Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I saw this on Seriously's blog and thought I'd give it a go! You can link up on Chelsea's blog!

Ten on Tuesday

1. If you work, do you drive to work or take public transportation?
I currently work at home (a much tougher job than my former teaching job!) but when I was working I ride my bike 90% of the time. I even rode until 2 weeks before my due date! However, I haven't been on my bike since A was born.

2. How often do you get your haircut? Do you go to the same person every time?
I get it cut very rarely. I should make time to take better care of my hair but I hate spending the money and I hate spending a whole afternoon at the salon getting highlights and cut. I usually get it cut maybe twice a year (eek!) and get the highlights done maybe 3-4 times a year! I could use highlights probably 5 times a year but I suffer with gross roots for a month before I cave and make an appointment

3. Do you read the newspaper? If so, a hardcopy or the online version?
I used to read the paper (hardcopy) every day (pre-baby). Now, not so much. But I LOVE reading the paper and should subscribe to delivery and get back in the habit.

4. What is the best book you have read this year?
The Help. However, it is probably the only book I have read this year!

5. What is the best movie you have seen this year?
The Fighter.

6. Do you tend to crave sweet or salty foods?
Definitely both. I have too many vices! But more sweet than salty for "treats" since I usually just add a ton of salt to whatever I'm eating!

7. Do you eat breakfast every day? If so, what do you have?

Oh ya! And as I have said before...I eat the exact same breakfast EVERYDAY. English muffin with peanut butter, an orange and coffee!

8. If you celebrate Easter, what Easter treat/candy are you most looking forward to?

I don't "celebrate" Easter per se...but I love those Cadbury Cream Eggs!

9. How late is “sleeping in” to you?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE to sleep in. I used to sleep in until 10 or 11 on weekends. Post baby...not so much. We get up at 7am. A sleep in now is when she sleeps until 8 (rarely if ever!)

10. Where are you going on your next vacation?
We head to Florida on April 30th! We rented a condo on the beach in Fort Myers. Hopefully the weather's good!

Have a happy Tuesday girls!



  1. Fun list! I like posts like this :)

    I'm the exact same about my hair!

  2. Ooo Florida! That sounds fun!

    I love posts like this one :)

  3. I am the same way about my hair - it's super long right now and I NEED to get it cut. I'm hoping to do so this month. Highlights too - I hate spending 2-3 hours in the chair getting them done so while I love how it looks, I hate getting it done.