Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where the heck did the weekend go???

Hello hello girlies! I had a super busy weekend and I can't believe it is OVER! Friday night hubs and I went grocery shopping...what an exciting pair we are! Saturday I had to work all day at a job fair for private schools as a representative for the school I work for. When I got home I had to cook cook cook ! Today I was having my inlaws and BIL and SIL over for MIL's birthday lunch/dinner. It was a great chance for us to show off our new kitchen but I always get stressed cooking for them b/c MIL is an amazing cook and can be super hyper critical! They are hard-core Italian so they like good food and lots of it! Here's what I made:
-lots of apps including guacamole, tomatoes with basil and fresh mozzarella, crackers and brie, olives, sopressato sausage and fresh figs
-homemade butternut squash and sweet potatoe soup
-roasted potatoes with rosemary and sea salt
-brocoli with olive oil and balsamic
-chicken stuffed with leeks and sausage and served in a wild mushroom sauce with shitake mushrooms
-sauteed peas, onions and mushrooms on the side
-baby spinach salad with red peppers, sliced almonds and goat cheese
-SIL brought a chocolate cake and hubs made yummy cappucinos!

It was a HUGE and great feast! Everyone seemed happy so that means I was happy!
I told SIL (who is 8 months preg) about my cysts and the fallopian tube and so maybe they will all stay off my case about the babies for a while! She was nice about it but also went on to tell me that her current hubby left his ex-wife b/c she couldn't have kids and he couldn't bear the thought of it just being the two of them forever....thanks SIL that really makes me feel great!
I don't take this too seriously though because another reason BIL left his ex (and this is what HE told us!) is b/c she "was getting a big ass" and "wanted to watch movies on Friday nights". He is an ass. Obviously. To emphasize how much of an ass, he also always tells my 8 month preg SIL to stop eating and leave room for the baby, tells her she's fat and that she better enjoy this preg while it lasts b/c the way she looks is unacceptable otherwise! What a f'n dick head eh!
Anyways...I digress!
I also found time this weekend to go and buy myself this dress to wear to a wedding in March. I was holding off getting a dress b/c I thought I might be lucky enough to be "fatter" come March! Not going to happen! So I figured if I can't be preg atleast I can look hot! The dress is super cute and fits me perfect.
Well, i'm off to bed! Have good dreams bloggies!



  1. That dress is so cute! It sounds like you made a delicious feast, so much food! Good job! As for your BIL, what an ass! And your SIL shouldn't have even mentioned that, she should worry about her own ass (for real), lol! =)

  2. super cute dress!!!! BIL is a huge jerk.

  3. That dress is adorable!!! I love it. Your feast sounds delicious, too. And that's crazy about your BIL. He sounds like a total jerk.

  4. That feast sounds awesome, you rocked it!!!! Love that dress, you are such a cutie!!!

  5. omg, you sound like an amazing cook yourself!!! Yummy, it all sounded SO good!! And love that dress, totally agree...if you can't be fat and pregger might as well flaunt what you got!

  6. Glad it turned out great, and that they were happy and that you were happy! Forgetting of course, the negative comments from SIL and the ass... sorry I just had to call him that lol

    The dress is adorable!

  7. Whoa, that meal sounds amazing!! And, your BIL sounds like a total asshole and your SILs comments are very insensitive.

    Love the dress..v. cute!