Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Official Beta= Negative :(

oh well. I wasn't expecting anything else. I talked to the RE and here's my next protocol:
Stop all progesterone suppositories (yeah!!!)
Wait for AF
Ultrasounds on Day 3 and medications (injections of menopur) start
SHG ultrasound on Day 6 with "mild sedation" since it was way too painful for me last time!
IUI 2 days in a row

Now i'm just worried about cost.......what do you guys have to pay for IUI? I know my ultrasounds and everything is all covered by our Ontario Health Plan but IUI is an elective process that is not covered and I'm nervous about starting to pay for stuff!

I'm also nervous about my husbands' reaction when I tell him we have to pay for this. He's been all fine with me going to a billion appts and taking a billion drugs and giving me a billion needles but as soon as I bring up money I know he is going to freak (whether he shows me that he's freaking or just freaks on the inside will be interesting to see). He is VERY tight with our money. We have enough money. He just likes to SAVE it and wants to pay off our mortgage in like 3 years! He is going to HATE to pay for something that should happen naturally. I'm scared he might even just say to forget it.

I'll let you know what he says.......


  1. The money convo might go better than you think. It did for me with my hubs, at least. He is SUPER tight with our money too (we are savers!) but he looks at this as an investment in our future child. Just like diapers or college tuition. If that IUI is what your RE thinks you need, I say GO FOR IT!

    I'm sorry abt your negative, LTB. I'm happy you get to go right into the next! I hope to catch up with you in a couple of weeks. xo

  2. :-( I'm so sorry for the negative. Hugs.

    Best of luck with talking to the husband about the IUIs - I hope they aren't too expensive and it's not a big issue. Let us know how it goes.

  3. I'm so sorry about the BFN =(
    Sending you tons of luck with the whole medication cost and breaking it to hubby. Big hugs.

  4. I'm sorry LTB :(

    My Hubs is uber tight with the money as well but I agree with suchagoodegg, we talked about it & talked about it and after he realized how important having a child was to the both of us, he agreed. Now, we have a baby fund. Odd.

    Good luck this cycle!

  5. Oh LTB, I'm so sorry...:(

    I'm glad you can get right back into though, your attitude rocks. And good luck with the money convo!! And honestly if you just have to pay for the IUI and sperm wash I don't think it will be crazy expensive (in the grand scheme of IF expenses), maybe a few hundred?? Our last cycle of '09 we had to pay completely out of pocket cause my insurance sucked...and it was ~$1000 for the whole thing, but that included b/w and u/s for the cycle. In any case I'm hoping the first one does the trick for you!!!

  6. I'm sorry about the negative beta. It just sucks. I'm glad you can jump into a new cycle. From what I've heard, the actual IUI procedure is not that expensive...if your drugs and ultrasounds are covered, the IUI should only be a couple hundred dollars. We just got infertility coverage in January and one ultrasound cost $500. I couldn't believe it! Such insult to injury...
    Anyway, hang in there! Hope this next cycle is IT!

  7. I'm sorry LTB! I hope the conversation goes well, you never know it might go a lot better than you think. Hoping for great things next cycle!!!

  8. I'm so sorry, LTB. :( Good luck with the money conversation. It might go better than you think. As for cost of the IUI, mine was $385 for just the IUI--not including b/w and ultrasounds.

  9. Hey I was trying to find your email address but I couldn't. I had to pay for the entire thing out of pocket and wasn't sure how much the actual IUI would cost so I waited to tell you. The actual IUI as $425. Email me if you have any other ques. =)

  10. I am sorry about your bfn. That stinks. I hope the money conversation with your husband goes well.