Saturday, June 26, 2010

A sad day in Toronto

G20 is here and it has brought out the WORST in my awesome city! I am so disappointed in the people who I share the city with. There are protesters all over the downtown. Protesting peacefully is fine, but this is out of control. Police cruisers are being set on fire all over the city. The riot police are out in full force. Protesters have been breaking the store front windows of thousands of stores and then taking stuff out of the stores and throwing it on the street. A furniture store was totally robbed and now there are chairs and couches in the middle of the road on Yonge Street (our main street!). It is really disgusting. I only live a couple of blocks from where all this shit is happening and I am feeling trapped! All of the subways, buses, roads and stores in the area are in lock down. Protesters are even throwing golf balls at the police horses trying to trip them! That is so sad! Seriously, what is wrong with people!
I hope this ends soon!


  1. What is G20?

    I bet that is a scary situation. Your little pregnant butt better be staying away from all that stuff! :)

  2. I live outside of TO and I think it is quite pathetic and embarassing. I am sure it will all settle down soon enough before you and peanut can venture back into society.

    Everything Ok on the homefront? Feeling better? Just concerned...

  3. I live close to the city and lived in Toronto for years. I feel the exact same way....people coming in just to be destructive is horrible.

  4. I'm not sure what G20 is but oh my goodness that sounds horrible and heartbreaking. People can really disgust you in their actions. Totally rude and crude & thoughtless.