Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So What Wednesday

So what if:

It has been raining here steady for 2 weeks. And thus...I have been a sloth. No power walks with the stroller and I'm feeling gross!

Its 1:30, I have a pediatrician appt at 1:45 (atleast a 15 minute drive away) and Alexandra is still napping. I can't bear to wake her! Oops...guess we'll be late!

I bought a cookie yesterday for $1.25. I paid with a loonie (dollar coin) and a quarter. The cashier gave me a toonie (2 dollar coin) back as change. Hmmmm.... I love stupid cashiers! Yes, I kept the money. Every toonie counts when you are on mat leave!

I made a tray of rice krispie squares 2 days ago, my husband hates them, and it is 90% gone. Wasn't me!!!

My baby girl got me out of a speeding ticket! I was going 58 km/hour in a 50 km/hour area (for those US folk that's 36 mph in a 31 mph area), and got pulled over. Shit. Baby is crying. She is in a major "hate-the-car" phase. Start talking to the cop, digging for my license and registration and she starts going nuts. He looks at me and says..."Go. Your baby saved you this time!" Woo hoo! Crying baby saves the day! And yes, I know I should not be speeding with a baby in the car (but seriously...5 miles/hour too fast...?)

That's it that's all! Time to wake the sleeping babe and head to the doc...hoping i'm not about to wake a dragon!!


  1. I love how Canadian money is loonies and toonies!!! I have a lot of respect for a country that doesn't take their money too seriously (all this 'the dollar is sacred' crap here...). AND, we've been known to weave in and out of traffic at 80mph, in an effort to get P to shut up. Sometimes your desire for sanity outweighs your desire for safety!

  2. A loonie and a toonie? I never knew that's what Canadian money was called. That's kind of funny.

  3. I love what you guys call your money!

  4. Ugh. Days and days of rain depresses me. I hope you have some sunshine soon!

    And yes, I'm late often too, because I hate to interrupt naps.

  5. tee-hee, a toonie.Cracked me up.

    So, I wouldn't say going over the speedlimit by 5 miles was speeding! Far worse drivers out there.

    Mmmm rice krispy treats. I love them.

    Hope you get some sunshine soon!

  6. I love this list. I also love me some rice krispy treats. Have you ever dipped them in's seriusly an addiction.

    Sounds to me like you have the baby trained to cry on cue. Good girl. :)

  7. hooray for screaming baby getting you out of a ticket!!! Alex had a hate the car phase for a couple of weeks too. It SUCKED. Any ride longer than 10 min and he was a hot, sweaty mess. I put a mirror in the back seat with him and a dangly toy that he can pull and it vibrates back up and that seems to have helped a little bit. Or so I hope haha! Hope the Dr appt went well!

  8. We've been stuck in the rain and cold (40s!) in Chi, too. Bring on the sunshine and some warmer temps!!!

    And now, omg, I'm soooo craving rice krispy treats!! xoxo

  9. Hey Im glad you enjoyed the recipe.. we have that one her pretty often too!!!!!!! You left that comment on my giveaway post... did you want to enter the giveaway too, totally cool if you dont want to.. just wanted to double check sine your comment was on that post?