Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Inconclusive and unexplained. That seems to be the story of this IF journey for me. Seriously I think I would rather have some terrible diagnosis than have another doctor say "we just don't know" with a stupid look on his face. Today I had my HORRIFYING HSG. Just like last time it was agonizing, not sure if i'm just a wimp but it hurt so bad it took my breath away and I had to lay on the table for atleast 10 minutes afterwards sipping water and sweating like I had just run a marathon! I didn't ask the doc all the questions I should have b/c I was feeling so horrible and just wanted to get the heck out of there. But from what I gathered, my endometrium and uterine cavity look fine (except at one point he asked me if I'd ever had an iud put in...not sure what that was about) and my right tube is open. Left tube....inconclusive. WTF! It's either open or not! And the most annoying part is now if I do have one closed tube that just means its extra impossible for me to get preggers and IVF will probably be necessary (which means HUGE bucks out of my pocket), however, in Ontario (where I live) if BOTH tubes are blocked then IVF is COVERED under the provincial health care system and would be FREE! WTF!!!! I know its terrible to say but at this point I just wish both my friggin' tubes were blocked so we could get this show on the road and just do IVF! ugh.
Anyways, that's my huge vent for the day, I'm going to go take a bath with Cosmo (he loves to come right in the bubble baths with me and then I put some towels in the dryer and make them really warm and throw him right in the dryer with them! He looks so cute all curled up in the towels in the dryer!) then i'm off to bed. I missed work today due to the hellish appt I had so I have to get up early to figure out what the heck I'm teaching tomorrow!


  1. Oh no, I'm so sorry it was painful! Even more sorry to have an inconclusive diagnosis on one of your tubes. Bad to say, but I actually agree with you that it would just be better to know that both are blocked so that you can get on with it. I'm sorry =(

  2. Oh yuck. I am so sorry. My guess is that the tube is blocked, which is why it was so painful for you. It makes NO SENSE that IVF is covered only under certain circumstances. Unexplained infertility is not really unexplained, it just means the medical world can't yet find out a reason you can't conceive. Can you try to call your insurance or have your doctor plead your case? Sorry for my ignorance, I'm not up on Canadian healthcare.
    Regardless, I am sorry for your crappy day and really hope you have better news soon. Enjoy that deserve it!!!

  3. I'm so sorry, LTB. My HSG was extremely painful, too, and I got so sick afterward. At least it's over and you don't have to worry about doing another one.

    And I think it's crazy that they only cover IVF for people who have both tubes blocked. I wish they would just cover IVF for EVERYONE. It's only fair!

  4. Unexplained IF is so, so frustrating, I'm sorry they haven't found anything.

    So sorry the HSG was so painful, I've heard it can be very painful if you have a blocked tube. I'm so glad it's over and I hope you don't have to do it ever again.

    Will insurance partially cover any of IVF (meds, monitoring?)?

    So sorry, hun. ((Hugs))

  5. I'm sorry about the HSG, that sounds just awful so I'm glad its over. And yah, I totally know what you mean...inconclusive, unexplained, those words make me crazy!! I would totally be secretly hoping they were both blocked too, it would be nice to at least know what you were dealing with and come up with the right plan of attack. Ugh, so sorry hon!! (((hugs)))

  6. I'm so sorry LTB. :( That sounds miserable. I agree with AplusB, can you set up a chat with the finance dept at your RE's office? Perhaps there's a way they can code it or a plea they can make to insurance to make this less of a financial burden?

    I hope your bubble bath with cutie Cosmo soothed your soul. ((hugs))

  7. I'm so sorry your HSG was so painful. =( And I'm sorry that one tube is blocked. And the insuance and money issue would just piss me off too. =( Hang in there. I hope you enjoyed your bath with Cosmo.