Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dumb Ass Nurses

So the dumb nurse finally called me back this morning (I called twice yesterday before noon!!!!)
I was at work of course so she let me a snotty message saying "brown is fine" only call me back if it is red or persistent. Since it is neither red nor persistent (It is gone as of about 2pm yesterday) I guess I will just not worry about it (ha ha ha...some kind of joke right!). I sort of feel like lying and saying its red so that I can schedule an ultrasound! She said that's what they would do if it was red. Oh how I miss my RE!

Anyways, after listening to the heartbeat 3 times yesterday and not having any more spotting I do feel more relaxed today.

Another big step today to making this whole thing more "real". I had to tell my boss at work.
We are making the schedules for teaching next year and she offered me a new course to teach that I really want to try but that would mean that when my substitute comes in Dec-June they would have 3 courses to prep for rather than my current schedule of 2. I also didn't think I really need the extra stress of planning a new course in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy (crossing fingers that we get there!!!). I'm also starting a graduate Mathematics program in the fall so I would have a lot on my plate. I knew the boss would wonder why I didn't want to take her up on the offer so I just told her the situation and asked her to keep it hush hush. She was really nice and happy for me and so I felt ok telling her. I was a bit afraid she would take away all of my grade 12 courses since it will be disruptive for me to leave half way through the year but she didn't even mention that. And I personally think that would be total pregnancy - discrimination if she did it!
Anyways, that's it from me!

Have a great Thursday (wow...this week is flying by for me!)



  1. If only "normal" nurses could be as awesome as our REs. I'm sorry she took forever to call you back and was even snotty about it. Ugh! But that's great news that your boss handled your announcement so well. :)

  2. Glad things went so well with your boss!

  3. Good news! But sorry about the bitchy nurses. Ugh.

  4. boohoo to the b*tchy nurse, but yaay to your boss and to no more spotting. i hope your pregnancy is uneventful here on out! tgif :o)

  5. would think nurses who worked for OBGYNs would be a bit more sensitive knowing for some women this is the FIRST time they're going through this and will worry about lots of things. Crappy nurse!

    But great about telling your boss! :) That's so exciting!