Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Month

I can't believe my little tiny baby is one month old already! This month has flown by! Too fast! So much has happened with the holidays and gettign used to having a new baby! I am falling more in love with her every day. She is growing so much! I can't believe that my once 5.5 pound baby is now a whopping 8 pounds! She is growing like crazy! I guess milk does a body good! We had an appt with our new pediatrician yesterday and he confirmed what I already know...she's perfect! I loved the doctor, he is older but super nice, and patient and great with the baby. We go back in a month for her shots...we'll see how that goes!

Alexandra's getting a lot stronger now, she can turn her head from one side to the other when lying on her tummy. And she is lifting her head and holding it up on her own a lot more now. I'm still waiting for that first smile, but I can tell that she is seeing me now and hearing my voice for sure. She loves when we read to her or tell her stories...even if i am reading her articles about colic! ha ha!

I will soon have to do a post about some stuff I'm sleep habits. But for now, I just wanted to post to mark my sweet baby's first month of life. Happy one-month birthday baby girl! I LOVE you sweet pea!

What nicknames do any of you with babies have for them? We call Alexandra "bugaboo", "peanut", "baby girl" and "princess". I wonder if any of these will stick to adulthood. I think its really cute when dad's have nicknames for their daughters...especially when they mention them at their weddings! ok...I'm getting sad even thinking about that! Getting ahead of myself!




  1. We have SO MANY nicknames for Isa. We call her Fuss Pot, Fussy Bear, Le Petite Fuss, Little Bear, Bear Baby, Isa Bears, Baby Girl, IsaBaby, Small Bears. I just did a photo book for her, from 0-6 months and I tried to write them all in there, so don't forget them. Give your darling a happy one month birthday kiss for me!

  2. One month already...that's crazy. It sounds like you are thriving! So glad you guys are getting along so well.

    My dad calls both me and my twin sister "Sis". It's so funny that we have the same nickname. :)

  3. Wow one does seem like time is flying by! I'm glad she's still doing perfectly and can't wait to hear more about her milestones!

  4. wow one month already! My Alex is almost a month old too. It really is crazy how fast time flies. I see lots of changes in my baby too. His face is filling out and like you, I can't believe my 5lb baby is so big and heavy already. It's amazing how fast they grow. Glad you got a good report at her one month check up and you like the new doctor. I'm not looking fwd to those 2 month shots when the time comes for that. Ugh! We don't really have any nick names for Alex except for Little Lex...Daddy's nick name is Lex :)

  5. Happy one month to your baby girl!

  6. One month already!? It's it so bittersweet how fast time goes? When we were trying to get pregnant the months dragged on...I wish that would happen now. Well minus the no sleep thing. That he can outgrow. :) Happy to hear she is doing so well!

  7. I love reading your updates and am so happy excited for you. I can't believe she is already over a month old!