Friday, May 13, 2011

So What Wednesday (or Thurs or Fri...whatever)

So what if...

It's Friday. I tried to post twice Wednesday but apparently I don't know how to post videos because it kept making and error. And apparently the photos from my Rebel camera are too big to upload to Blogger. And then yesterday...blogger sucked out. Hmph....

I have taken a two hour nap with Alexandra everyday this week, and last week! I'm so proud of my little bugger who now takes naps in her crib! With no complaining!

I went to Florida for a week and have ZERO tan. Pre-baby I was a sun goddess. I always pre-tanned (in a tanning bed) for vacations and then soaked up the sun so that I would come back with a glorious dark tan. Well, time for tanning beds. And the sun is definitely not a good place for a baby. So, we spent plenty of time in the shade.. And shopping of course!

I enjoy shopping for my baby MUCH more than shopping for myself! My husband and baby did way more shopping in Florida than I did. Although I did come back with four new pairs of shoes! Woo hoo for the outlets! I have to say that there is way more selection and much better deals to be had in the States than in Canada!

I can't believe my little one is 5 months old today! She is getting so big and so much cuter every day! I am so so so in love with that little munchkin!

I picked and basically ordered my own mothers day gift. It's a blue topaz eternity band. Blue topaz is A's birth stone and I plan to get another one to stack with this one for each child I am blessed to have. And, if I never get another ring...this one is beautiful on it's own!

This post is turning into more of an update and getting long so I will sign off now and come back with an update on sleep training and traveling with a little one!


  1. I used to tan a lot too. And actually shop for myself. But like you said, now, not so much.

    Hope you had a great trip. Your mothers day present sounds awesome!

  2. What a great idea, with the rings!

    I hope you get the video to upload-- you can upload it to youtube, set to 'private', and then embed the link here. That's what I do. Blogger has really crappy video quality.

  3. What do you mean so what you've been taking naps - that is AWESOME!! Sleep is the best, no matter when you get it. That should be a Tootin' Your Own Horn post!

    Your ring sounds beautiful. I love that you can stack it with more rings when you have more babies! Yay!

    Glad your vacation was fun, if not sun-soaked. Isa has this amazingly beautiful skin that gets sun so easily and turns a wonderful olive color. I'm so jealous. I'm also ALWAYS worried I'm not protecting her enough from the sun. Just ten minutes of sun after work and she has gorgeous color on her cheeks, which I'm assuming is bad. Oh my.

  4. I agree with you, shopping for the baby is WAY more fun than shopping for myself. Best part? No fitting rooms :)