Saturday, February 27, 2010

My friend Myrtle

A good friend of mine at work...let's call her Myrtle...since she is uber-fertile! and its making me sick! She is 37, 3 years ago she got pregnant with twins by just "doin' it" on day 10-day 14 of her uber-regular schedule. Her twins are so cute and amazing! I have been confiding in Myrtle about our IF struggles for the past year. She has talked about maybe having another baby but they were always back and forth because the twins are so much work! Well, last cycle they had a "good day" with the twins on day 15 of her cycle so they decided to "do it" and see what happens. Well, it happened. Myrtle missed her period last month and just knew she was preg. She didn't even buy a test! What! She didn't even bother to POAS b/c she just "knew" . So she scheduled an ultrasound this week (3 weeks after missing her period) and of course she is pregnant again. And she is freaking that it might be twins again! WTF! Seriously, WTF! She has even said that she is contemplating (although I'm sure she is not serious) aborting if it is twins again! I told her she can just give one to me! Now, i'm totally happy for Myrtle, like I am genuinely happy and excited to watch her go through all of the stages of pregnancy.
what I don't understand is how non-chalant she is being about all of this! I mean: not testing! threatening abortion! and she went out and drank beer last night because she knew others would "catch on" if she refused a drink! ? Last weekend she drank wine at her mom's house b/c she didn't want them to catch on! I know that one or two drinks here and there aren't going to harm the baby but I still find it quite irresponsible! crazy in fact! I mean if I was blessed with a little bundle of joy in my tummy I would basically be living in a bubble! being soooooooo careful about everything!
It's weird I guess to just see how Fertile Myrtle deals with pregnancy.

Anyways, thats my rant for the day! Today I'm doing NOTHING! hubs has gone camping. yes, he and my brother and my sisters fiance have gone to a national park (4 hour drive) to snow shoe to the interior of the park and do whatever you do when its snowing and you are stranded in the middle of nowhere.
I'm going to take by babe (Cosmo) for a walk (if its stops pissing rain/snow!) and maybe go to the gym (its been MONTHS!) and maybe go see a movie or rent a nice chick flick! Hubby feels bad leaving me alone but sometimes its just so glorious to have the house to myself! I don't even feel like calling any friends, its just so peaceful and LAZY!
:) Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Wow - that is crazy. Not taking a pregnancy test?! I can't even fathom. The drinking thing is a little irresponsible if you ask me, but I guess for the people whose pregnancies come easily, maybe it's not a sacred as it will be for us IFers. Still...crazy!
    Enjoy your lazy weekend. I'm having one as well!

  2. My SIL sounds a little like you friend! With my two nephews, she thought about getting pg and then bam, she is pg. I completely understand how you feel. And, I can not believe that she would be drinking like that! It is beyond my comprehension how someone can do that.

    I hope that you enjoy your weekend!!!

  3. Wow that's crazy about your friend! Craziness!!! Enjoy your super relaxing weekend by yourself. That sounds really nice. =)

  4. It is amazing how some people take life for granted. I am sad to think people really do not appreciate the blessings they have been given. Have a nice and relaxing weekend! Pamper yourself, you deserve it!

  5. Ok, I don't like her. Drinking? seriously? geesh!

    Enjoy your weekend darling, you deserve it =)

  6. I can't believe she's drinking! What the crap, that's crazy!!

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend of laziness!

  7. That's crazy and so not fair!! That is seriously insane someone could get preggers so easily, and possibly twice with twins. The sad thing is she'll probably never realize how truly lucky she is, and how much people like us would trade anything in the world to be in her situation. So frustrating. Hope you had a great weekend!!

  8. Oh man, that would be TOUGH to be around. I think a glass of vino here and there is not the end of the world, but DEF NOT IN FIRST TRIMESTER! eeek! Myrtle annoys me. :)