Friday, January 7, 2011

New Mommy Story

I had a very funny thing happen the other day that made me feel like a "real new mom". I was about to feed Alexandra so I completely stripped off my shirt. Then she decided to have a poop, so I got up (still topless) to change her diaper in the kitchen. As I am changing her, she starts wailing, and in response to her cries both of my ta-tas start POURING milk all over the floor. Then my puppy Cosmo comes running over and drinking my milk off the floor! I was standing there, topless, dripping milk, wailing baby, and Cosmo loving it all! Woah... what have I become!?

Things have definitely improved since my last post. Baby A must have just had a bad day (I hope I'm not jinxing it by writing this down!) because she has been great the past week. She cries but is pretty easy to console. We took a few outings this week, went to Indigo to buy the Happiest Baby on The Block book (thanks Egg for the recommendation!) and have a coffee, we went to a coffee shop to meet a friend and we did groceries. i am starting to settle into this new mom thing. But I do have one guilty confession and am wondering what other people do/think. Alexandra is being great and going back to sleep after our 6 or 7am feeding and letting me sleep another 3 hours. So I am sleeping until 9 or 10am. I feel guilty for this. Do you think I should be getting up and going at 7am or is it ok to sleep? For both her and me?

One other guilty admission I have to make. Something I NEVER thought I would say or even think:

I am currently hating my dog. I want to cry just writing that. But seriously, I have NO patience for him! His annoys me beyond belief. I feel bad for him because I know it has been a big change for him too , but his shitting on the floor and jumping on the table and getting in my way ALL of the time is not helping his cause if he wants me to love him! I am seriously hoping that as things settle down I start to love him again, but right now, I honestly wish I had someone I could give him to for a couple months . I hope no one is too offended by this, I know I probably would think I was a total bitch if I had read someone writing this before I found myself in this situation. I guess its easy to judge until you live it.

Anyways, here is a pic of my cutie-pie in her "big girl" uggs!

Hope you all have a great weekend!



  1. Ok, stop it with those Uggs...too cute. The new mommy story cracked me up! Like it or not, I can totally picture this in my head. :)

  2. love the uggs!

    The new mommy story is hilarious!!

    I am worried about the dog thing too, right now I looove my pup so much but I can imagine myself getting extra frustrated with him after having a baby. He's really easy going but I can see him being jealous of a baby and who knows how that will go. I think it's going to take some time, but your pup and you will adjust to this new life soon. hang in there!

  3. That new mommy story is what movies are made of;)

  4. Awww love the new mommy story, I so needed a laugh, thanks!!!

    The dog thing is pretty understandable, you are running on less energy, lots to do with not enough time, and like you said it a pretty big change for him too, don't beat yourself up, things will hopefully balance out soon. Which brings me to the sleep thing, I have only one thing to say TAKE it when you can get it, I hardly catch a break with this, when one baby falls asleep the other wakes up, happens every time! Well except at night, thankfully they both sleep nicely at night, so I get a good 3 hours straight. Anyway, back to you..

    Love her picture, the Uggs are just awesome on her!

  5. Ugh on the fiasco in the kitchen. It's all an interesting experience with a new baby.

    I still haven't really taken any outtings. A few after Alex was first born but fewer and fewer here now lately. I just don't feel like going anywhere. My DH runs all the errands. I know this has got to change and I'm going to have to give my MIL some practice watching Alex while DH and I go somewhere like the movies or something since she is doing our day care but it's so hard for me.

    I feel the same about all but one of my dogs too. Especially our mini schnauzer! I want to drop kick him most of the time. I keep saying that if we can't find him a new home where they love him more than we do and can give him more attention than we can that he's gonna wind up at the pound. I mean, the dog can't stay out from under my feet and I'm afraid I'm gonna trip over him one day and fall on top of Alex. Just the thought alone makes me want to strangle him. And he barks constantly. Don't feel bad for the way you feel. I think it's normal. I hope your dog starts adjusting soon so you can love him again. Being a new mom is hard enough w/o dealing with dog issues too.

  6. I love the breastmilk story. Ah motherhood, what a fickle mistress you are. I still have dried breastmilk stains on my floor from the first months of my pregnancy (that stuff has calcified I swear, it's IMPOSSIBLE to get off now!)

    As for your dog, I understand. When my cat jumps in my daughter's crib I have I can tell my partner is starting to get frustrated with my frustration too (he LOVES our cat more than he loves me, I swear). I think it will get better, but it is hard at first. If you could give him a little one on one time, I bet it would be a lot better.

  7. Funny new mommy story! :) I don't have a baby yet, but my opinion is to SLEEEPPP. If shes letting you sleep, then you SLEEP girl :) About the dog thing, a friend of mine when she had her first baby went through the same feelings about her dog. Because the new baby was of course her first priority and the dog kept getting in the way. But then things settled down and so did the dog and everyone was happy again. So just hang in there. :) Cute UGGS!!

  8. Sleep in both of you! You need it. I hear you on the dog. We had a cat who I loved (he died last year) like he was my baby for 10 years but when I had my daughter I just didn't have much attention for him. And then I felt guilty for not feeling guilty. Does that make sense? He would sleep in all of her place, car seat, stroller, bed, swing, etc. Poor guy.

  9. OMG, those Uggs are SOOOOO cute! Your story is too funny...I always kind of wondered if pets like breast milk :)

  10. Oh that pic is adorable!! And your story...I was laughing out loud!! What every mother has ever told me is that when the baby is sleeping, momma should be sleeping. Since this can be seldom, take it when you can get it!!

  11. Too funny! I hear you on the dog. I love love my dog and swear pre-baby that I would NEVER be one of THOSE woman that had a baby and then got annoyed at their dog. But some days ok most days with the lack of sleep and taking care of the baby just the one more thing of taking care of the dog is enough to send me crying then when she poops on the floor?! yah. But I think it just takes time for everyone and dogs to adjust.

  12. Alexandra is so cute in her uggs! I mean, she is so cute anyways but those just add to the effect!!

    Another blogger I read had the exact same issues with her dog after her daughter was born. She said that it went away after a few months, so I hope it does for you too. I am scared about this happening to me, as well - we have three, two of which are pretty "special needs," if you know what I mean. I love them to death and hope that if we have issues they pass quickly.

    One funny thing - a different blogger's pug kept trying to breastfeed when the blogger was feeding her little girl. So ... hopefully THAT won't happen, at least?? :)