sounds like great "people" watching :)

  5. Yay, you need to post pics of your newly renovated kitchen!!! And have fun at the dance, sounds like that should be pretty hilarious!

    Oh, and I went in this am for blood test...I couldn't bring myself to POAS this am. What day is yours again???

  6. Yay about the kitchen! I hope everything turned out well. You have to post pictures when it's all done. :) And have fun at the formal. That should give you a lot to laugh about!