Thursday, June 24, 2010

15 weeker

So...I posted a bitchy post on the weekend about my hubby but of course we made up and i got scared he would read it so it has been deleted. Thank you to those of you who commented.

Also, i'm a couple days late with my 15 week update but here it is....

How Far Along? 15 weeks and 4 days

Maternity Clothes? Lululemons are no longer comfy. This week I bought a pair of regular capri length black tights with a looser waist band to wear with longish shirts. I also got a super cute A-line (there is a tie right under the boobs) shirt and it looks really cute. So that is my newest outfit. Also bought a sports bra, but apparently I again underestimated the size of my new boobs so I have to return it for a bigger one. I am already busting out of my new C cups. A D cup will be entering my future very soon (remember...I used to be an A pre-pregnancy!)

Stretch Marks? No.

Sleep? In general good. Last night I was uncomfy. My stomach and hips were achy. Pregnancy related? Not sure, but I tried to sleep with a pillow between my legs, it just got in the way.

Best Moment of the Week? Being fully "out" at work. I work with a ton of women and currently there are 7 of us all due between Aug and December! One even on my exact due date! It felt really great to chat with all of them and be part of the "club". ha ha.

And....getting our new family car!!! Yippee! We picked up our new SUV last night and I am in love! Finally I'm not embarrased to offer anyone else a ride!

Movement? Can't wait for this to start!

Food Cravings? Not really. Icecream and popscicles but that is probably more heat related than pregnancy related.

Gender? It has been suggested to me by one of the billion preggo ladies at my work that I am having a girl since the HR is always around 158bpm. But who knows! 4 weeks till we find out!

What I miss? Stress free sex, well actually just any sex at all! We have been so incredibly busy and in different places (not together) every weekend and we haven't done it in 2 weeks since our "first time" back at it. And hubs in going camping tonight until Sunday. So i'm out of luck for atleast a few more days!

What I'm looking forward to? School is officially DONE tomorrow and I am FREEEEE for the summer! I'm looking forward to sleeping in, lounging on my beautiful balcony, going to the nearby pool (only a couple times a week since it costs $10 to go but it does have awesome lounge chairs,music, drinks etc.)

And, next OB appt on Monday!

Weekly Wisdom: Pregnancy makes you overly emotional. I cried 3 times this week and I NEVER cry ever! Weird!

Milestones: Coming out of the closet!

Emotions: See above. I'm a crier!

Gotta get back to the final grind. Paper work galore! have a great weekend!

Oh, and booooooo for Italy going out in the World Cup. They sucked this year, and my hubs is OBSESSED with soccer (specifically Italian soccer!). So this will surely put a damper on his mood!



  1. I'm glad you and the hubs made up. :)

    Oh and JEALOUS that you have the summer off! ENJOY IT!

  2. I'm with you there on needing a d cup soon. I miss my a cups that worked with everything! Now I have to be boob conscious, lol. Enjoy being off!

  3. Ok, that is crazy about the d-cups!! I'm filling out my b right now, and can't even imagine getting any bigger (was an ex-a cupper myself)! And I keep hearing that hb thing too, never heard of that before!! Can't wait for you to find out. Enjoy your summer off!