Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Meds and Pregnancy

So yesterday I was reading someone else's blog that was talking about taking drugs (prescription or over the counter) during pregnancy. And i'm freaked. So, a long time ago I had MAJOR anxiety problems and was put on Effexor 225mg a day. I stupidly obeyed my doc not realizing that this is one of the most PAINFUL drugs to get off of. A few years ago I started to reduce my dosage and everytime I cut out a pill it was AGONIZING. Shots of electricity shooting through your head, dizziness, nausea, diarreah, blurred vision, like horrible side effects. Now I am down to taking only 37.5mg a day. However, now that I'm preg I want to for sure get off this med. The doctors say that the side effects from going from 37.5mg to nothing is the WORST. So i'm freaked. Last night I didn't take my pill, thought I'd just tough it out and feel sick for a while and deal with it. However this morning I couldn't get out of bed because I couldn't see straight. Took the dog for a walk and don't even remember where we walked. Feel in a complete daze. About an hour ago I caved, I took the pill. I feel horrible, I feel sad, I feel scared. I know I will talk to my doc about this but I know they will say to either stay on it (known side effects for the baby could be trouble feeding, sleeping and irritability at birth- obviously because they would be having the same withdrawl effects from it that I do!!! no way do I want my babe to have those feelings!). I feel helpless and frustrated with myself. Anyone have any experience or advice for this type of thing?

On a more positive note, I'm still pregnant. I needed reassurance last night so I bought another test and POAS. It was immediately positive. yippee. Just a tiny bit of reassurance helps.

I have not had any nausea or morning sickness and I don't feel really much more tired than I normally do. I am however thickening up, bloated and my boobs have grown ALOT! This started with the progesterone suppositories but has been getting worse (better? according to hubs yes!) And they hurt too.

2 weeks to us #1. Can't wait.

I also want to do a shout out to Al who got a surprise amazing BFP! She is my pregnant twin! And to Andrea who is waiting to hear how her embabies are developing! Keeping my fingers crossed! And to A plus B waiting for C who is starting her stims for this month's first monitored cycle! Go Girls!!!!



  1. Okay, well I wish I had some insight to offer on the meds...but truthfully I know nothing!! I would say talk to your doctor, and get his opinion. I know the meds thing sounds super scary while preggers, but I also don't want you feeling awful either!!! You need to take care of you and the little baby(ies) in there!

    And thanks so much for the shoutout hun, seriously appreciate the good thoughts for my embabies. And litearlly going to puke waiting for this call today!!!

  2. Talk to your doctor. They should be able to take you off of the meds slowly so you aren't having those side effects and putting your body through that kind of withdrawal. It might take a couple of weeks for you to stop the meds completely, but at least you won't be feeling terrible in the process!

  3. I completely understand your fear about the meds. One of my biggest fears about pregnancy is having to go without any sleep meds. I struggle with insomnia every now and then, but knowing I have meds I can take if I need them helps a lot. It freaks me out that I won't be able to take them when preggo.

    That said, since I've started doing traditional chinese medicine (acupuncture + herbs), I've been sleeping fantastically. TCM also has a great track record with anxiety, and it can help a lot with alleviating first trimester nausea and fatigue. And also prevent miscarriage. So if you're willing, my suggestion is that you find an acupuncturist and try that route as you come off the meds. It's all completely safe during pregnancy and can help you have a healthier pregnancy and baby!

  4. I wish I could help, but I don't know anything about that medication. :( I guess I would just talk to your doctor and then do what you both feel is best? Only two weeks to go!! :)

  5. I was on medication that the Dr's told me was as safe as they could be for the baby. My son was born 1 month early, small heart, lung under development. I will NEVER do that again. I found out I could take certain vitamins that would help similiar to the medication that I was taking (meaning I didn't need to take the medication). Personally, the choice wasn't easy for me and I took the advice of my Dr who I should have never trusted. If you need any advice on how to withdrawal from your medicine contact this drug rehab is the website. Good luck!

  6. oy, the side effects sound horrible. I agree with Katie, talk to your doc and see if there is a way for you to wean yourself off of them. Good luck, hun!

    And I LOVED your most embarrassing moment! Thx for sharing, cracked me up.

  7. It's totally understandable that your worried about this. I actually started taking meds for my anxiety after I was pregnant (my fear of losing the baby after my ectopic was really high). I started taking Zoloft at about 14 weeks. Everyone, my obgyn, my old obgyn, my cousin who is an obgyn surgeon, they all URGED me to take it and now to keep taking it, despite the small risks. They say that the benefits far outweigh any possible downsides. I don't know anything about Effexor's affects during pregnancy, but I would definitely suggest taking something while pregnant, especially if your anxiety is very high. An anxious mother is no better than a medicated mother, or so I've been told by many, many trusted doctors.

    Kait @

  8. Ok...this may be a super retarded question that I should already know the answer too...but here it goes anyway! :)

    Where does Littlest True Blue come from? Is it your initials? I've been thinking about that for a while...and just havent asked. :)